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Chapter 424.1
Gongsun Ling has taken the four seas mysterious coral liquid many times . After waking up, the physical changes were not so obvious for her . But Hou Yun was different . For the first time, he took the four seas mysterious coral liquid, which made him feel embarrassed .

Although Hou Yun was already a master of the dacheng stage, at least he has experienced the baptism of thunder and yin fire tribulation, but the impurities in his body were still astounding .

After a deep sleep, Hou Yun woke up and knew what was happening to him . On one hand, Hou Yun was very grateful to Yang Chen, but on the other hand, he was slightly annoyed .

Hou Yun’s embarrassment fell in the eyes of Gongsun Ling, which seems to be the reason that made Hou Yun very unhappy . Hou Yun has a special kind of care for Gongsun Ling . Taking care of Gongsun Ling for such a long time, Hou Yun was very reluctant to let Gongsun Ling see his awkward look .

However, the benefits were also huge . Experiencing the thunder and yin fire tribulation in the Immortal’s Cave did not make his body completely free of impurities . In this regard, the monster race has an inherent disadvantage over humans .

This large cup of four seas mysterious coral liquid directly purified Hou Yun’s body a lot, which has inestimable benefits for future cultivation . Apart from that, it was estimated that he could save at least decades of hard work on the body refining technique .

“Hurry up, find a place to compete!” Hou Yun was very curious about Yang Chen’s current state and couldn’t wait to compete with Yang Chen who has achieved the river turning strength .

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In fact, Yang Chen also wanted to know the difference in strength between Hou Yun and himself . Hou Yun was so anxious that Yang Chen was not polite . He found an island along the way, took off the shuttle, and the three flew over the island and started preparing for battle .

The island was not large, it was a few square feet and the surface of the sea was not high but it was more than enough for Yang Chen and Hou Yun to stand on . Not far away, Gongsun Ling flew in the air, being the only audience on the scene .

The two stood face to face . Although he didn’t use his spiritual power, Hou Yun still held his huge stick . On the side of Yang Chen, he doesn’t have any heavy weapons that he could use so he was simply empty-handed .

Hou Yun was not embarrassed at all because Yang Chen was bare-handed . Seeing that Yang Chen was ready, he yelled, the stick in his hand was raised high and smashed towards Yang Chen severely .

That posture was clearly like Yang Chen was an enemy who he couldn’t share the world with and has no concept of restaining anything at all . Gongsun Ling, who was watching next to him almost screamed, but fortunately, she still believed in her husband’s ability, so she held back .

The sound of the wind from the stick was as shivering as the pursuit of the soul . Standing in place, Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest sense of fear . He just watched the shadow of the stick and then probed out with one hand and grabbed the high-speed stick in his hand .

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Hou Yun was not surprised at all and even some of them were deliberate . The two have to compete for strength, naturally they must have a medium and this stick was the medium between the two .

However, Yang Chen picked it up so easily, carrying a huge and powerful stick, Yang Chen grasped it in his hands and his body didn’t shake much, which made Hou Yun a little surprised and even looked forward to it .

No one knows the power of that stick better than Hou Yun himself and if Yang Chen was replaced by a normal cultivator, even if he uses spiritual power, he may not be able to take it so easily . For more than a year, Hou Yun has battled with many powerful sea beasts and none had been able to take his stick with their physical strength .

Even so, Yang Chen still felt a pain in his palms . Hou Yun’s stick was definitely not just a force of at least 300,000 jin . But for Yang Chen at this moment, it was not too difficult . After all, if it was beyond two realms . It was by no means simply a description of strength .

Grabbing Hou Yun’s stick, Yang Chen immediately pulled, Hou Yun’s figure standing in place at this moment had been involuntarily driven by Yang Chen .

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Yang Chen’s arm was raised in the same way, Hou Yun was slammed together with the stick . He made two large circles in the air and then hit the ground fiercely .

Boom, Hou Yun’s body had no resistance at all . He was driven by the big stick, followed by two turns in the air and slammed into the ground of the island .

The gray-faced Hou Yun jumped out of the human-shaped pit and left the stick alone, jumping directly into the air . Yang Chen did not go all out, Hou Yun knew this very well .

Yang Chen could easily grab the stick and then pull Hou Yun with force, but Hou Yun couldn’t, but it’s not just a matter of skill, absolute strength was also the decisive factor .

However, just by this, it was completely impossible to see at what level Yang Chen’s current strength has reached . Hou Yun anxiously scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks, apparently Yang Chen was right in front of him, but he couldn’t explore it . This was simply a torture .

Yang Chen also wanted to know what level of strength he had . Although the refining technique had reached the level of river turning strength, that was just the feeling during cultivation . Yang Chen was not clear about his true strength . The dragon yuan was precious at the time and Yang Chen had no time to verify his strength .

Now was also the opportunity for Yang Chen to understand himself, waving Hou Yun’s stick, he started smashing around, the target was no longer directed at Hou Yun, but this small island of a few square meters .

Boom boom, a huge sound kept ringing and just after several consecutive sticks fell, the island had begun to shake violently and then began to crack from the center .

The sudden change surprised Yang Chen, he jumped up in the air and looked down at this ordinary island . A sudden movement in his heart, followed by a flash of body shape, he plunged directly into the sea .

Hou Yun and Gongsun Ling didn’t know what Yang Chen was going to do and they couldn’t find Yang Chen’s trace in the search of their spiritual awareness . They all waited quietly in the air .

After a few breaths, there was a sudden tumbling under the sea and then Hou Yun’s golden glittering stick suddenly flew out of the water like an arrow and shot directly at Hou Yun .

Seeing this, Hou Yun subconsciously grabbed the stick figure, but his body was still slightly carried by the power carried by the stick .

The rolling under the sea became more and more fierce, Hou Yun and Gongsun Ling were extremely surprised that even the island below them began to shake violently, as if an earthquake had occurred under the sea .

Suddenly, Hou Yun thought of a possibility, his eyes widened instantly and he looked incredibly below, looking forward to the moment when the answer was revealed .

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