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“I will do it! Why not?” Yang Chen immediately said. The other party sent so many good things. If Yang Chen didn’t smile while getting it, it would be silly of him.


As for saying that the masters of the dacheng stage being rescued belong to the enemy, Yang Chen would not mind. After hearing that the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect often fainted, Yang Chen had a bigger plan in his mind. He saw the opportunity being delivered to his door, why should he reject it?


This plan was not even mentioned by Yang Chen to the master of the palace, but he only had a draft in his mind. For Yang Chen, was there anything better than having the knife ready for the enemy to send their body to his door by themselves?


The head of the palace looked at Yang Chen unexpectedly and he seemed to want to see something from Yang Chen’s face. After looking at it for a while, it seemed that Yang Chen was very serious and then he nodded “Okay, if you say yes, then refine it for them.”


At the end, another sentence was added: ” the reward has to be sent first. “


In addition to Yang Chen’s personal remuneration, the Pure Yang Palace was naturally indispensable. In this regard, the master of the palace has never been blinded by the false promises of others. If they wanted to give something, they must send it in. If they don’t send it, they would leave it alone.


This time the Greatest Heaven Sect sent out everything, there was also real benefit to the Pure Yang Palace. There were three fine gold veins, plus two top quality spiritual veins, it was comparable to all the spirit veins originally in the meiqing mountain, it was not a small gift.


Negotiations were naturally led by the palace master and soon Yang Chen returned to Gao Yue again. It took another year to return from the sea of no return, although he has never dared to cultivate the three purities secret art on the road, his spiritual awareness was slowly increasing and it has reached the point where it cannot be suppressed.


Gongsun Ling didn’t leave Gao Yue, the three of them quickly entered the immortal cave without being able to say too much. In their well-prepared house, Yang Chen began to cultivate the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra with the two women.


It started with Gao Yue and Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling was their protector. As soon as Gao Yue entered the state of cultivation, she immediately realized that her beloved’s spiritual awareness had become so powerful that she could not understand it.


That was a realm that was even more powerful than the dacheng stage. At the level of Gao Yue, she didn’t even know what that realm was called. Those were the things that they would pay attention to after the dacheng stage. She never thought that when her own beloved was in the Jiedan stage, he had such a powerful spiritual awareness.


The more powerful the spiritual awareness was, for magic weapon control, for spiritual power control, it became more handy, in addition, there were also countless benefits to refining alchemists.


Yang Chen’s ability to reach the level of the fifth grade alchemy master with his cultivation base has nothing to do with his powerful spiritual awareness.


However, for Yang Chen, the rapid growth of his spiritual awareness would bring about serious consequences of the split of his spiritual awareness. Although the ultimate goal of the three purities secret art was to split the spiritual awareness, it does not mean that the sooner the split, the better. At this point, Yang Chen knew it, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling knew it equally.


Gao Yue frantically wanted to take control in the double cultivation and lead the two’s cultivation. She just wanted to do her best to make Yang Chen’s realm of spiritual awareness slightly lower and there was no longer the danger of his spiritual awareness splitting.


This time, the cultivation was completely different from the past, when Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness realm was still in the dacheng stage, Gao Yue could dominate their cultivation. But now, even after Gao Yue has done her best. But still could not shake Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness in the slightest.


Easily, Yang Chen gained the initiative of the cultivation. Yang Chen didn’t even move this idea, everything was done spontaneously.


The realm of human immortal first grade has surpassed the limits of this world. Even if Gao Yue already has the middle Yuanying stage spiritual awareness, she still couldn’t resist. Soon, the two entered the process of double cultivation under Yang Chen’s spiritual awarenesses spontaneous dominance.


Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was like a vast mountain and a magnificent sea, but Gao Yue herself was like a leaf-shaped boat. She couldn’t help but oscillate with Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness.


Gao Yue only felt that her beloved, her original apprentice, now seemed to have become the master of this world, holding her body and mind firmly. She doesn’t need to do anything at all, it seems that as long as she follows in his footsteps, she could break through the mortal world.


Gao Yue was so intoxicated by this speechless feeling of being conquered. In Yang Chen’s arms, it was so warm and so captivating. Gao Yue was immersed in this feeling and has been completely unable to extricate herself.


Her own heart, her own god, she hated that everything couldn’t be put into him, so she could become one with Yang Chen.


In this tacit understanding on both sides, the spiritual awareness of Yang Chen and Gao Yue changed again. Gao Yue’s spiritual awareness continued to rise, directly breaking through the middle period of Yuanying stage and went straight into the late Yuanying stage. There was no rest, it was still soaring.


Yang Chen, however, started making another change. Now the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra double cultivation could no longer increase his spiritual awareness, but it condensed Yang Chen’s current spiritual awareness as much as possible.


The increasingly pure and concise spiritual awareness effectively organized the possibility of divisiveness and temporarily prevented Yang Chen from worrying again in a short period of time.


After the spiritual awareness double cultivation, Gao Yue’s spiritual awareness soared to the peak Yuanying stage until she could not improve anymore in a short period of time. However, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was still above the human immortal first grade and could no longer reduce back. It was only after this spiritual awareness double cultivation that the spiritual awareness became more stable and more condensed.


The next was Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen cultivating and Gao Yue protecting them. Like Gao Yue’s result, with a middle Yuanying stage spiritual awareness, Gongsun Ling’s spiritual awareness soared to the peak Yuanying stage, and similarly, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness did not fall in the slightest. The only gain was that the spiritual awareness became more stable, more condensed and more refined.


The two double cultivations with the two women allowed Yang Chen to temporarily alleviate the threat of the split of his spiritual awareness. At least now he could continue to cultivate the three purities secret art instead of waiting. Within a year or two, Yang Chen could ignore the threat.


However, in order to completely solve this problem, more effective methods were needed. Maybe, with the dancing snow fairy Sun Qingxue and the cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan, these two fiancees of his who have never cultivated the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra could give Yang Chen more time!

The two women failed to make Yang Chen completely resolve the threat, so they were a little disappointed in their hearts. Even the fact that their spiritual awareness reached the peak Yuanying stage failed to dilute this regret.


Although it was known from the beginning that the effect of the two of them would not be very good, but they thought that they would still be a bit lucky. Moreover, in the hearts of the two women, it was not impossible to form an alliance to temporarily resist Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue. If the two women could solve it, wouldn’t it be possible for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue to have less contact with Yang Chen.


Yang Chen did not expect the two women to have such a mind. In one or two years, he could find Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan and stabilize the realm of his spiritual awareness.


For the three purities secret art to split his spiritual awareness, it was best to go to the spiritual realm, which was good for future development. But if there was really no way, the division would happen in the mortal world, it would only take more hard work in the future to ascend the realm. Anyway, Yang Chen already has the three purities secret art this heaven defying ultimate weapon. Even if it was hard, it was much better than ordinary cultivators.


Now there was only Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, so Yang Chen didn’t hide from them either, he briefly talked about his gains in the sea of no return this time. Of course, those adventures have not been elaborated, just that he has received some help from the dragon yuan and all his realms have improved.


To enhance Yang Chen’s strength, the two women were naturally happy. As for talking about the dragon palace, the two women only listened to him, especially when they heard some wonderful things. Instead, about where Yang Chen got the keys, they didn’t care.


In fact, the two women knew that Yang Chen had found the legendary Dragon Palace. Otherwise, where would the mountain river geographical map and the two water and fire dragon horns come from. There were more dragon clan magic weapons and it was very normal.


Apart from being happy, Yang Chen carefully took out the fragmented south china sea chart and placed it on the ground.


“A’Ling, try it out, can the mountain river geographical map collect this chart?” Yang Chen said to Gongsun Ling who was admiring the dragon magic weapon.


As early as in the Dragon Palace, Yang Chen had such an idea. Now that the south china sea chart has been fragmented, it was better to let the mountain river geographical map absorb it. They were all dragon palace treasures.


After Yang Chen’s words, Gongsun Ling was almost sanctified for the purpose of listening, but that was the order of her husband. Gongsun Ling did not hesitate and immediately began to try to manipulate the mountain river geographical map.


With more than a hundred Yuanying masters, Gongsun Ling now controls the mountain river geographical map easily. In the face of such unmanned control, the former magic weapon of the Dragon clan, which was motionless and damaged, absorbed it easily.


But soon, Gongsun Ling quickly sat on the ground. As she began to control the fusion of the two magic weapons, the process came so suddenly that even Gongsun Ling was not prepared for it.


Seeing this, Yang Chen hurried up to help. It was also the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra cultivation method that was used, but it was only a conscious effort to strengthen the power of Gongsun Ling’s spiritual awareness to control the mountain river geographical map.


With the peak Yuanying stage spiritual awareness, it was indeed difficult to control the fusion of the two magic weapons. But immediately after Yang Chen joined, qualitative changes took place.


Not to mention that Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness cultivation base has reached the human immortal first grade. However, Yang Chen and Xiao Tian have a master-slave relationship and Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has a little of it’s aura.


This aura of the Dragon clan was the key to controlling the mountain river geographical map of and the south china sea chart. As soon as Yang Chen exerted his power, Gongsun Ling no longer had the pressure and became relaxed and comfortable.


The fusion of the two magic weapons also began to proceed in an orderly way. Gongsun Ling was pleasantly surprised that the two magic weapons were not just a simple fusion of dragon magic weapons, but the chart inspired further changes in the mountain river geographical map.


The mountain river geographical map has a characteristic. The places that it passed by would be formed by the mountain river geographical map in the map to form a virtual reality geography. The more places it passed by, the larger the geographical area of ​​such virtual mountains and rivers and the stronger the power would be.


Now, the absorption of the chart from the south china sea has directly added a whole terrain of the South china sea to the mountain river geographical map. Although it was a fragmented chart and no longer has the ability to absorb spiritual power, the chart was still perfect. In the process of fusion, the entire south china sea was mapped on the mountain river geographical map.


By the time the integration was complete, a complete map of the south china sea has been added to the mountain river geographic map. The part that borders the east china sea was also integrated into one part and then it became part of each other. The area in the entire mountain river geographic map has more than doubled.


Not only that, the original map of the south china sea, but also the distribution map of all rivers and water networks that flow from the central plains to the south china sea near the seashore. During the process of integration, all the maps were drawn in the mountain river geographical map.


In just a few days, the power of Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map has doubled. The increase in the area above the mountain river geographic map also promoted the cultivation base of the masters of the Yuanying stage in the picture. Their cultivation has also made Gongsun Ling more relaxed when sacrificially refining the mountain river geographic map.


Just in the past few days, the mountain river geographical map has been reborn. As long as it was not exhausted in a death match, this mountain river geographical map already had the power to fight against ordinary masters for several hours. Of course, the higher the opponent’s cultivation base was, the shorter the time that the mountain river geographic map could fight.


Gongsun Ling simply has a big ultimate weapon and also has a sharp weapon for self-defense. Everyone knew the famous Pure Yang Palace array cultivator, but at this moment she already has the ability to fight against some extreme masters in the Yuanying stage.


Yang Chen and her two fiancees were cultivating here, but the Greatest Heaven Sect has been unable to wait and sent the rewards and alchemy ingredients to the Pure Yang Palace. They just hoped that Yang Chen could do it right away, so that their injured elders could be spared the pain and to become masters of the dacheng stage again.


However, this plan was doomed to fail. After this trip to the Dragon Palace, with the help of the dragon yuan, Yang Chen got a great promotion. If he didn’t take advantage of the time to digest and absorb this power and didn’t take advantage of this time to strengthen himself, he would be a fool.


No matter how unwilling Gongsun Ling and Gao Yue were, Yang Chen set out on the way to meet Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan. Before refining the alchemy for the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen must also resolve his hidden dangers. Otherwise, if half of the refining of the elixir was disturbed, even if Yang Chen was a fifth grade alchemy master, it would be a pity..


He just didn’t know what kind of surprise Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue would bring to him this time.

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