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Chapter 433.1

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were caught off guard by Yang Chen’s question . To be honest, the two women had no idea what kind of support their sect could give them .  

Although Sun Qingxue had a master who was a dacheng stage elder, the sect could not give her unlimited support . Similarly, Shi Shanshan was a genius of spirit power cultivation, but the sect would only give certain care in certain aspects . As for the extent to which it could be achieved, it was not known .

“Dear husband, why do you ask so?” Shi Shanshan asked Yang Chen’s thoughts unsure of Yang Chen’s motive .  

There were only Yang Chen and the four girls here . Shi Shanshan was in this “family” and it was impossible to put on a frosty look, so she talked naturally .

Sun Qingxue had the same confusion, but Shi Shanshan took the lead . She didn’t say much, just opened her eyes wide, her eyelashes flickered and looked at Yang Chen, waiting for Yang Chen to answer .  

“You are my wife, and I will give you spiritual resources beyond your imagination, so I have to ask about your sect’s attitude, so as not to accidentally offend your sect . ” Yang Chen replied with a smile “The other reason is that there are some choices in the direction of spiritual cultivation, I am afraid I will have a different opinion from your master, so I need to ask clearly . “

The two women were also his fiancée . Apart from pointing out some minor matters, Yang Chen has not supported them at any cost like Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling . Now Yang Chen wanted the bowl of water to level, of course they couldn’t drop the two of them . It’s just that they aren’t considered to be people in the Pure Yang Palace, so they should be a little scrupulous .

Although Yang Chen said it with a smile, the resource beyond imagination still made Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue slightly stunned . What was beyond imagination? 

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue all came from a big sect . Whether it was vision or insight, they were much stronger than ordinary disciples . Those resources that they have seen in the sect . At least half of them would make cultivators from small sects and rogue cultivators dumbfounded when they saw it . This was the confidence of the big sect cultivators .  

To put it bluntly, when the Pure Yang Palace wanted fire seeds for Yang Chen, they mobilized all the disciples to collect it with the contribution of the sect . In the end, they only collected more than two hundred kinds of first-grade and second-grade fire seeds and very few were third-grade . However, no matter whether it was the Green Jade Immortal Island or Blue Cloud Sect, Greatest Heaven Sect, Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect, the remuneration they paid to Yang Chen was all high-grade fire seeds and they were easily taken out .  

This was the difference between a big sect and a small sect, even Yang Chen cannot deny it . But now Yang Chen told the two women that he would give them resources beyond their imagination . Why won’t the two girls be surprised?

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Although being surprised, none of the women present were in doubt . Not to mention anything else, the dragon palace in front of them was completely beyond their imagination . Since there was this bottom, then if Yang Chen had to come up with something unimaginable, it seemed that it was not so unacceptable .  

Yang Chen’s worries were very natural, if the two women were both rogue cultivators, there was no such trouble . But they were all people who have masters . If their masters had already planned the roads for them to cultivate in the future, if Yang Chen intervenes, he may annoy the elders and do bad things with good intentions, which was not worth the loss .  

So everything must be considered and properly arranged first . Yang Chen also has to act with caution when it comes to his two fiancées and the relationship between the two sects and the Pure Yang Palace .  

These things, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue also thought about it for the first time . They never thought about what kind of spiritual path their sects and masters would arrange for themselves .  

Yang Chen’s cultivation, It was said that it was entirely up to him, although Gao Yue was his master . But she almost never directed him on anything and now everything was by Yang Chen’s own efforts .  

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And Yang Chen also defeated Shi Shanshan, with his cultivation base there was no problem in pointing the two women . At this point, Sun Qingxue was convinced that even Shi Shanshan, after Yang Chen’s instructions, broke through her heart’s devil .  

But after all, Yang Chen was only their husband, not their master . Once Yang Chen’s advice to them was different from that of their teacher, how should the two women choose .

According to Yang Chen’s memory, even if the two women didn’t get any instructions from him, they would move mountains in the future . However, no matter whether it was Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue, it was inevitable to take some detours . When Sun Qingxue first joined the secr, wasn’t she delayed by her master? Although Shi Shanshan has not yet reached the time of her problem, it was not far away .  

Now that these memories were in place, Yang Chen would naturally not allow them to delay that long cultivation time . Sun Qingxue has been on the right track, but Shi Shanshan still has a catastrophe and he needs to plan ahead .  

“This matter, maybe we have to go back to the sect and ask carefully . ” Sun Qingxue nodded again and said, even if she was deeply loved by Elder Hua, she did not dare to make a decision for Elder Hua easily .  

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“Don’t forget to ask about it after going back . ” Yang Chen nodded . This was the normal attitude . If the two women agreed and don’t consider anything else, then it’s dangerous . However, he still asked the two women to fight a little “It is better to let the sect agree and allow you to cultivate with me . ”

With the current relationship between the Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, he believed this would not be difficult . And everyone knows that following Yang Chen would never lead them to make the wrong choice, there was no reason not to agree . It’s just that, no matter what, they had to be informed and so that they preserve their face, otherwise good could also cause big trouble .  

This was to give the two women a little bit of knowledge and let them do the work of the sect, but also had to make psychological preparation . As for the moment, it was Yang Chen who pulled them to retreat, to cultivate everyone’s understanding, but also to straighten their state of mind . Of course, the most important thing was to make the four women’s state of mind steadfast .  

In the past, in order to solve the problem of his own spiritual awareness, Yang Chen and the four goddesses had double cultivation . Everyone spent  a month . Yang Chen’s problem was solved, but the four girls had not cultivated the three purities secret art and they couldn’t have such a strong foundation as Yang Chen . So, double cultivation could make their state more stable .  

The reason for such a long interval was also a process for them to adapt . Of course, the four girls agreed to retreat here with Yang Chen without hesitation .  

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