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Chapter 454.2: 454.2
chapter 454 . 2: The Anger Of The Two Sects

Yang Chen’s explanation made the Island master and the others understand a lot . There were some pills that most people couldn’t withstand . If the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill was placed in the mortal world, it could already be regarded as an Immortal pill . Ordinary people would have only one result if they eat it, that was, they would burst into pieces and die . For them, an Immortal pill was not a life-saving medicine, but a life ending poison .

Without being baptized by the thunder tribulation and yin fire tribulation, the power of the fifth grade pill could not be withstood at all . Perhaps they could barely withstand the power of the fourth grade, but the efficacy of the fourth grade pill was not enough to restore their cultivation base .

“Never mind, save their dao foundation first, they could start to cultivate again from the beginning!” The Island Master nodded . Everyone was an expert and they could afford to take a set back, if they could preserve their dao foundation, what would be wasted was only a mere two hundred years, no one would care too much .

“Also, the last time you asked Shanshan to ask something, I will give you an answer . ” The Island Master directly represented Shi Shanshan’s master and said to Yang Chen “About Shanshan’s cultivation direction, we didn’t force her, everything depends on Shanshan’s own understanding . If you have any cultivation method here, she can get started and cultivate it, Shanshan will be your wife from now on, so naturally she will listen to you . ”

Yang Chen was afraid that giving Shi Shanshan some cultivation techniques would cause a backlash with the Green Jade Immortal Island, so he asked Shi Shanshan to ask . Now the Island master finally gave Yang Chen a definite answer .

“Also, Shanshan doesn’t need to consider the influence of the sect, nor does it need to be handed over to the sect . ” Now that the decision has been made, the Island master simply seemed more generous “People of the Yang family can cultivate their cultivation method, there is no need to mention anything to the Green Jade Immortal Island . ” Shi Shanshan has already been directly tied to the Yang family now .

“The Blue Cloud Sect also wants the same thing . ” Elder Hua also said . The island master has the highest status, after the island owner has finished speaking, it was her turn to talk as Sun Qingxue’s master, “Although I am little Xue’s master, I will not be so stingy . Little Xue is also part of your Yang family, so there is no problem in cultivating your Yang family’s cultivation methods and there is no need to ask the sect for instructions . ”

Both parties directly regarded Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue as Yang’s family members, as if they were afraid that if something happened this time, the appearance of the two women would change and Yang Chen would change his mind . After all, Yang Chen was a fifth grade alchemist . Without the peerless looks of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, there might be other sects that would bring other peerless women . By then, the two major sect’s loose would not be worth the gain .

On the contrary, both Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan heard some hidden hope from Yang Chen’s words . It was not so easy to restore the cultivation base, there was still a way but not impossible . It seemed that Yang Chen still had something to say, but these could be said when they were alone with Yang Chen and they didn’t have to be in front of everyone .

Right now, Yang Chen’s task was to immediately refine the face retaining pills for the two women . This was not just the request of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, but the collective request of the several dacheng stage elders from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, including the Island master .

From Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s mouth, the women learned that Yang Chen was quite sure that there was no problem in restoring their appearance, which made them overjoyed .

Although a cultivator could live longer and look younger than ordinary people, this does not mean that a cultivator could live forever .

Generally speaking, within a thousand years, as long as the cultivation level of the Yuanying stage could be reached, their youth could basically be maintained forever . But after this thousand years, even the dacheng stage masters would undergo some slow changes . Although they would not become old, but would also change from a youthful appearance to a middle-aged appearance .

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The Pure Yang Palace was okay as there were no female cultivators of this level yet, but the masters of these two sects who came to Pure Yang Palace were at this stage and everyone looked like a middle-aged woman .

Since Yang Chen could restore Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, two women who were currently lacking spirit power, from their middle-aged appearance to their youthful beauty, naturally he could also restore their appearances .

As long as any woman knows this news, she would be very interested in it . They would even be willing to pay a high price .

Of course, there was a more important point . If Yang Chen could really restore the appearance of the two women, then naturally there would be no problems of empathy in them . The Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect could still maintain a good relationship with Yang Chen .

Not only these experts, but even his master Gao Yue and senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling complained to Yang Chen after they knew that Yang Chen could refine the face retaining pill . Yang Chen failed to bring such a good thing out early and they spent more than two hundred years in vain . Even though with their current situation, they don’t need any face retaining pills at all .

Even if Yang Chen had a hundred mouths he couldn’t explain it to the women and wanted to cry without tears . He could only silently accept the criticism of the women and then obediently retreat and began to refine the pills .

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Fairy Chang’e was the most beautiful maiden in the heavenly court and naturally she has her outstanding beauty-preserving techniques . This face retaining pill was one of them . In addition, there was another method of preserving her face, which was also firmly remembered in Yang Chen’s mind, next time, Yang Chen would have to take out this method of preserving the face in order to please the women .

While Yang Chen was in retreat to refine the pills, elder Shi Yanhe of the Blue Cloud Sect quickly rushed back to the sect and then Sect Master Lu issued a sternly worded note to the Greatest Heaven Sect . The Pure Yang Palace was naturally no exception . In the final analysis, this happened because of Yang Chen, so they were very unceremonious in asking the Greatest Heaven Sect to give an explanation .

The two sects and the Pure Yang Palace simultaneously asked the Greatest Heaven Sect for an explanation, but the upper level of the Greatest Heaven Sect was at a loss . What Hu Qianyi did outside has not been told to anyone in the sect, so the Greatest Heaven Sect who received the note didn’t even know what happened .

The matter was related to the dacheng stage elder Hu Qianyi . Looking in the sect, they could not find the shadow of Elder Hu . After learning from the representative of the Pure Yang Palace that elder Hu Qianyi kidnapped the cold plum fairy and the dancing snow fairy to threaten Yang Chen to take out his alchemy secrets then he also severely injured the two fairies and destroyed their cultivation base . Even with the time he had spent cultivating and his cultivation base, Sect Master Li of the Greatest Heaven Sect almost fell to the ground in shock .

Of course, Yang Chen’s alchemy secrets were also wanted by the sect, but Elder Hu’s idea was not good, did he have to kidnap the two fairies from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island? Even if the other two fiancées who were in the Pure Yang Palace were the ones kidnapped, the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, could they be easily provoked?

It was a good thing that he was caught and his true colors was revealed to the sect . How would the sect deal with his aftermath? Thinking of this, sect master Li couldn’t help but get a headache .

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