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Chapter 420.2

Originally his body refining technique was already at the peak of the mountain picking strength, and would soon enter the next realm of river turning strength .


Under the action of the Dragon Yuan, the body refining technique directly absorbed almost half of the Dragon Yuan into Yang Chen’s body, and began to temper Yang Chen’s body by the power of the Dragon Yuan . Under the influence of the body refining technique, Yang Chen’s body shape began to change significantly again .


The original robust body, as if deflated, began to shrink slowly . But Yang Chen’s physical strength has become stronger and stronger with the change of his body .


With one hand punch, even if he didn’t use spiritual power, the power of the physical body alone, a peak Yuanying stage masters couldn’t bear . Once he added spiritual power, there was no need to say more .


His figure has gradually recovered to its original length . Although it has not completely recovered, the robust body characteristics were completely missing . It’s just a little bigger than it was when he had not started cultivating the body refining technique and it looks a bit more sturdy, but it was not freaky in the eyes of others .


The mere protection of his body has completely improved by a large level . The flying swords of the ordinary foundation and Jiedan stage cultivators could not pierce Yang Chen’s skin at all . Without the golden ball, Yang Chen could also resist ordinary injuries .


Being able to cultivate the body refining technique to the realm of river turning strength in the mortal world, Yang Chen was fully confident that he could cultivate the body refining technique to the heaven raising strength after reaching the spiritual realm . This was something that has never happened before, even in the heavenly court . Yang Chen doesn’t even know how powerful he could be when he reached that level .

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The most difficult to cultivate three purities secret art and the body refining technique cultivation methods have both elevated to a new realm and the remaining Dragon Yuans were few . Yang Chen seized the time to cultivate the Yin-Yang five elements secret art


With the stimulation of the Dragon Yuan, the speed of the growth of his spiritual power of the five elements were staggering . Yang Chen, who was a Great Principle Golden Immortal before he was reborn, never lacked the state of mind, but at the same time as the spiritual power was upgraded step by step, the quality of spiritual power was also improved . While retaining the quality of spiritual power, it was already difficult for Yang Chen to improve with geniuses like Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling .


Ten spiritual power cultivation at the same time, and the additional spiritual power of Yin-Yang-Five-elements coexist and they need to go through a spiritual condensing process of the Yin-Yang five elements to overcome each other . In terms of the quality of spiritual power alone, Yang Chen does not know how many times he was higher than the equivalent .


This was why Yang Chen was only in the early Jiedan stage, but the measuring ruler indicates a value of more than 3,000 degrees, which was directly comparable to the master of the Yuanying stage .


But now driven by the Dragon Yuan, the growth rate has reached an incredible level . The Dragon Yuan dissipated quickly, but it wasn’t a short time either . It took one month for the three purities secret art and the body refining technique, the Yin-Yang five elements secret art took three months .


Later, the Dragon Yuan became fewer and at the same time, the efficiency of the Dragon Yuan could only be used slowly . However, even so, Yang Chen was extremely satisfied .

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In three months, Yang Chen was directly upgraded from the middle Jiedan stage to the late Jiedan stage . Even if Yang Chen was well-informed, he was taken aback by this crazy speed .


Fortunately, the Dragon Yuan produced by the Dragon clan has only been this way for thousands of years and when it encounters cultivators other than the Dragon clan, it would start to disappear, otherwise if the Dragon clan would always keep it in the mortal world, how many masters could it quickly create?


With the help of the Dragon Yuan, in the four month cultivation, Yang Chen’s three purities secret art and the body refining technique promoted by a great realm, his spirit power cultivation base was also promoted .


These four months was already equivalent to the effect of a century of cultivation under ordinary conditions . It was the key to the promotion of his spiritual power, there purities secret art and body refining technique  The two most difficult cultivation methods to improve were the most profitable in this cultivation .


This trip was really worth it . Although the danger was there, the gain was enough to make anyone who knew jealous . Of course, Yang Chen would not make such a mistake and tell others, that was only a fool’s behavior .


As a matter of fact, Xiao Tian was the one who has gained the most . As a descendant of the Dragon clan, it not only swept the dragon qi here, but also gained control of the dragon palace . Most importantly, it has inherited the complete Dragon clan heritage, which was incomparable to any substantial benefit .

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If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s cultivation in the Dragon Yuan, Xiao Tian could even leave here . As a descendant of the Dragon clan, it could receive the benefits much faster than Yang Chen .


After receiving the inheritance of the Dragon clan, Xiao Tian generously gave all the palaces to Yang Chen, leaving only the dragon tower for itself .


Under the control of Xiao Tian, the palace complex of the Dragon Palace has directly turned into a small model that could be placed in the palm of the hand and received in the merit ring by Yang Chen .


This was the Dragon Palace, besides the efficiency of cultivating inside was definitely many times better than outside . At the same time, Yang Chen also had a plan of refining the shuttle that was also from the dragon clan, if possible, plus the golden ball, to become a super magic weapon with excellent defense and fast speed .


Basically, apart from these, there was not much left in the original Dragon Palace . There was an array that collects tenth water true essence, an array that protects the Dragon Palace from the whirlpool of the sea of no return and a powerful slate that carries the array .


Looking at Xiao Tian’s face, Yang Chen would not move these things . Anyway, all the things were in the Dragon Palace, there was no need to uproot the Dragon Palace .


This trip to explore the sea of no return, the harvest was far more than Yang Chen imagined . Just in the interior of the sea of no return, they spent a year and five months before coming here . Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun must have been waiting in the periphery of the sea of no return .


Yang Chen was afraid that they would look for him regardless of the danger, but that would be bad and they would simply be in danger . Fortunately, it has been said that the time would not be too short when they were separated . He hoped that Gongsun Ling would not be too worried .


He took the Dragon Palace, then they returned to the side of the pit and remove the crystal stone from the pit . Yang Chen discovered that the monster strength’s crystal that Lan Ying left behind also had only half power remaining, it was a small surprise .


The immediate priority was to meet Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun quickly and then quickly rush back to the Central Plains .


This time, Yang Chen with the strength of the Dragon Yuan, desperately promoted the three purities secret art’s realm and his spiritual awareness was already on the verge of division . Gao Yue and Yang Chen have both cultivated Yang Chen’s double cultivation method and they have also shared a lot of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, so she could not share much for Yang Chen .


Yang Chen needs to consider whether to find Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan, his two nominal fiancees, to cultivate the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra together .

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