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Published at 19th of August 2020 10:19:46 AM
Chapter 428.2

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Sun Qingxue finally let go of her worries, her white and tender little hand patted her chest gently and she took a breath and looked relaxed .


Later, it seemed that Sun Qingxue had just discovered a change in her spiritual awareness and an incredible expression appeared on her face . Sun Qingxue was a genius in spirit power cultivation, but also a down-to-earth cultivator . Her cultivation skills have also allowed her to have a very balanced spirit power and spiritual awareness cultivation base, there was not much difference between them .


But now her spiritual awareness suddenly skyrocketed to the peak Yuanying stage, let alone Sun Qingxue, any cultivator would know what it meant . Originally, she was a genius in spirit power cultivation . At this moment, Sun Qingxue’s path of spirit power cultivation would be unhindered .


The ecstatic Sun Qingxue could no longer suppress her joy and hugged Yang Chen . The tears of joy couldn’t help but fall down, just like a string of crystal pearls .


It seems that Sun Qingxue, who wanted to rub herself into Yang Chen’s body, has completely released her emotions after Yang Chen resolved his troubles when they cultivated together .


After crying happily for a while, Sun Qingxue grabbed Yang Chen’s neck and aligned her delicate face with Yang Chen’s face . Then actively printed her red lips to Yang Chen’s lips .


It was a long time before the lips of the two separated and Sun Qingxue’s eyes flashed with fascination . Then, she closed her eyes happily, her red lips came to Yang Chen’s ears, and she said gently, “Brother Yang, wants me!”


After saying this, Sun Qingxue’s face was already flushed and her little body became a little hot and her face was buried in Yang Chen’s neck, she never dared to look up . Although she was already known as Yang Chen’s fiancee . But when she said that, she still needed tremendous courage .


In the mind of Sun Qingxue, she has already regarded herself as Yang Chen’s person . From the beginning of her meeting with Yang Chen, until Yang Chen helped her to change her master and later several meetings, Sun Qingxue couldn’t forget each time . Her heart has long been firmly tied to Yang Chen’s body . This time, finally, she clearly expressed her emotions to Yang Chen .


The young girl’s coyness made Yang Chen so excited that he couldn’t help it . In the future, the world-famous dancing snow fairy said in his arms that he wanted her, how proud and longing it was . Now it happened in front of his eyes .


Almost exhausted, Yang Chen resisted such an irresistible temptation . After embracing Sun Qingxue for a while, Yang Chen just smiled bitterly .


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“I have the proper dual cultivation method, but we need to cultivate after we all reach the Yuanying stage, otherwise it will affect the future cultivation . ” Yang Chen seemed to be bleeding when he spoke . What a good opportunity, but he was even pushing her away stiffly “You can rest assured that we will get married in a few days and after a few decades, you and I will cross the thunder tribulation and form our nascent soul . We will always be together and never be separated again . ”


Just as he promised Shi Shanshan, Yang Chen also gave Sun Qingxue a promise . Sun Qingxue was slightly disappointed, but also knew that Yang Chen was thinking about herself and Yang Chen . So she shyly accepted Yang Chen’s opinion .


For the next month, Yang Chen would practice with Sun Qingxue once a day, until Sun Qingxue’s spiritual awareness state was completely settled and stabilized .


The days they spent together were always short and in a blink of an eye it was time for Yang Chen to leave . Like Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue also knew what Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness meant . It was a wife’s duty to keep his husband secret and Sun Qingxue did not talk to anyone about Yang Chen’s secrets .


Yang Chen no longer had any worries, and began to design his plans for the Greatest Heaven Sect this time . Everything would start with Yang Chen refining the elixir for the Greatest Heaven Sect .


Back at the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen directly met with a representative from the Greatest Heaven Sect . Since Yang Chen promised to refine for them, the Greatest Heaven Sect has been stationed in the Pure Yang Palace and could contact Yang Chen at any time .

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Yang Chen left the Pure Yang Palace to solve his own troubles, the people in the Greatest Heaven Sect were disappointed to be honest . Fortunately, it took only half a year for Yang Chen to return back to the sect . Moreover, Yang Chen’s attitude was very good, he met with the representatives as soon as he returned to the sect .


“I need to see the injuries of the several elders with my own eyes to decide what kind of elixir to make . ” He knew that the Greatest Heaven Sect were anxious, Yang Chen didn’t talk nonsense and directly asked .


How could the Greatest Heaven Sect not agree to such a request? To be honest, this was the responsible attitude . After all, the injuries of the three elders in the Greatest Heaven Sect were much heavier than those of the three elders in the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect . It was difficult to say whether the fifth grade spirit mushroom jade dew pill could be used to cure them . Yang Chen’s visit could also make people in the Greatest Heaven Sect feel more at ease .


The Greatest Heaven Sect’s representative immediately began to arrange, without even asking anyone . This time, Yang Chen took the clone of the old tree demon and went straight to the Greatest Heaven Sect .


This was the first time since Yang Chen was reborn that he set foot on the Greatest Heaven Sect’s grounds, the high level of the Greatest Heaven Sect still wanted to kill Yang Chen as before . Even now, there were still a large number of senior people who wanted him to die . But when he arrived at the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was very comically given the high-level courtesy of the Greatest Heaven Sect . There was no real mockery .

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To welcome Master Yang’s team, a young figure which Yang Chen was very familiar with appeared . The young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Li Liheng, as the young sect master, he appeared on this occasion without any surprise .


The senior members of the Greatest Heaven Sect with Yang Chen were sharp . When they reached Li Liheng, they unexpectedly stayed for a while . It was quite polite of them to look at Li Liheng up and down for a long time and Yang Chen suddenly said something that surprised everyone “Young sect master, your spiritual awareness is very interesting, but it has a little flaw . ”


After saying this, Yang Chen said nothing more and turned to the next elder . Everyone heard something inexplicable and could not understand what Yang Chen meant . But everyone heard from Yang Chen’s words . It seemed that Li Liheng was syncope from time to time . Yang Chen should know some reasons, otherwise he wouldn’t say something like flaws .


Li Liheng’s fists were shaken on the spot, and he almost lost his temper due to his turbulent mood . The fainting from time to time made Li Liheng very suspicious in the sect and now someone finally knows what the reason was .


But those that were shocked the most was not Li Liheng, but the sect master and several core elders who understood what Li Liheng cultivated . The several people looked at each other calmly and they all saw the surprise in the eyes of each other .


If Li Liheng’s problem could be solved, does it not mean that he could connect with his predecessors in the spiritual world?

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