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Chapter 420.1: 420.1
Just looking at it, he had such a feeling . If he really stayed in it, what kind of enjoyment would it be? The palace emperor of the Jade Emperor, would it be like this?

The luxury of the Dragon clan simply made him speechless . He didn’t know what this scene would look like if those guys in the heavenly courts saw it .

While sighing, Yang Chen suddenly found that his body was flying towards somewhere involuntarily . The most incredible thing was that he was flying using his own power, that was, he has been completely controlled by something without knowing it .

Soon Yang Chen realized that it was not that he was controlled, but that there was an intangible request that he could not refuse . This moment made Yang Chen suddenly startled . What kind of power could make him so, even though his heart was alarmed and shocked, his body did not resist the other’s request .

In shock, Yang Chen had come to the side of a square pool, and below was a pool of white liquid, exuding bursts of fragrance . Yang Chen’s body was no longer under his control at this moment, and he stepped into the pool in one step .

Suddenly wet with white liquid, Yang Chen suddenly understood everything . It turned out that Xiao Tian had directed him into this pool .

After entering the Dragon Tower and the palace appeared, Xiao Tian, ​​a descendant of the Dragon clan, took control of everything here . The Dragon Tower was the main hub for controlling everything, so Xiao Tian understood all the arrangements here .

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The white liquid in this pool was the Dragon Yuan left by the Dragon clan . This was a kind of fluid secreted by the dragon, which was unique to the dragon family, for dragon descendants such as dragons and Xiao Tian . It does not have much effect, but it has indescribable benefits for human cultivators .

The most obvious benefit was that as soon as Yang Chen entered it, he seemed to be contaminated by the dragon clan aura . Xiao Tian could no longer control Yang Chen and Yang Chen instantly understood all the thoughts of Xiao Tian, it was even clearer than the spiritual connection between a master and his pet .

In the past, Yang Chen could only direct Xiao Tian through spiritual awareness . He could see everything Xiao Tian saw through his eyes, but he could not clearly feel the emotion of Xiao Tian . Now, Yang Chen seems to know the mind of Xiao Tian easily .

Once contaminated by foreigners, this kind of dragon yuan would disappear quickly in a short time . Such an opportunity was rare, Yang Chen also did not care about communicating with Xiao Tian, he quickly began cultivating in the Dragon Yuan .

The Dragon Yuan had a strong amplification effect on all of Yang Chen’s cultivation methods . Practicing in the Dragon Yuan was hundreds of times faster than practicing on ordinary spirit veins .

Yang Chen would never miss such a once-in-lifetime opportunity and he simply started to practice the cultivation methods he was currently cultivating one by one .

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At present Yang Chen was practicing the most powerful cultivation method, the

Three Purities Secret Art .

This Spiritual Awareness cultivation method, passed directly from Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, has not been promoted after entering the third level and he had to enter the realm of spiritual awareness division twice in a row . Both have been used by Yang Chen as double cultivation with Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling separately .

His spiritual awareness splitting in this realm . For Yang Chen, there was not much benefit . But at this moment in the rare Dragon Yuan, he doesn’t care much about it .

As soon as the Three Purities Secret Art started running, Yang Chen felt the Dragon Yuan’s powerful amplification function . Even the Three Purities Secret Art, which has been staying in the third layer for a long time without a breakthrough, he has just cultivated for a while and it vaguely reached the edge of breakthrough .

The fast increase in spiritual awareness made Yang Chen feel scared . Peak middle dacheng stage, late dacheng stage, peak late dacheng stage, peak dacheng stage, the peak dacheng stage was the complete stage, until the person reached the human immortal first grade, this was the only stage .

The crazy growth of the spiritual awareness directly allowed Yang Chen to cross the limit of the dacheng stage and enter the realm of the human immortal first grade that could only be reached in the spiritual realm after ascending . In this world, no one dares to say that their consciousness was stronger than Yang Chen .

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What was weird was that in this crazy ascension, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness showed no signs of splitting, which was what made Yang Chen satisfied .

However, this was not the reason why Yang Chen was most satisfied . What was most satisfying to Yang Chen was that the Three Purities Secret Art has been raised to the fourth level . Actually, in the absence of his spiritual awareness splitting, he rose to the fourth level .

The fourth layer of the Three Purities Secret Art was another concept . The growth rate of the spiritual awareness was not mentioned, and the condensing degrees were not mentioned . At the fourth level, his spiritual awareness could hurt people . This was not the kind of simple hypnosis or concussion, but the damage that could be directly targeted at the opposite spiritual awareness .

However, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has finally reached the edge of division . As long as he was ascending a little, he has to split to form a second spiritual awareness .

There has been an earth-shaking change in his sea of consciousness . The biggest change was the addition of a white dragon . The dragon has the power of the formidable dragon clan . Release it a little and you would have a feeling of looking up and facing a peerless expert .

It’s completely different from the Long Bloody River killing intent . Killing intents could make people collapse, but a Dragon’s Prestige could make people feel humble and even dare not be an enemy at all .

Although this Dragon’s Prestige has not yet become as powerful as a killing intent, it was worthy of worship, but already owning a white dragon was equivalent to burying the seeds of the Dragon’s Prestige and it has the possibility of unlimited growth in the future .

The white dragon climbed directly over the bloody river, covering all the blood strictly . The external temperament of Yang Chen himself seems to have undergone earth-shaking changes .

Originally, when Yang Chen was angry and murderous, the timid person would be frightened and collapse . But now when Yang Chen was angry, he showed a majestic majesty that showed contempt to all beings, others couldn’t help but be affected .

Even if the enemy was even stronger, his combat power would naturally decrease by a little . Basically, Yang Chen was already invincible as long as he could grasp the Dragon’s Prestige and killing intent .

Of course, this was just a superficial phenomenon . If Yang Chen really wanted to kill people it was just Yang Chen’s choice between the killing intent and the mighty Dragon’s Prestige .

The frequent use of killing intent would make people think that he was a demon, but the Dragon’s Prestige would only make people feel convinced and it would only have more benefits for Yang Chen .

In addition, his sea of consciousness directly expanded by more than three times, reaching 2,000 acres . Condensation has reached a dazzling realm, let alone, in this world, no one could damage Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, not even the master who was about to ascend after crossing the raging wind tribulation .

After the Three Purities Secret Art cultivation was completed, Yang Chen immediately turned to his body refining technique .

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