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chapter 431.1:


Mao Qi asked very straightforwardly, straight into the topic, as if he wanted to follow the remaining potential of the previous transaction and ask the matter clearly and reach a transaction.


“Your young sect master is unconscious from time to time, so you must be very troubled!” Yang Chen asked with a smile, “He has some flaws in his spiritual awareness and this kind of coma will become more frequent in the future.”


“I don’t know if the grandmaster can help my young sect master buy treat him?” When Mao Qi heard this, he knew that there was a door and asked while the iron was hot.


Yang Chen glanced at Mao Qi obliquely and asked straightforwardly, “What’s the benefit?”


“Grandmaster, feel free to mention it.” Mao Qi took the initiative to hand over the initiative in the cooperation to him, waiting for Yang Chen to knock at will.


A fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill has been exchanged for the sixth earth true secret art plus one bottle of sixth earth true essence. Now what would the Greatest Heaven Sect need to trade for the cure of their young sect master?


Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness was very interesting. The spiritual awareness imprint could always be in Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, providing directions for his positioning with a compass at any time.


After several consecutive times, Yang Chen also seemed to feel that Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness could do some magical things, including a long-distance connection across the two realms that he had only heard of in the Immortal world.


In the memory of his previous lives, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s pursuit of Yang Chen was a bit puzzling. Even if he killed the young sect master, it should not cause the Greatest Heaven Sect’s huge hatred. But if it involves such an extraordinary cultivation method, it was very likely.


For Li Liheng, in fact, there was no problem with his spiritual awareness and cultivation. There was nothing wrong like what Yang Chen said. To cure Li Liheng, it really depends on Yang Chen.


He was given the initiative, Yang Chen certainly won’t let it go so he asked directly, “What do you have?”


The things that he wanted to take the initiative to get, that was the sixth earth true secret art and sixth earth true essence, were not yet in Yang Chen’s hands. Importantly, Yang Chen didn’t know the opponent’s hole cards, so there was no way to make specific requests.


“I heard your master Gao Yue modified her cultivation to the water attribute cultivation method. There does not seem to be any good water attribute flying swords on her. My sect is willing to offer two good water attribute flying swords. How about it?” Mao Qi tried to probe the price.


Two flying swords. It was a bit shabby comparing it to the previous remuneration. However, Mao Qi did not dare to bid too high, lest Yang Chen discover anything. And the best way to make Yang Chen tempted was to give Gao Yue benefits directly. This impressed Yang Chen.


The cultivation of the young sect master was also top secret in the sect and Mao Qi could only say that he knows a little bit. He just knew that it’s important , how exactly, Mao Qi was not clear.


How could Yang Chen be made aware of such a secret because the payment was too high? The best way was to make Yang Chen think that it was only healing the spiritual awareness of the young sect master and the only place that was valuable may just be the identity of the young sect master, the others were not worth it. Two good flying swords, it was already the limit price that the Greatest Heaven Sect could offer to pay.


Yang Chen also had the same consideration here. He could not let the other party know that he already knew these and he should heal the spiritual awareness flaw of a Jiedan stage cultivator.


Two flying swords were almost enough if they were top grade flying swords. At this point, both sides have their own considerations.


“Are they top grade water attribute flying swords?” Yang Chen was really moved by Mao Qi. After hesitating, he asked.


“Yes they are.” When Yang Chen asked, Mao Qi had confidence and immediately nodded to give the exact answer. While talking, he was thinking in his heart that it really was better to please Gao Yue than to please Yang Chen.


“Ok!” Yang Chen directly relaxed his mouth and reached an agreement, but he was still afraid of the remorse of the Greatest Heaven Sect. He added “When there things are brought, that will be when the alchemy will be started?”


He would start refining after he received the things from them, it meant he was obviously uneasy about the Greatest Heaven Sect. This was the pattern of small sects and small families, which cannot be bigger. Mao Qi achieved all his goals and he was smiling like a flower. He couldn’t help but be sorry for the six Yuanying stage masters who have died. It’s a pity that they didn’t move directly with the benefits at first.


There was Gao Yue in the Pure Yang Palace. Presumably, Yang Chen would never join the Greatest Heaven Sect easily. From the moment when Yang Chen took the things for Gao Yue, Mao Qi judged it. However, this seemed to be a weakness of Yang Chen in the future. If it was controlled, it may have unexpected effects.


Yang Chen got the cultivation method and the flying swords for his women and the Greatest Heaven Sect got the long-awaited third fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill. He also had the opportunity to heal the young sect master’s spiritual awareness in a win-win cooperation, everyone was happy.


After the transaction was completed, Mao Qi could not wait to report back to the Greatest Heaven Sect and prepare the things. And Yang Chen also got up and rushed to the Thousand Autumn Pavilion, where the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was waiting for the arrival of Li Liheng, the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect.


For the diagnosis and treatment of Li Liheng, Yang Chen was no longer willing to go to the Greatest Heaven Sect, he simply asked Li Liheng to come by himself. The choice of the Thousand Autumn Pavilion was for the convenience of both parties. This small request, Mao Qi agreed, the patient going to the doctor to see the doctor was for good reason.


The Greatest Heaven Sect needed it very urgently, so everything was ready in the shortest time. Of course, this could also be interpreted as they were placing emphasis on the dacheng stage master. But both Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect knew that what really mattered was Li Liheng.


Two months later, Yang Chen met with Mao Qi and Li Liheng, the young sect master accompanied him. The sixth earth true secret art and one bottle of sixth earth true essence were sent to Yang Chen’s hands first, waiting for Yang Chen to confirm that there were also two excellent flying swords in front of Yang Chen, one each was the ninth water and tenth water.


It was very easy for Yang Chen to determine the authenticity of the sixth earth true secret art and the sixth earth true essence, he could see it at a glance. Mao Qi had a smile on his face. He looked at Yang Chen with a pretend look and closed it with a smile, his heart full of contempt. This person’s alchemy level was okay, but his other skills could be far worse, but he pretended to understand.


However, the disdainful Mao Qi would never say anything, but they were deeply buried in his heart and the smile on his face has not diminished. After Yang Chen put away the sixth earth true secret art and the sixth earth true essence, then he held the two flying swords to appreciate it for a long time, Mao Qi coughed softly, signalling that Yang Chen should treat his young sect master.


Yang Chen also heard the cough and knew his intentions, immediately he put away the flying swords, greeted the young sect master and began to treat Li Liheng.

chapter 431.2


Standing in front of Yang Chen, Li Liheng was very nervous. These days, he was fed up with the faces of some people in the sect. Although he was the young sect master, sometimes he couldn’t stand those guys.


Hearing that Yang Chen had a cure for him, Li Liheng almost urged Mao Qi along the way, just to see Yang Chen as soon as possible and to solve his current problem as soon as possible.


Yang Chen simply put his hand on Li Liheng’s wrists and then in front of Mao Qi, changed to a way that was incomprehensible to check Li Liheng’s situation.


A very ordinary iron rod, small, smooth and sharp, almost a foot long, was held in Yang Chen’s hands.


“After I let go, control this iron rod with your spiritual awareness, however i tell you to control it is how you control it, okay?” Yang Chen urged Li Liheng again and finally asked back.


It was so simple, how could Li Liheng not understand and ignore Yang Chen’s tone of order, so he nodded hurriedly and signaled that he was ready, so Yang Chen should let go.


“Control the iron rod and fly it around my shoulder for ten laps.” Yang Chen began to command slowly.


Li Liheng didn’t dare to neglect, immediately he controlled the iron rod and began to circle it around Yang Chen’s body. Ten laps were completed quickly and then the iron rod hung over Yang Chen’s chest.


“Take another ten turns in the opposite direction.” Yang Chen’s second order followed closely.


Controlling this iron rod with spiritual awareness was of course to check the problems in his spiritual awareness. Li Liheng didn’t worry about it, but just acted honestly according to Yang Chen’s words.


Next, there was a series of simple to complex control processes, which Li Liheng has also done carefully. In order for Yang Chen to fully understand his problems, he was meticulous.


The later movements became more and more complicated. Even if Li Liheng only controlled a small iron rod, he began to work a little harder and sweat was also visible on his forehead. But Li Liheng didn’t dare to be a little snub. Every effort was made to cooperate with Yang Chen’s command.


No one would know that in the increasingly difficult control of the spiritual awareness, in the sea of consciousness of Yang Chen, the spiritual awareness imprint left by Li Liheng began to react slowly.


Close at hand, of course, Li Liheng was able to perceive that Yang Chen had his imprint in his


body. This was originally made by him, so he didn’t care, just thought that Yang Chen had not noticed it yet. He did not dare to start it himself, for fear of annoying Yang Chen, or there would be no hope.


And when he did his best to urge his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness wrapped his spiritual awareness imprints, then he began to feel some changes in Li Liheng’s mood.


With Yang Chen cultivating the beast controlling secret art and the three purities secret art. After Li Liheng’s imprint was wrapped in Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, some thoughts of Li Liheng also clearly appeared in Yang Chen ’s mind.


Determined to be able to capture a trace of Li Liheng’s thinking, Yang Chen finally determined that he could communicate with Li Liheng’s thinking in this way, through his spiritual awareness imprint he could communicate with Li Liheng.


However, now Yang Chen didn’t want to show this, but just took a chance at will and took Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness imprint a little closer to the river of blood. He let the killing intent slightly erode the spiritual awareness imprint and Li Liheng reacted for a moment.


The killing intent was fleeting. But Li Liheng was also affected, which made him barely control the iron rod, it suddenly broke away from Li Liheng’s control and fell to the ground. Li Liheng already urged his spiritual awareness to reach the limit and he didn’t notice the strangeness at all.


In the eyes of Mao Qi next to him, Li Liheng was controlling it well at first, but eventually it became more and more difficult and finally he made a mistake. However, looking at Yang Chen’s satisfied expression, Mao Qining would rather believe that Yang Chen would find it because he found the cause of Li Liheng’s problem.


“The problem is not very big. In the next refining, u will refine a pill for you. As long as the young sect master takes one of the elixir every half month, as long as it is thirty years in a row, it is natural to cure the disease.” Yang Chen patted his chest and gave Li Liheng a very positive answer.


Mao Qi and Li Liheng were overjoyed. If Yang Chen could solve the problem of Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness, it would be a great fortune for the Greatest Heaven Sect. In addition to being happy, Mao Qi made a bit of a malicious guess. If Yang Chen knew the truth of the matter, he wouldn’t know if he would be able to pay a lot less.


Li Liheng was happy that he finally found a solution. As long as the trouble was solved and he continues to deepen his cultivation, his status and right to speak would certainly rise.


It was another satisfactory meeting between the two parties, but at the time of the last separation, Yang Chen gave Mao Qi an uncertain answer “The young sect master’s medicine is easy to refine, but i can not guarantee the success of the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, so it may take a few years, please forgive me. “


Of course, alchemy has the risk of failure and Mao Qi was well prepared. It’s just that he was very upset about Yang Chen’s previous promise, it seemed that he only wanted to get the rewards first and he intentionally said that it would only take three years to reassure him. A small person was a small person, it was impossible to imagine such a giant organization like the Greatest Heaven Sect. Even if it was that they only promised the sixth earth true secret art and sixth earth true essence. Even if it was ten times or a hundred times more precious, the Greatest Heaven Sect would never go back on their word under this situation.


In the mind of Mao Qi, Yang Chen had lost points continuously and he became only a simple minded person who only knew how to study alchemy. In alchemy he may be the best master, but his insight was still small and in view of this, his achievements in the future would also be limited, at most he would only make achievements on the Dao of Alchemy.


After the two sides were satisfied with each other, Yang Chen returned to the Pure Yang Palace, he reported to the head of the palace and then entered the Immortal’s cave again to start the refining.


This time, it was true alchemy. He needed two kinds of pills, one was the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill and the other was a spirit congealing pill prepared for Li Liheng.


Li Liheng had no problems, of course, Yang Chen knew it. This spirit congealing pill was made for Li Liheng to condense his spiritual awareness a little so that he would feel that his spiritual awareness had changed, making him think that the elixir made by Yang Chen had played a role, which was the only effect of the spirit congealing pill.


As for the fainting from time to time, as long as Yang Chen doesn’t torment Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness imprint, he was absolutely safe and sound, isn’t that still giving people a feeling of being cured by medicine?


This was just one of the intentions, the other purpose was to completely eliminate the possibility of Li Liheng being successful in his cultivation. Yang Chen has a small trap in the elixir. As long as he takes it continuously, his spiritual awareness would move towards the other direction, it would no longer be possible to communicate with the predecessors in the spiritual world and the Immortal world.


As for the most important role, it was to make Li Liheng develop a dependence on the spirit congealing pill. Without it, it would not work. One of the key points of this plan was that after taking the spirit congealing pill, it could give Li Liheng and the senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect a feeling of connecting with the seniors in the spiritual world.

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