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Chapter 419.2: 419.2
You couldn’t help but say that Yang Chen was concerned needlessly . The memory of his previous ascending may be too long, so long that he has forgotten what kind of situation the spiritual power quality would be after the tribulation .

The main reason why the old tree demon and Hou Yun could not have more understanding on the demon power crystal was that after the baptism of the Wind Tribulation, the spiritual power would undergo qualitative changes . How could it be possible to understand the strengths of two completely different levels without going through the experience of the Wind Tribulation?

All the patterns were lighting up, the formation started and a white light burst out from the circular formation below, covering the whole space, including Yang Chen and Xiao Tian, ​​all were covered by the light, no trace was visible from the outside .

All the lights flickered out after clashing for a while, and no one existed in the huge space, even the crystal stone placed in the semicircular pit disappeared without a trace .

Yang Chen and Xiao Tian’s bodies flickered, and they suddenly appeared in another empty space . As soon as he appeared, Yang Chen felt an unparalleled immense dragon qi that filled the entire space, carrying an irresistible majesty and naturally caused a shock of impulses .

They were in the air, as soon as Yang Chen bowed his head, he saw a shocking scene . On the ground under his feet and Xiao Tian, ​​there were dozens of dragons lying side by side . However, this space was really too big . The huge dragon body like hills were just like dozens of small earthworms in Yang Chen’s eyes .

Dragons, powerful dragons, there were actually dragons in the mortal world . This discovery made Yang Chen hardly believe his eyes .

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From the mouth of the Dragon clan that he had contacted in previous lives, Yang Chen knew that the Dragon clan had already left the mortal world and had never left anyone behind . But how does he explain the existence of these dragons?

Xiao Tian has already rushed down, but Yang Chen was still deeply shocked . He couldn’t believe his common sense was overthrown . How could this be possible?

The shocked Yang Chen soon discovered that the dragons below had lost their breath of life . This discovery made Yang Chen’s shock a little smaller . If it was only the body of a dragon, it would be more acceptable to Yang Chen .

However, after discovering this, Yang Chen this time was overjoyed . Gao Yue just got two dragon horns, which was already a treasure . The mountain river geographical map was only made of dragon skin, and the five-element cable hooks were dragon tendons, all of which were just part of the dragon’s body .

But below, there were dozens of complete dragon corpses . The skeleton of the dragon outside was completely scum compared to these, and no one picks up the junk .

Immediately, Yang Chen couldn’t help but be excited and rushed down towards the dragon’s bodies . If he didn’t cherish this kind of good thing, he would be struck by a thunderstorm .

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However, Yang Chen only rushed halfway down in excitement and saw a sight that made his heart hurt .

Xiao Tian has actually approached the dragon corpses, and facing these dragon corpses that should be regarded as his elders, Xiao Tian also seems to have a little scruples, and gently clicked on a dragon’s body .

Booming, as if whistling at this point, was a signal, which triggered a series of changes . The bodies of those dragons, like the bones of ordinary people which has weathered for many years, instantly became powder . Those powders had been blown away by a wind that they did not know where it had come from .

The dragon’s body disappeared so thoroughly that even Yang Chen’s hope of collecting a little powder was lost . He was still in the air, but Yang Chen’s heart seems to have been hollowed out .

Such precious treasures disappeared so easily giving Yang Chen an unreal feeling . He hoped that the scene just now was just a fantasy dream, not a reality!

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Unfortunately, until Yang Chen landed on the ground, everything in front of him has not changed, what has happened has happened and it could never be changed again .

Perhaps they should not have appeared in the mortal world at all . Yang Chen adjusted his state of mind in an instant . It was already a miracle among miracles that he could see it with his own eyes . He didn’t expect too much, gains and losses were not something that should sway a Great Principle Golden Immortal .

Here, Xiao Tian seems to be in heaven . Each breath contains a strong dragon qi . Xiao Tian was overjoyed and even the joy was transmitted to Yang Chen .

After hovering in the air for a while, Xiao Tian seemed to feel something . He slowly flew to a position and stopped . After watching it for a while, he flew to Yang Chen’s side .

This time, Xiao Tian rolled up Yang Chen directly, then took him to that position and then began to fly and dance on top .

Yang Chen was very puzzled . Was there anything special here? After looking down carefully, he found that there was a complete octagonal trace on the ground here . It was an imprint that he didn’t know what left it behind and even a groove was left on the ground . The groove was very shallow, but it was very clear .

Just thinking for a moment, Yang Chen knew what to do . Since everything here has something to do with the treasure house of the Dragon Palace, this one must be no exception . The octagonal thing was nothing but the base of the dragon tower .

He quickly summoned the dragon tower from the medicine garden, Yang Chen pinpointed the octagonal trace and accurately set the base of the dragon tower up .

This action was like a key unlocking, which fully activated all the arrangements here . Suddenly, all the dragon qi that permeated the whole space was directly transformed into white mist visible to the naked eye, and quickly condensed towards the dragon tower .

The white mist gathered from all sides, the dragon tower seemed to have infinite suction, and the white dragon gas was completely absorbed . After a while, there was no trace of dragon qi all around, all were absorbed by the dragon tower .

Xiao Tian cheered and rushed into the dragon tower, and the gate of the dragon tower closed again . The entire interior of the dragon tower has been filled with white thick liquid-like dragon qi . Cultivating in it was almost like being in the heavenly court .

As soon as the gate of the dragon tower was closed, a beautiful palace group appeared out of thin air and it complemented the dragon tower . The dragon tower seemed to be directly integrated into the palace group and became a complete set of buildings .

To describe it with grandeur, splendor, and so on, all seem to perfectly express the feeling of the palace . So that even Yang Chen, who was a Great Principle Golden Immortal who has seen the heavenly court, cannot think of any suitable words to describe it for a moment .

Facing such a group of palaces, Yang Chen only felt one kind of emotion, which was beauty and comfort .

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