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chapter 439.1: The Strength Of The Sect Soars


The old tree demon absorbed the first wood true essence faster than Yang Chen, it was not known how many times faster he was. It took Yang Chen half a year to cultivate the first wood true secret art, but for the talented monster race, the old tree demon directly absorbed the first wood true essence and it took less than three days.


Even She Kui and Xie Sha who had the earth attribute, absorbed the fifth earth true essence in that year, it also took more than a month, which shows how powerful the old tree demon’s cultivation base was.


With the first wood true essence, the cultivation speed of the old tree demon who has absorbed the entire Penglai divine wood seems to have improved again. As long as the first wood true essence was thoroughly refined, his future cultivation would be smooth and there would be no more fear of the old tree demon of not being able to suppress a dozen heavenly tribulations.


The next thing was simple. From top to bottom, starting from the highest-level monster race, one by one they were called to the city master’s parlor, one by one to persuade them.


The yuanying stage masters were the first to come. On one hand were the threats of three dacheng stage masters, as well as there being two monster race dacheng stage masters, plus the abundant resources of the Pure Yang Palace and the temptation and commitment of a fifth grade alchemist master, on the other hand, they were immediately besieged and without cooperation they would be thrown into the mountain river geographical map of Gongsun Ling to play by myself. They believed that many monster races knew how to choose.


In particular, the Pure Yang Palace hall of eccentrics hall master personally solicited here and promised that as long as their cultivation reached a bottleneck, there would be a corresponding medicinal pill given to them, the Pure Yang Palace gathered the resources of the hundred thousand mountains and the banyan tree immortal’s cave. Such temptation was fatal to these masters.


It was no secret that the dao sects were recruiting monster race masters in their hall of eccentrics and many monster race cultivators in the immortal’s cave knew about it. Everyone just thought that here was the best place to cultivate for the monster race, so they stayed here. But now the entire immortal’s cave has been mastered by the old tree demon and the inheritance equivalent to these monster races has fallen into the hands of the Pure Yang Palace.


Under such circumstances, few Yuanying stage masters of the monster races would choose others. Everyone joined the Pure Yang Palace after swearing with their monster soul. Only this time, in just a few dozen days, the Pure Yang Palace had more than a hundred Yuanying stage masters.


The Pure Yang Palace also did not let them down. After joining, they were given the transformation secret art and a second grade inner sensing pill. This transformation secret art was a hundred times more advanced than those they cultivated. These Yuanying stage monster races were also monsters who knew precious materials and immediately understood the preciousness of this transformation secret srt.


They were also pleasantly surprised by the second grade inner sensing pill. This was originally the medicinal pill of the monster race and there was nothing more suitable for them. An alchemist in the monster race was also rare and the brilliant alchemist was even more rare. The inner sensing pill has always been a first grade pill for them, where have they seen the second grade of the pill?


Only these two things made all these Yuanying stage masters who joined the Pure Yang Palace no longer regret and treat themselves as a member of the Pure Yang Palace.


After that, all the Yuanying stage masters went into seclusion for a short period of time. After cultivating the transformation secret art, they took the inner sensing pills to completely eliminate the cultivation deviations in their bodies.


After the Yuanying stage masters have been taken care off, the next step was the peak Jiedan stage masters. There were more monster races at this stage, there were thousands of them directly, they were all trapped in the realm of peak Jiedan stage, they couldn’t break through sooner or later, they cultivated in the immortal’s cave with sufficient spiritual power, hoping to be able to move at once to successfully cross their tribulation.


This situation was actually the most suitable to use the second grade inner sensing pill. With the example of the Yuanying stage masters before them and they also understood the help they would get from the second grade inner sensing pills when crossing their tribulations. The monster race cultivators nodded in a hurry and made a soul vow. In the past, recruiting disciples has never been so painfully easy.


The second grade inner sensing pills of Yang Chen suddenly became low in supply. Although not so many peak Jiedan peaks have reached the verge of reaching the Yuanying stage, since they were promised, they must be fulfilled. As a last resort, Yang Chen could only refine directly in the banyan tree immortal’s cave and began refining the second grade inner sensing pills.


Fortunately, Yang Chen’s current profound spirit furnace was already very mysterious. As long as Yang Chen refines the inner sensing pills, he could easily get the second grade medicinal pill. But even so, Yang Chen had to spend a full two years refining thousands of second grade inner sensing pills.


Of course, such large second grade inner sensing pills, whether it was in the alchemy experience or in the absorption of the medicinal qi in the profound spirit furnace, has countless benefits for Yang Chen.


After these more than a thousand Yuanying stage and peak Jiedan stage monsters joined the Pure Yang Palace, basically the control of the banyan tree immortal’s cave was already a thing of the past. Even if the other monster cultivators who were cultivating were unwilling to join the Pure Yang Palace, it would not have much influence on the strength of the entire banyan tree immortal’s cave.


Everything that happened here, the master of the palace and the sect elders have already got the exact news through the old tree demon’s avatar. Every elder who heard this news burst into tears with excitement. At this moment, they really saw the fact that the Pure Yang Palace was rising, it was not just a hope.


More than a hundred Yuanying stage masters, together with thousands of peak Jiedan stage, with such power, even the five major sects couldn’t ignore it. With these masters, the Pure Yang Palace was finally no longer the kind of small sect that could be destroyed by others easily.


Three dacheng stage masters, more than one hundred Yuanying stage masters, thousands of peak Jindan stage masters and the other Jiedan stage disciples were enough to exceed five thousand. The power above this Jiedan stage alone was already enough to make countless second-rate sects look on in awe, not to mention hundreds of thousands more disciples in the foundation stage. From this moment, the Pure Yang Palace has taken a solid step towards becoming a first-class sect.


All of this was based on one person, that was Yang Chen. For Yang Chen, the young palace master, the senior executives of the Pure Yang Palace could no longer express their satisfaction and comfort in words. Of course, they also heard that Yang Chen was thrown out when he wanted to join the Greatest Heaven Sect, recruiting Yang Chen was absolutely right.


However, all the elders were also having cold sweats. Of course, when Yang Chen was going to join the Pure Yang Palace, he was troubled by Chu Heng in every way. Fortunately, Yang Chen resisted the disciple who was in the qi layer third stage at the time, otherwise the Pure Yang Palace would also miss such a talented young palace master.


The progress here was so gratifying, but the Pure Yang Palace was also under considerable pressure, it was time for Yang Chen to go back. It happened that Yang Chen could bring all the hundreds of Yuanying stage monster cultivators back to the Pure Yang Palace.


Yang Chen needed to go back to complete the request of the Green Jade Immortal Island and refine some questioning inner heart pills for them, this was what Yang Chen had promised before.

chapter 439.2: The Strength Of The Sect Soars


In fact, those questioning inner heart pills had already been refined by Yang Chen, but in order to prevent others from having doubts, Yang Chen must make a posture of making alchemy.


Of course, in this so-called alchemy process, what Yang Chen wanted to do was Yang Chen’s own business.


In fact, what happened in the Pure Yang Palace, because the old tree demon’s body was there, Yang Chen was also very clear about it. The reason why the master of the palace handled the situation like this was exactly what Yang Chen wanted.


Over the years, Li Liheng’s seizures have gradually begun to intensively heat up, from once a year to almost two a month now, basically giving people the feeling that all the efforts from before was lost and it returned to the original level.


The Greatest Heaven Sect’s high-level officials were unable to do anything about it. They couldn’t refine the medicinal pills and they could only watch Li Liheng become like that again. Yang Chen had not come back from outside, they could not rush to find Yang Chen on the monster race domain to invite Yang Chen to come back, but took the initiative to extend a bamboo stick to let Yang Chen knock at will.


This mysterious connection between the old tree demon’s body and its avatar also made Yang Chen very intrigued. Sometimes Yang Chen also thought if it was possible to split his spiritual awareness earlier and achieve the same effect?


This was something that he would not mention for the time being. Yang Chen was now leading a group of Yuanying stage masters on the way back to the Pure Yang Palace. Because of the large number of people, the shuttle could not be used. Fortunately, with the ship of Gongsun Ling, they loaded all the people and their speed was not slow.


This time, Gongsun ling got a big benefit. The mountain river geographical map was filled. Not to mention, it was a great thing that she collected a dacheng stage master into the mountain river geographical map.


With the first city lord, as long as he recovers his injuries in a short time, Gongsun Ling would be able to have the help of a master in the dacheng stage to refine the mountains river geographical map, which was almost twice as efficient as the hundreds of Yuanying stage masters in it. At this rate, in another few years, Gongsun Ling could be the first person among Yang Chen’s wifes to refine her life source magic weapon.


The plans for Li Liheng and the Greatest Heaven Sect’s fall still need a long time to operate, at least within fifty years before they could begin gradually. By that time, it would also be the beginning of the Greatest Heaven Sect from its peak to extinction.


This time going back, in addition to giving an explanation to the Green Jade Immortal Island, there was also the marriage affair, this was a major event for Yang Chen. The master of the palace has been preparing for many years, just waiting for the moment when Yang Chen gave them the go ahead.


Of course, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not be let go. The bamboo sticks that were actively sent by them, if they don’t knock something hard, they would be sorry for the hardships of the past years. Those things knocked out should be charged with interest first.


And counting the days, another apprentice in Yang Chen’s mind was about to be born and just after finishing these few things, he would have to go get the apprentice.


The things left by the master of the city have been carefully sorted out by his ancestor Wang Yong,Gui Shanyou and Hou Yun, basically a whole set of monster race inheritances and then a lot of resources. This time because the move was made for the sect, everything belonged to the sect. If Yang Chen and the others need anything they need to inform the sect first.


The monster races inheritance should also be kept here, after absorbing the masters and the remaining monster races. For the time being, it was possible to maintain the status quo for the time being without having to consider all of them being absorbed into the Pure Yang Palace. Anyway, with Hou Yun as the city lord, no one would know that it was a person from the Pure Yang Palace.


On the way back, a year passed by, covered with the sea pouring jasper cup, no one could know that there were hundreds of Yuanying stage monster cultivators, except for themselves and the Pure Yang Palace, other sects did not know that the Pure Yang Palace had such a group of forces.


Along with him was Wang Yong, his master ancestor, Hou Yun stayed at the banyan tree immortal’s cave to help the old tree monster control the situation. The Pure Yang Palace also sent three elders to the banyan tree immortal’s cave to take over a large number of monster cultivators.


The banyan tree immortal’s cave has the special feature of collecting the first wood true essence. In the future, it would become a cultivation holy place for the cultivators with wood attribute spirit roots. Of course, it was limited to those inside the Pure Yang Palace and also only those trusted core disciples would be allowed here.


With his master ancestor Wang Yong along for the ride, they were greeted by the various ancestors from different sects, the crowd returned to the Pure Yang Palace with few incidents.


Hundreds of Yuanying stage monster cultivators joined their sect, the ancestral hall of the Pure Yang Palace has never been more lively and high-profile. Of course, this kind of hidden power cannot yet appear in front of the world at once. It must be gradually known in batches and stages, so as not to cause some unnecessary trouble.


The Yuanying stage monster cultivators who had paid their respect to the sect ancestors were all sent into the blue vault mountain immortal’s cave. The spiritual power and the complete inheritance of the monster race cultivation methods in the immortal’s cave made these Yuanying stage monster cultivators overjoyed.


Even in banyan tree immortal’s cave, they have not received such a complete cultivation heritage, they need to use a lot of resources to be able to trade it from the city masters. Many people didn’t even know that there were so many and advanced cultivation methods, why would it not make these people ecstatic?


These cultivation methods or inheritances could be exchanged from the sect through the sect contribution points. Although they have to pay a high price, it was much better than in the banyan tree immortal’s cave. As long as they wanted to, getting their own proper cultivation method within a short period of 20 years was not a big problem.


The immortal’s cave and inheritance made the new disciples respect the Pure Yang Palace and the atmosphere was peaceful. No one was dissatisfied because they were forced to join the Pure Yang Palace.


Yang Chen’s return was a secret, but the Greatest Heaven Sect seemed to have found Yang Chen’s trace accurately. After three days of Yang Chen’s return, hall master Mao Qi appeared in the Pure Yang Palace again to visit the palace master wanting to see Yang Chen.


Mao Qi came to the sect so precisely, it was also a vague pressure on the Pure Yang Palace. At least to let the people of the Pure Yang Palace know that Yang Chen’s whereabouts were already known to the Greatest Heaven Sect. The courtesy they showed to the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen was because they had something to ask from them, but the Pure Yang Palace must not think that the Greatest Heaven Sect was weak.


This may be because the news that Mao Qi came to the sect was leaked last time and it was also a reminder to the people of the Pure Yang Palace not to reject the Greatest Heaven Sect’s good will.


In this regard, neither the master of the palace, nor Yang Chen cared. Hundreds of Yuanying stage masters have just been received and the master of the palace was in a good mood. Instead of haggling with Mao Qi, he only said a few words and sent him to Yang Chen. Anyway, the master of the palace knew that Yang Chen would be able to knock down enough benefits from the Greatest Heaven Sect.


No matter how powerful the Greatest Heaven Sect was, that vague threat to the Pure Yang Chen couldn’t change a fact. Now, it was the Greatest Heaven Sect who seeks from others and to ask for help from people, they had to have the attitude and sincerity to ask for help.

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