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Chapter 424.2
Yang Chen did not let the two wait too long and soon appeared in front of the two . However, he appeared with more than half of the island .

The island in the sea suddenly stopped shaking, and then rose sharply . The rate of it’s ascent was very fast, almost in one or two breaths and it became level with the two in the air .

An island suddenly rose from the sea level . Although the island was not very large, it was also very spectacular . In particular, the water carried on the island kept falling into the sea and the island still had some unsteady shaking . The sound and the picture as a whole gave an unusually shocking feeling, as if witnessing the world with their own eyes .

The rise of the island was still continuing and the part of the sea level was already a hundred feet high . Later Hou Yun and Gongsun Ling saw Yang Chen’s figure .

Yang Chen himself was just below the island that had been flying up to a hundred feet high, the island had no roots, but was lifted up by Yang Chen to the point where it was so high .

In simple terms, Yang Chen jumped up in the air holding a huge stone that was hundreds of feet high and several feet square . Because he has not used spiritual power, but pure physical power, Yang Chen was still in the process of jumping, but after a while, he began to fall .

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Gongsun Ling’s open mouth has never been closed . This giant rock was more than 300,000 jin, but it was lifted directly by Yang Chen into the air . How strong was Yang Chen now?

Hou Yun didn’t want to be amazed, but looked dignified . Yang Chen was in the air, but did not stop moving and threw the huge rock like a hill directly at Hou Yun .

The current situation made Hou Yun extremely excited . He had never encountered such a powerful opponent . He stood in the air and put on a serious posture, he planned to take over this huge rock thrown by Yang Chen .

As soon as his hands touched the giant rock, Hou Yun knew that it was not good . Just by this weight, Hou Yun couldn’t take it by relying only on the strength of his flesh alone .

But Hou Yun didn’t want to give up . He still wanted to know how much strength he had . Standing under the giant rock, his teeth were braced for the impact .

Inevitably, Hou Yun used spiritual power, of course, just to allow him to levitate in the air and support the weight of this huge rock . However, relying on the strength of the flesh alone, Hou Yun couldn’t support this huge rock anyway . Although his feet stood very stable because of the spiritual power, his body’s already pressed bones started to ring .

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Hou Yun’s huge and sturdy body seemed to have reached its limit . The swollen muscles almost completely cracked the outer robe, and the thick blood vessels under the skin became sharp under the strong pressure, as if Hou Yun was surrounded by little snakes .

The sound of heavy breathing seemed to be pulling huge bellows and the whistling wind sounded worrying . The loud heartbeat sounded like a big drum banging and Gongsun Ling who was not far away, could even hear the sound of Hou Yun’s blood flowing in his blood vessels .

In less than ten breaths, Hou Yun couldn’t hold on anymore and his body seemed to be directly bent by the giant rock . Hou Yun just withdrew his spiritual power and his whole person was directly pressed from the air to the seafloor by the giant rock .

The moment the giant rock smashed into the sea, it smashed a huge water splash, and soon the giant rock disappeared in the sea water . The island that they could still see just now disappears without a trace, as if there has never been an island here .

Yang Chen’s figure quickly appeared in front of Gongsun Ling, the shuttle was called out and he brought Gongsun Ling in . The shuttle turned into a sailing boat and drifted quietly on the sea . The two just sat on the boat, waiting quietly for Hou Yun .

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Hou Yun finally got out of the seawater . Depending on the weight alone, even if the giant rock was ten times heavier, it would not hurt Hou Yun who was in the dacheng stage . However, when Hou Yun came out, he was a little embarrassed . Hou Yun liked a challenge, he would rather be pushed down by a giant rock than run away from below it . He would be hit by the giant rock to the bottom of the sea, no matter how unpleasant it was .

“Mountain Picking Strength, it really deserves its name . ” Hou Yun knew that Yang Chen had not exerted all his powers far away, but he had already shown the realm of mountain picking strength . The island that was just on the land, wasn’t it just one? After sighing, Hou Yun also looked forward to it even more: ” the river turning strength, I don’t know how powerful it will be!”

In fact, even Yang Chen didn’t know how much power the river turning strength could have . But just by relying on the flesh, he pulled up an island and threw it into the air, already shocking himself . To be honest, even an ordinary Jiedan stage master may not be able to do this, but Yang Chen has already surpassed it by relying on physical strength alone .

Hou Yun was completely convinced by Yang Chen, and directly said ” I will do what you want me to do in the future, I will follow you, happy!” No wonder She Kui and Xie Sha liked to follow Yang Chen and now Hou Yun finally realized that refreshing feeling .

On the way back, the three were not lonely at all . In addition to drinking tea and enjoying Gongsun Ling’s delicacies, it was also about exchanging ideas .

Naturally, Yang Chen needn’t say more . Although Hou Yun has been bored in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, after all, it was in the dacheng stage and some aspects of his understanding were even more thorough than Yang Chen’s . The biggest beneficiary was Gongsun Ling . The two men took turns to instruct, so Gongsun Ling avoided almost all the problems that may be encountered during the Jiedan stage .

There was her beloved with her, there was a transcendent magic weapon on her, plus the help of hundreds of Yuanying masters in the mountain river geographical map to help refine it, there was no mental suffering on Gongsun Ling .

In the case of Yang Chen’s absence, Gongsun Ling would become the most powerful Jeidan stage cultivator in the Pure Yang Palace in just ten years .

Of course, there was another premise, that was, Gao Yue’s Dragon Horn flying sword was not refined . Once the refining of Gao Yue’s Dragon Horn flying sword was completed, it would also be a magic weapon of the Dragon clan . Gao Yue was a water and fire spirit power double cultivator, who would be the most powerful

However, who would care about this unwarranted reputation? Moreover, even if they wanted to rank, they must add their own husband .

Although he didn’t know how Yang Chen’s fighting strength now was, how could Hou Yun bow his head to a Jiedan stage cultivator?

It was almost four years before and after this trip to the South China Sea and they didn’t know what had changed in the Pure Yang Palace . The only thing they knew was that no matter whether it was Yang Chen or the people who came out with Yang Chen this time, they have achieved great results . For the Pure Yang Palace, no matter what, it was also a good thing .

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