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Chapter 432

It was important to make Li Liheng feel that nothing was wrong . It must be known that Li Liheng specializes in spiritual awareness and his spiritual power was relatively poor, but his sensitivity to spiritual awareness was amazing .

For him to be fooled, he must have a mastery that transcends the realm of the dacheng stage . This has been done by Yang Chen, his current spiritual awareness was in the human immortal realm . Although this was the lowest spiritual awareness level in the spirit world, it was enough to fool Li Liheng .

The bond of connection between the two was no more appropriate than the spiritual awareness imprint left in Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness . Yang Chen even sensed Li Liheng’s thoughts through it . Of course, he could also convey his thoughts to Li Liheng through the spiritual awareness imprint .

This was a seamless situation . Once Li Liheng notices that he has contacted his predecessors in the spiritual realm, the Greatest Heaven Sect would be ecstatic . Maybe they would make some right or wrong decisions according to the instructions of their predecessors . It was 10,000 times easier to collapse the Greatest Heaven Sect from the top to the bottom from the inside out than to turn it from the bottom to the top from the outside .

After Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness reached the first grade human Immortal realm, Yang Chen was planning for this day . Now, the first obstacles have been removed, he was waiting for the day when Li Liheng would be surprised .

Who would have thought that Li Liheng, who they had worked so hard to find that in the Greatest Heaven Sect to be suitable for cultivating that kind of method, would be the enemy of the sect? As long as he won the trust of the Greatest Heaven Sect, many things would become easier .

Not looking at the Greatest Heaven Sect’s trouble now, but the next thing was the disaster that could make the Greatest Heaven Sect cry . Especially when these disasters were caused by the orders of the sect master and core elders, it was even more exciting .

The two flying swords sent by the Greatest Heaven Sect were both excellent flying swords . To please Yang Chen, the Greatest Heaven Sect definitely paid a lot for it . The first two swords with fire attributes were in his hands, now the two swords with water attributes were remaining .

These two flying swords, their quality were enough to become a part of Yang Chen’s yin and yang five elements flying sword . However, for his tenth water flying sword Yang Chen has another affiliation . But this did not prevent Yang Chen from refining it in his sea of consciousness a little, so he sent it into the sea of consciousness and began the tempering of the life source flying sword . Of course, like other swords, it could be taken out at any time .

The two fire attribute flying swords did not have such good luck . Yang Chen decided to use the bright ray sword as his third fire flying sword and at the same time, he had already refined a sword embryo of the fourth fire flying sword . The best ending of these two fire attributes flying swords was to integrate them into the bright ray sword and fourth fire flying sword to improve their quality . It would also be part of the Great Yin Yang five elements flying swords .

The sixth earth true secret art was in his hand, but in order to realize the plan as soon as possible, Yang Chen did not cultivate it for the time being, but first refined the spirit congealing pill for Li Liheng .

The spirit congealing pill was the elixir of the spiritual world . It was impossible for those in the mortal world to know about it . Yang Chen was assured that using this elixir would never be suspicious .

This kind of spirit congealing pill has little effect below the third grade . The only benefit was that it could condense the spiritual awareness a little . Only third grade or above could course some change .

To perfuse Li Liheng, a second grade pill was enough . This also means that in the profound spirit furnace, as long as it was a first grade pill, it would be enough . For Yang Chen, the refining of the spirit congealing pill had almost no difficulty . Yang Chen’s medicinal herbs were enough . Less than three months later, there was a blast of fire . There were hundreds of them .

The fifth grade Lingzhi Mushroom jade pill was also not very difficult, but Yang Chen has deliberately refined it in order to provide more insurance for people in the Pure Yang Palace . Two years later, there were six Lingzhi Mushroom jade pills and in the furnace, one more than in his first refining .

Since it has been said that alchemy has a problem of success rate, of course Yang Chen would not jump out to explain to the Greatest Heaven Sect immediately, couldn’t they not be made to wait anxiously . At the same time, this was also in line with Yang Chen’s obscure approach at this stage .

In the following period of time, Yang Chen first controlled the profound spirit furnace and absorbed all the fire seeds below the sixth grade . When only the sixth grade was left, then he stopped . Just this effort took another two years .

The sixth earth true secret art was a good thing . When the cultivation was successful, it could definitely promote his boundary .

Xiao Tian obtained huge benefits in the Dragon Palace, the most obvious was getting to the base of the Dragon Tower, which meant that it could completely control the Dragon Palace . Now, Xiao Tian has been hiding in the dragon tower to cultivate madly, trying to use the power of the dragon tower to quickly digest the huge dragon qi left by the dozens of dragon corpses .

He believed that after Xiao Tian completely absorbed those dragon qi, it could easily enter the second floor of the Dragon Tower to cultivate . He didn’t know to what extent Xiao Tian could mature, but Yang Chen looks forward to this .

The fifth grade Lingzhi Mushroom jade pill should not be handed over to the Greatest Heaven Sect now, lest they quickly calm down the contradictions in the sect . Yang Chen had never planned to come out for a short time from the Immortal’s cave .

The bright ray sword and the third fire flying sword sent by the Greatest Heaven Sect were wrapped in Yang Chen’s Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, trying to smelt them together to quickly raise the level of the bright ray sword . At the same time, the sword embryo of the fourth fire flying sword was also refined together with the swords sent by the Greatest Heaven Sect .

This time to make the flying sword, it took a full six years, plus the time of the previous alchemy, eight years passed in an instant . After the two flying swords were perfectly integrated, Yang Chen stopped and settled everything before announcing his exit .

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The Greatest Heaven Sect sent a representative to stay in the Pure Yang Palace for a long time to hear news . After hearing about Yang Chen’s exit, he almost couldn’t wait to appear in front of Yang Chen .

“The refining of the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill failed several times in a row, I’m sorry you waited a long time!” Yang Chen said apologetic words, but there was no apologetic expression on her face and there was no apologetic meaning in his tone . The pills were handed over to the other party and a fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill was also delivered .

The other side received the elixir, thanked him again and again, his attitude was very good, there was no similarity with the Greatest Heaven Sect’s usual posthumous . Later, the representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect quickly left, presumably to rescue the only injured dacheng stage master . As for Li Liheng’s spirit congealing pill, maybe he was not qualified to know much inside information and naturally would not pay much attention to it .

The master of the palace also appeared and sent away the representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect and pulled Yang Chen into the hall . In this plan, Yang Chen didn’t disclose anything with the master of the palace . The master of the palace just knew that Yang Chen was definitely not good for the Greatest Heaven Sect, but he didn’t know what he was going to do .


The fact was too unbelievable and it was of great importance . Even to the master of the palace, Yang Chen did not say much . He just handed out a batch of flying swords he had obtained from the Immortal’s cave in the extremely northern ice field  to the palace master .

This batch of flying swords were all good flying swords . Although the four flying swords that the Greatest Heaven Sect used to pay Yang Chen were better than them, it was enough for many disciples to refine as their life source flying swords .

This trip to refining the medicinal pills involved many people . Both the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect sent Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue and they had waited for Yang Chen for some time . Because Yang Chen didn’t finish the alchemy, they didn’t bother him .

The two women came over and naturally wanted to know the inside story of this alchemy . Yang Chen promised to make one refining in 25 years, which naturally depends on the arrangement of the sect . However, no one could stop the alchemy in private and no one would stop it .

In fact, everyone also knew that the Greatest Heaven Sect must have paid a very high price to impress Yang Chen . This was actually a good thing for the two major sects .

As long as Yang Chen was willing to refine pills for them in private, couldn’t the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island give enough benefits to Yang Chen? Moreover, with the relationship between Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, this would only become easier .

Because of the visit of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, Gongsun Ling, who returned to sect did not go out anymore and received the two girls with Gao Yue . The four beautiful women were striving for battle and it was also a scene in Gao Yue’s small courtyard that was enviable to death .

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Yang Chen came to his master’s small courtyard . As soon as he entered the door, he felt that the girls were distinct on both sides . Four pairs of beautiful eyes stared at Yang Chen’s face, cultivators who lacked sufficient qi would definitely run away .

Fortunately, Yang Chen was thick-skinned and after meeting his master . He started talking with the three girls . Then he talked about the original reason for this closed alchemy .

Hearing that Yang Chen traded for the sixth earth true secret art and the sixth earth true essence with a fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill for Gongsun Ling, she was excited . Never mind the eyes of the other three women she ran into Yang Chen’s arms, she embraced Yang Chen tightly and seemed to be unable to express all her joy .

After appeasing his senior apprentice sister, Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered . His master had the tenth water true secret art to cultivate, but Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were only having relatively advanced cultivation methods, they didn’t have true essence cultivation methods .

It’s not to say that the two great sects couldn’t come up with the true essence cultivation methods and others dare not say so . At least the Blue Cloud Sect definitely had the eighth metal true secret art . It’s just that the Yin and Yang five element true essence were really rare . Even if you have the cultivation methods, you couldn’t cultivate without the Yin and Yang five element true essence .

In order to collect a little bit of fifth earth true essence, the Greatest Heaven Sect almost got into a fight with the Five Elements Sect . In the end, stealing the chickens and not losing the rice, not only lost all the money, but also lost some manpower, as well as with several other sects . One could imagine the preciousness of these element true essence .

After looking at the four girls in the two small groups, Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly . Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue have already had a spiritual double cultivation with him . They were already his nominal fiancee and the bowl of water should be leveled . Therefore, Yang Chen decided to let Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue cultivate their original cultivation methods .

“You will accompany me to retreat and cultivate, I will make a breakthrough in my realm . ” Yang Chen showed his style, he was very domineering to give orders to the four women .

Listening to Yang Chen’s words, the four girls look at each other . After a while, they all nodded silently . This was the first time Yang Chen has issued a command in the tone of a husband and no one wanted to be that disobedient person .

The seclusion place, because there were Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan, naturally they cannot go to the Immortal’s cave . However, Yang Chen also had a way so they returned to his courtyard, he let Gongsun ling arrange a protecting array and then he took the Dragon Palace out of the merit ring and released it in his small courtyard .

The four women followed Yang Chen into the Dragon Palace with a surprised face and then the Dragon Palace disappeared in the courtyard . To put it bluntly, the Dragon Palace was a more advanced Immortal’s cave . It was even more powerful than the blue vault mountain Immortal’s cave . It was definitely more effective with less effort .

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In this magnificent and exquisite Dragon Palace, the four girls were dazzled directly . Even in the big sects such as the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, they had never seen such an exquisite Immortal’s cave . The four girls entered the Dragon Palace, just like the earthen buns that had never seen the world .

“If you like, choose one for your own rooms . ” Yang Chen was also happy to see his wifes liking it “In the future, this is our home . ”

Even the most steady Gao Yue, with cheers, disappeared directly in the hall and began to choose her favorite room . The arrogant Shi Shanshan, did not endure this temptation, this was the Immortal’s cave which was carefully refined by her own husband .

Just tossing and choosing, the four girls spent a whole day . After the selection, the four girls seemed to forget that they belonged to two small groups and gathered together to discuss how to decorate the place . Seeing how happy and hearty they were, they really regard this as their future home .

After choosing his own room, after a lot of tossing, all them gathered in the hall again . Looking at Yang Chen, the four girls were all talking .

“This is the Dragon Palace I found in the South China Sea, left by the ancient dragon clan . ” Yang Chen did not conceal this from his fiancee, he also did not wait for them to ask and directly answered .

“Ah!” The four girls exclaimed in a low voice . This news was by no means weaker than Yang Chen’s becoming a fifth grade alchemist, which was really shocking .

The ancient dragon race, a race that has been extinct in the mortal world, has even left the dragon palace in the mortal world and also let Yang Chen get it . It sounds like a book of fiction . If it were not for everyone now seeing it, the women would not believe Yang Chen’s words . To what extent must Yang Chen’s blessing be so profound as to have such luck?

After all the women accepted this fact, Yang Chen said to the women “This kind of thing is no big deal . Don’t make such fuss in the future . ”

The women were about to protest, but they suddenly thought of what happened to Yang Chen and they were silent again . Yeah, everything that happened to him seems to be terrifying . The Dragon Palace seems to be really unnecessary to make them surprised .

“Shanshan, Little Xue . ” Yang Chen said specifically to Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue this time “I don’t know what your respective sect expects from you . I just want to know, what resources can the sect give you? cultivation method, magic weapon, medicinal pill, everything counts . I want to know . “

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