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Chapter 429.1

Yang Chen just swayed in front of Li Liheng and never mentioned it again . In the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen easily saw the three injured dacheng stage elders .

The three elders were very tightly protected and it was impossible to see idlers around them, but Yang Chen was an exception . This time, Yang Chen not only saw the three elders, but also diagnosed the pulses of the three elders and even consulted the three elders on some physical feelings . After obtaining the consent of the three, he probed their bodies with his spiritual awareness .

Faced with the only alchemy master who could recover their injuries, the three injured elders expressed their full cooperation, which was the first time in the history of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Soon Yang Chen came to the conclusion that the three elders had no problems with taking the fifth grade spirit mushroom jade dew pill . However, because their injuries were too severe, the whole process of healing would take longer than the three masters of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect . Even if they take the fifth grade spirit mushroom jade dew pill, it would take half a year .

And Yang Chen also said that he no longer had the fifth grade spirit mushroom jade dew pill and the entire refining process would take almost two years . Counting the six months of recovery, if the three elders wanted to recover, it would take at least two and a half years .

From sitting and waiting for death to healing in two and a half years, the difference in results were quite different . Not to mention that as long as two and a half years, they could afford to wait even 20 years . Twenty years to heal three dacheng stage masters, who would be unwilling?

Yang Chen only said this and nothing else was mentioned . Several senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect hoped that Yang Chen could bring up the subject of the young sect master Li Liheng, but Yang Chen did not say a word, as if he had completely forgotten it .

From entering the domain of the Greatest Heaven Sect to leaving, the clone of the old tree demon Gui Shanyou has been following him inseparable . Although Yang Chen was now well-known, the Greatest Heaven Sect should not have other ideas . But the human heart was indispensable, the old tree demon follows, just in case .

Once the other party wanted to capture Yang Chen and use various methods to learn the secret of Yang Chen’s alchemy ascension, Yang Chen was bound to expose his state of spiritual awareness, which was very detrimental to his future plans .

Although the other four major sects would never allow this to happen, no one was sure what the Greatest Heaven Sect would do . The old tree demon was responsibly calmed down and it was thoughtful for both parties to leave . No major friction occurred .

Until Yang Chen’s figure disappeared into the sky, the Greatest Heaven Sect Sect Master Li and several core elders in the Greatest Heaven Sect were still watching Yang Chen’s disappearing direction for a long time, unwilling to move .

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“Master, they are gone . ” There was still an elder who couldn’t stand it and he gently reminded them . The thoughts of several senior executives turned back to the issue . Looking at each other, they all felt like they had something to say .

Soon, everyone gathered in the most important hall of the Greatest Heaven Sect . There were only a few elders and sect master Li who knew the inside of Li Liheng’s cultivation . They did not add up to ten people .

“He said that the matter of the young sect master was really seen by him, or did he hear it and tell it to us intentionally?” Someone eagerly asked this question .

The significance of Li Liheng’s cultivation was too great for the Greatest Heaven Sect . So much so that Li Liheng even became the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect just because he sent out thousands of spiritual awareness marks . For this reason, the sect master gave him the same surname as Li Liheng also bears some bad reputations . So far, there were rumors inside and outside the sect that Li Liheng was his illegitimate son .

These people now know that the relationship between the sect master and Li Liheng was by no means a father-son relationship speculated by the outside world . However, no one would explain it, they would only secretly value Li Liheng’s cultivation .

Over the years, Li Liheng has been fainting from time to time, never more than ten days between two consecutive times . They thought that Li Liheng’s cultivation has failed, but today Yang Chen’s words gave everyone hope .

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Who was Yang Chen, although he was not a man in the Greatest Heaven Sect and even all of them present were eager for Yang Chen to die after he has refined the elixir, but no one would doubt his genius in refining, nor would they doubt it his authority in treating some of the expert injuries .

The three dacheng stage masters of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, the black tiger predecessor of the Beast Taming Sect, the four dacheng masters have all proved this with iron facts .

Yang Chen said that he could treat the injuries of the three elders . The Greatest Heaven Sect would never doubt it . Although they regard Yang Chen as their enemy, they did not hesitate to believe Yang Chen on this issue .

However, what confuses everyone was Li Liheng’s problem . The young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect got a strange disease and the cultivators have been rumoring about this and Yang Chen certainly knew that . He said that, in the end, did he really see that Li Liheng had a problem with his spiritual awareness, or did he deliberately make use of Li Liheng’s strange reason?

“I see, maybe this guy said it on purpose . ” Many people thought so and someone said it immediately: “we sent someone to kill him several times and he certainly knows our previous attitude, otherwise he would not take Gui Shanyou with him . ”

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This was also a very normal guess . One sentence could make the Greatest Heaven Sect’s high-level leaders upset, and they were happy to say such a sentence . Several elders immediately reconciled and most of them nodded frequently . Only the sect master and the two elders were serious and did not express their stand .

Keke, two soft coughs stopped everyone’s words and all eyes focused on the elder who coughed .

“Recently we learned a message from the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect . ” The elder said slowly after everyone had calmed down . However, the expression of speech was dignified beyond words .

“The cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan and the dancing snow fairy Sun Qingxue, after Yang Chen recently visited them, their spiritual awareness cultivation base was suddenly advanced and it is said that they had already reached the level of late Yuanying stage, far exceeding their previous state . “The elder continued,” and according to our people’s careful inquiry,Yang Chen’s master Gao Yue and apprentice sister Gonsun Ling, their spiritual awareness cultivation base is not under the middle Yuanying stage . “

Boom, this news suddenly detonated in the hall . The four Jiedan stage juniors, what it means for them to have a spiritual awareness in the middle and late Yuanying stage was clearer to them .

These four people were closely related to Yang Chen and all of them have undergone such changes . What kind of means does Yang Chen have in the aspect of spiritual awareness?

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