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chapter 440.1: Suspicious Trade


“What kind of advice is there for the visit of hall master Mao Qi?” Yang Chen very politely took Mao Qi into the reception room. He was well-mannered along the way, there was no excuse for being critical.


But the more this was, the more bitter Mao Qi smiled in his heart. Yang Chen has been doing it just for show, he must have been planning to ripe him of. But there was nothing Mao Qi could do about it, now Mao Qi has to accompany with a smiling face to this younger junior who they wanted to kill and he has to let him make the conditions.


“It’s like this, I won’t don’t hide anything from grandmaster.” With the last experience, at least Mao Qi knew that it was simple to get Yang Chen to be tempted, as long as he gave enough benefits “My sect also wants to order the spirit congealing pill from the grandmaster again, I wonder if the grandmaster can help? “


The greedy stance that Yang Chen showed last time was also an important reason why most senior officials at the Greatest Heaven Sect have always tolerated Yang Chen’s life. In their eyes, since Yang Chen could be bought with some precious materials, then there was no need for him to die now, they could cooperate in this way.


It must be known that to deal with a fifth-grade alchemy master, even the Greatest Heaven Sect must bear a lot of pressure. It was also an acceptable approach to use this method to ease the relationship between the two parties while also having limited cooperation.


“Spirit Congealing Pill?” Yang Chen frowned directly “Last time this junior prepared enough spirit congealing pills for the young sect master. Is it possible that the young sect master has problems after eating it?”


Yang Chen asked this question and of course Mao Qi couldn’t answer it truthfully. If they had no problem with the spirit congealing pills, why would they come and ask for new pills? Smart people don’t need to do this kind of extravagance.


“Because of poor custody, a batch was lost.” Mao Qi could only use such a poor reason to explain, he could not directly tell Yang Chen that the elders of their medicinal hall wanted to study the spirit congealing pills, but the result was not good, which also made this kind of embarrassment reoccur.


“That was to say, after a period of time, the young sect master stopped taking the medicinal pills?” Yang Chen did not investigate how they took care of it, but Yang Chen still asked this question.


“Yes.” Mao Qi hesitated and nodded. There was nothing to hide from this, the medicinal pills given by Yang Chen were accurate at the time, just enough for Li Liheng to take for thirty years. Since the loss of a batch would inevitably lead to Li Liheng suffering a relapse.


“There is trouble.” Yang Chen’s brows became tighter, he couldn’t tell the dignity in his breath. The simple three words suddenly made Mao Qi feel agitation.


Although Mao Qi was not yet a member of the core elders, not only the sect master, the two dacheng stage elders, but also several core elders had solemnly said that the matter of the young sect master Li Liheng was the first thing that matters, even if it was the questioning inner heart pills, it must be ranked after the spirit congealing pills.


Now Yang Chen’s words were light and fluttering, Mao Qi was feeling desperate directly in his heart and he hurriedly asked “Grandmaster, how is this troublesome?”


“Once the medicinal pills are cut off, all the previous efforts would be undone.” Yang Chen’s head shook slowly and his speech was slow, but the meaning contained in it made Mao Qi more nervous “If you want treatment again, thirty years may not be enough now. “


Hearing the words, Mao Qi was slightly relieved. If only the time was to be extended, that was not a big problem. For decades to pass, it was only one or two times for the cultivators to retreat and Li Liheng was not a guy who was old and deficient and couldn’t wait.


“Please we like to ask the grandmaster to take action.” Mao Qi no longer procrastinated and directly stated his purpose: “The Greatest Heaven Sect will not treat the grandmaster badly.”


“Oh?” Yang Chen’s eyes lightened up suddenly. After staring at Mao Qi for a while, Mao Qi, the elder in the Yuanying stage, his heart started to beat wildly. Then he smiled and asked “How wouldn’t you treat me badly? “


What Yang Chen asked was too naked. Even Mao Qi, who knew Yang Chen would take advantage of the situation, could not help but secretly spurn it. Why should he say it so straightforwardly?


However, Mao Qi still wanted to make Yang Chen satisfied and immediately smiled and asked “should i follow the rules of the last time, how about it? A good flying sword for both attributes.”


“I already have a lot of flying swords.” Yang Chen shook his head directly and rejected the proposal.


“Then by using fire seeds?” Mao Qi also knew that according to the original price tag, it would definitely be impossible to impress Yang Chen, so he immediately changed the method.


“Yes.” Yang Chen nodded grinningly “Two kinds of sixth grade fire seeds, then we can have an agreement!”


Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Mao Qi almost fainted on the ground. What kind of materials were two kinds of sixth grade fire seeds?


Without waiting for Mao Qi to express his disagreement, Yang Chen pre-emptively said “Hall master Mao, it is not that this younger generation junior is being greedy, I am really forced by the situation!”


“You also know that the date that this junior promised to make alchemy for the Green Jade Immortal Island has passed. The juniors hurried back this time just to complete it for the Green Jade Immortal Island.” Yang Chen’s series of words made Mao Qi have to listen attentively.


“Hall master Mao must also know what price this younger generation junior got from the Green Jade Immortal Island for the alchemy.” Yang Chen understood that Mao Qi must know the price that the Green Jade Immortal Island had to pay for the alchemy this time, this was not a secret. The price tag, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to refine the questioning inner heart pills, it must be estimated to be the same price.


Mao Qi nodded and signaled that he knew. At this point, Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace were still very sincere. Although the price offered was high, it could also be achieved.


“If this younger generation junior refines the pills for the Green Jade Immortal Island, i can get at least one kind of sixth-grade fire seed and there will be several kinds of fifth-grade fire seeds. If you were this junior, would you postpone the chance to get so many fire seeds for two flying swords? “


“No!” Mao Qi replied subconsciously. After answering, he felt a bit wrong, but Yang Chen’s meaning was already clear. Between earning sixth grade fire seed plus more other ranks of fire seeds and earning two flying swords, anyone who knows which one to choose.


The reason was very obvious, even a fool would understand that Yang Chen must first earn the fire seeds and then see if he was in a mood, he would consider refining for the Greatest Heaven Sect. In addition, it was necessary to have a handy price tag, otherwise it was unnecessary to talk.


“These things are nothing, if the grandmaster helps, in addition to these things, the grandmaster can also get the friendship of the Greatest Heaven Sect.” Mao Qi couldn’t help but be anxious, saying that he must also use some means to deal with other sects, a little threatening words were directly exported.

chapter 440.2: Suspicious Trade


The implication was that if Yang Chen does not help, he would not be able to gain the friendship of the Greatest Heaven Sect, which may also greatly offend the Greatest Heaven Sect. This was a threatening posture both inside and outside the story. This was also the attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect. In this case, Mao Qi used it very habitually.


“That is to say, the refining that this junior


made for the Greatest Heaven Sect before, actually didn’t get the friendship of the Greatest Heaven Sect, did i?” Yang Chen didn’t seem to hear the meaning of Mao Qi’s words, grinning he asked rhetorically.


Mao Qi actually knew something was bad as soon as he spoke and Yang Chen’s question made him even more anxious. The dissatisfaction in it was very exposed.


The alchemy for the Greatest Heaven Sect last time gave the Greatest Heaven Sect a great face. Now Mao Qi even has to use threatening means, Yang Chen certainly was not in a good mood. Although he laughed when speaking, he expressed serious dissatisfaction.


If he didn’t help them this time, he won’t be able to get their friendship, so that meant that the previous time counted for nothing. According to this logic, wouldn’t this time also be in vain? If this was the case, it was necessary to consider whether to help the Greatest Heaven Sect with their alchemy.


“Grandmaster, it doesn’t mean that.” Mao Qi was a yuanying stage master, the foreign affairs hall master of the Greatest Heaven Sect who was the dao sects leader, at this moment he also had to humble himself in front of Yang Chen “I just want the grandmaster to help me, nothing else.”


“In other words, this junior has to run the risk of losing the faith of the Green Jade Immortal Island and help the senior to refine first?” Yang Chen was unreasonable and continued to ask such questions “Otherwise, senior did you go to the Green Jade Immortal Island to ask for their consent?”


“This…” Mao Qi was a little bit not sure what to say, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, he dared not to be so blatant towards the Greatest Heaven Sect. The last time he slapped himself in front of the island master, he still remembered it and he dared not offend the Green Jade Immortal Island again.


“In fact, I just want to say that the price of the grandmaster is too high.” Mao Qi finally found what he wanted to express clearly and hurriedly said it.


“This junior understands.” Yang Chen smiled and said very solemnly “But this junior doesn’t want to make more valuable fire seeds instead of helping senior make alchemy?”


“Although the kind of fire seed is good, you don’t need one kind of cultivation.” Mao Qi finally found a breakthrough and followed his skills to lure him “It takes so much, but it’s just a little more to collect, but It is guiltful. There is a good immortal’s cave in my sect, it is a great place to cultivate and I can give it to you grandmaster, would that be ok?”


“This junior is not interested in an immortal’s cave.” Yang Chen shook his head directly.


“Ten thousand year spirit medicine, presumably the grandmaster will like it?” Mao Qi immediately changed the offer. Yang Chen, as an alchemy master, he wouldn’t refuse such a spirit medicine?


“Yes!” Yang Chen nodded and then said casually “Then come with a few hundred kinds, let this younger generation junior see if I can refine some new medicinal pills.”


Mao Qi almost spit out old blood. Were there hundreds of kinds of precious things like the ten thousand years spirit medicine, Yang Chen really dared to ask for such a thing! Even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was impossible to randomly take out so many spirit medicines for someone else’s alchemy?


“No?” Yang Chen knew the result as soon as he looked at Mao Qi’s expression and was not annoyed. He was very calm at the tea ceremony “Since that is the case, then there will be no agreement this time. If senior Mao will have a chance, next time we should work together again.”


This statement was meant to send the guest away. Of course, Mao Qi understands this truth. But the question was, his purpose of coming to the Pure Yang Palace has not been achieved, how could he leave?


But Yang Chen had stood up and made a gesture of asking him to leave. Even if Mao Qi was even more thick-skinned, he couldn’t sit still. He could only get up and wanted to put up a ruthless face to Yang Chen, but when he remembered that he had to get Yang Chen’s help, he could not help but feel discouraged and he only arched his hands and left in despair.


This time the price tag can’t be discussed, but it’s actually expected. Yang Chen was by no means a fool. He came to seek their sect for the second time and also seeked the same kind of medicinal pills, if it was himself, he would also have huge demands. Who asked them to seek the sect again? It’s just that the Greatest Heaven Sect hasn’t suffered from this kind of uselessness for a long time, which made hall master Mao Qi not accustomed to it.


Watching Mao Qi leave, the smile on Yang Chen’s face slowly subsided and he snorted slightly, without saying much he went straight to the master of the palace. What was happening here, he would let the master of the palace know as soon as possible, so he could also arrange the strategy for receiving Mao Qi.


It doesn’t mean that they would not meet with the Greatest Heaven Sect now, everyone knew that it was just a price tag.


Presumably, the Greatest Heaven Sect also understood this truth. Mao Qi simply said goodbye to the master of the palace and set foot on his way home. It was estimated that after discussing with the sect soon, he would come to negotiate again.


It was not enough for Yang Chen to give such an excuse to come to the sect, he came back under the guise of two things, one for the alchemy for the Green Jade Immortal Island and the other was for his marriage. Marriage was naturally a matter of the sect, Yang Chen himself and his master and senior apprentice sister, went into seclusion again.


The sect has already set the date of Yang Chen’s marriage with the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, they choose a lucky day ten years later. It’s all decided by the elders and the sect masters. Neither Yang Chen nor Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had the qualification to refuse. The sects had decided to put up a great ceremony, which was a rare festive scene in these years.


Both the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect did not refuse. Everyone knows the significance of the marriage between these two female disciples and Yang Chen, they could cooperate vigorously. As soon as the time was up, the two sects would send the two women in flower decorated sedan chairs and send them to the Pure Yang Palace.


Externally, Yang Chen’s retreat was to refine the questioning inner heart pills for the Green Jade Immortal Island but Yang Chen himself intended to use this period of time to first deal a blow to the Greatest Heaven Sect and secondly to refine the tenth water flying sword of the Yin Yang five elements flying swords for himself.


Last time for Li Liheng’s alchemy, Yang Chen got two good flying swords of the water attribute from the Greatest Heaven Sect, one each for the ninth water and tenth water. In all fairness, these two flying swords were already of excellent qualities, but for Yang Chen, they were not the best. At least for the tenth water flying sword, Yang Chen has a better choice.


The complete flood dragon skeleton obtained from the sea of no return was the best material for refining the tenth water flying sword. The tenth water flying sword from the Greatest Heaven Sect was miserable and became the material of Yang Chen’s brand new tenth water flying sword, which will be added to the dragon bone and become the ingredient of the dragon bone flying sword.


“What is this?” When Yang Chen took out the complete dragon skeleton from the merits ring, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were frightened and Gao Yue asked directly.

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