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Chapter 449.1: 449.1
chapter 449 . 1: Messenger Delivering A Letter

The news was not from the people from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island whom Yang Chen knew, but an ancestor of the Yuanying stage who he had never seen before . He called himself Zhu Xuyuan, he was a rogue cultivator and he sent someone with some news . The jade slip disappeared without a trace after he looked at it .

The Pure Yang Palace receiving disciples who received the jade slip did not dare to neglect it, nor did they dare to say that the matter was true or false and hurriedly sent it to the palace master . The palace master was also shocked and quickly called Yang Chen and gave him the jade slip .

The message on the jade slip was very simple . It told Yang Chen that his two fiancées, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, have fallen into their hands . Yang Chen was required to take his alchemy secret manuals and rush to some place indicated before some time .

There was no inscription and there was no evidence, just a simple jade slip . However, no one dared to take this matter casually . Not to mention the identity of being Yang Chen’s fiancee, the two women were the leaders of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island younger generation and they would be the core masters of the sects in the future . If they have been kidnapped, this was a big deal .

The only doubt was that the other party sent such a jade slip without any evidence, making it difficult to distinguish if it was true or false .

If they really follow the other side’s statement, once the two women were fine, they would be fooled . But if they don’t go, they have to worry about the safety of the two women .

“How long has the messenger been away?” Yang Chen received the jade slip and immediately started to get worried . He hurriedly asked the disciple in charge of receiving visitors .

“It has been an hour . ” The reception disciple dared not neglect and quickly replied . As soon as he received the jade slip, he quickly reported to the palace master but from the mountain gate to here, plus the time to call people back and forth, it took an hour .

After such a long time, it was obviously not that easy to find a guy who left after sending the message . However, this does not seem to be a big problem for Yang Chen .

The spiritual awareness thread cultivated by the three purities secret art quietly stretched towards the surroundings frantically and even the palace master, who was close at hand, didn’t seem to notice the change in Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness thread .

The main target of the spiritual awareness thread exploration was the ancestor in the Yuanying stage within the scope . If Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was fully deployed, it would be thousands of miles in radius . No matter how fast the guy named Zhu Xuyuan ran, he couldn’t leave this area in just an hour .

However, there was a drawback in using the spiritual awareness full exploration . It was very laborious and once the spiritual awareness was exhausted, it was very difficult to recover . Therefore, even if it was someone as strong as Yang Chen, they would not always use the full strength of their spiritual awareness . It was just open to a hundred meters, so that the surrounding wind and grass could directly warn him . So Yang Chen didn’t know about Zhu Xuyuan’s arrival .

But at the moment . Under Yang Chen’s deliberate control, the spiritual awareness only took a few moments before reaching a thousand miles away, still spreading farther .

Within the scope of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, he couldn’t detect anything abnormal . However, everyone’s cultivation was immediately made clear by Yang Chen’s investigation .

The other party was an ancestor in the Yuanying stage, of course Yang Chen also gave priority to those in the Yuanying stage . In just a few breaths, he found several Yuanying stage masters .

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In fact, Yang Chen knew that when the old tree demon crossed his tribulation into the dacheng stage, there were many tree species in the meiqing mountain he could control, if he just look for the old tree monster, he could definitely know the right direction he went . But for the time being, Yang Chen didn’t want the old tree monster’s ability to be presented to everyone . This was the life-saving means of the Pure Yang Palace that could be comparable to the protection of the mountain, if it was suddenly exposed, the gain would not be more than the loss .

At this time, he couldn’t say that he could only use his spiritual awareness to find this guy who gave the jade slip . If it doesn’t work, he could ask the old tree demon for help .

Pulling the reception disciple onto the flying shuttle, Yang Chen left the master of the palace, driving the flying shuttle to leave quickly, he flew towards the several goals he had already delineated . And while flying, he didn’t forget to look for the Yuanying stage ancestors farther away .

There was the sea ​​jasper cup shrouded outside of the shuttle and no one would be aware of it . When he was about to get close to the target, Yang Chen would control the shuttle to flee from the ground and then let the disciple who received him identify whether it was the one who gave the jade slip .

After finding several Yuanying stage ancestors who appeared around, the disciples said no . But soon, Yang Chen didn’t need the disciples to recognize people again . The person he was looking for had already been locked by Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness .

The reason why Yang Chen was sure that this guy was the ancestor in the Yuanying stage who gave the jade slip was because the imprints of the spiritual awareness on the jade slips were exactly the same as this guy, he had carved them himself .

Some things were not good for the reception disciple to know . Yang Chen found a suitable place and sent the reception disciple off the shuttle and then flew towards the guy who claimed to be Zhu Xuyuan by himself .

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Zhu Xuyuan left very quickly . From the time he sent the jade slip to the present, he has left the gate of the Pure Yang Palace Mountain by more than two thousand miles . Just when he thought that no one could find him again, Yang Chen’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him .

As an alchemist who always paid attention to the trends in the alchemy world, how could Zhu Xuyuan not recognize the face of Yang Chen? When Yang Chen appeared, Zhu Xuyuan became apprehension, knowing that he was not in a good situation, but he didn’t know what went wrong and how Yang Chen was able to catch up to him .

He knew it was bad, but Zhu Xuyuan didn’t panic . He was an ancestor in the Yuanying stage, while Yang Chen was only a late Jiedan stage master . This gap in the realm made Zhu Xuyuan not afraid of what Yang Chen could do to him . He was just wondering how Yang Chen could find him so accurately .

“Senior stay!” Yang Chen smiled and blocked Zhu Xuyuan’s path forward, but the smile on his face could not conceal the coldness in his eyes .

“What advice does Grsndmaster Yang have for me?” Zhu Xuyuan bowed his head at Yang Chen . Yang Chen was now a fifth grade alchemist . As long as he was an alchemist, facing Yang Chen, no matter his seniority and qualifications, he would call him a grandmaster . Although Zhu Xuyuan was reluctant, he still did it .

Yang Chen threw the jade slip at Zhu Xuyuan: “Senior, please explain, what does this jade slip mean?”

When Yang Chen spoke, Zhu Xuyuan had already explored the surroundings with his spiritual awareness and it seemed that Yang Chen was the only one in front of him not the Pure Yang Palace making a big move . After confirming this point, Zhu Xuyuan also quietly breathed a sigh of relief, Yang Chen was alone, maybe he could capture Yang Chen without any hardship .

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This place was far from meiqing mountain, it was not within the territory of the Pure Yang Palace and was not afraid of the people of the Pure Yang Palace .

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