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Chapter 419.1: 419.1
A piece of tenth water crystal stone contains hundreds of times the spiritual power of the same volume of tenth water spirit liquid and a drop of Tenth Water Spiritual Solution contains hundreds of times the spiritual power of a drop of Tenth Water True Essence . Such a large tenth water crystal stone, which contains spiritual power which was enough to be on par with a master of the peak Yuanying stage . It was unexpected that even one tenth of the formation was ​​not lit by it .

There were many top grade spirit stones on him, but at most they were about the same level as the tenth water crystal stone, it was not worth wasting .

The huge amount of spiritual power required by this formation was heinous . The most hateful thing was that the key was not the amount of spiritual power, but the amount of spiritual power that could be provided within the size of that crystal stone .

Yang Chen tried other methods, such as sculpting only the lower half of the tenth water crystal into a semi-circular shape, which matched with the pit, leaving a few more parts on it . As a result, it seems that this array method could still judge the shape of the crystal stone and refused to start .

It was not known how the formation does this . Yang Chen has no choice for a while . Was it really necessary to use that Dragon Bead? It seems that in this mortal world, only the Dragon Bead could have such a huge supply of spiritual power .

Xiao Tian has been watching Yang Chen doing experiments quietly . He was still waiting with enthusiasm, but now he was more anxious and started to rush .

After much deliberation, Yang Chen still couldn’t figure out a way . Was there anything that contains more spiritual power than the tenth water crystal stone? At the urging of Xiao Tian, ​​Yang Chen had to rack his brains to think .

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After thinking about it for a while, Yang Chen still felt that he should look at what was on his body . He has received too many things in the recent period . Maybe there was something strange that could provide a huge spiritual power .

In the Qiankun bag, there were things that Yang Chen doesn’t pay much attention to . Looking back, there was nothing special . As a result, Yang Chen began to look inside the merit ring .

Turning around in the same way, Yang Chen suddenly found something and with a movement in his heart, he took out the thing that was placed in the corner of the merit ring .

It was a walnut-sized orb, glowing blue light all over the body, which contained a strong spiritual power . Before rushing back to the sea of no return, Yang Chen used this kind of thing many times to drive away some powerful sea beasts, so as not to delay his journey .

This bead was the crystal of the magical power left before Lan Ying ascended . In the final analysis, this was also a crystallization of spiritual power .

The spiritual power contained in it was incredible, and it would automatically release powerful coercion, no sea beast dared to face up to it .

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The old tree demon has studied the crystal which contained demon power and Hou Yun has also studied it . However, after all, they were not ocean monsters . Unlike their routines, they could only give limited help . Yang Chen used it only as a sea pass .

It was embarrassing that Lan Ying’s demon crystal could only be applied to the sea clan . After arriving on land, it has become the object that many demon clans wanted to snatch . At that time, the Banyan tree Immortal’s cave second city lord forced the pursuit of Yang Chen because of this demon power crystal .

Except for its improper size, it seems that this demon power crystal fully meets the requirements of providing immense spiritual power . Yang Chen thought for a while and he took out a piece of tenth water crystal stone and carved it into a sphere, but hollowed out the center of the sphere, leaving a channel, he plugged the magic crystal into it, and blocked the channel with another suitable crystal, then the Tenth Water True Secret Art was launched to glue the gap between the two tenth water crystal stones .

Before Lan Ying ascended, she not only cultivated Yang Chen’s Transformation Secret Art, but also absorbed the Tenth Water True Essence given by Yang Chen . In the demon crystals left behind, there was a strong aura of Tenth Water True Essence . This was exactly why Yang Chen has dealt with it like this .

Holding this forged crystal stone, Yang Chen carefully put it on the semi-circular pit again . After putting it in place, Yang Chen pushed away a few steps, and together with Xiao Tian, ​​carefully watched the change of the crystal stone .

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After a while, it seemed that the crystal stone did not respond and the lines on the slate showed no signs of lighting .

Looking at this situation, Yang Chen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart . It seemed that cheating was not so easy, and people did not recognize it at all .

He couldn’t help but admit that the formation left by the Dragon clan was really powerful, it could still judge the shape of the source of the spiritual power . This was something that Yang Chen has not even touched in the Immortal world . It seems that the Dragon clan could always be powerful and it was not unreasonable, just look at these unique formations .

Since the method of cheating was not working, Yang Chen could only sigh secretly . It’s a pity that he has reached the point where he was blocked outside the door .

But at present, there was no good way . It was estimated that there was only that Dragon bead that could meet the requirements of this spiritual power source .

Just before stepping forward to take back the crystal stone, the crystal stone flickered suddenly and then the lines on the slate began to light up again .

Yang Chen’s eyes suddenly followed these lines to light up . The crystal stone that had been made up actually worked . He flew to the sky and watched the bright areas of the patterns .

Xiao Tian was also surprised, but this time there was no flying, but he directly focused on Yang Chen’s body . With Yang Chen’s eyes, he stared at those bright patterns .

After a while of work, the pattern has been illuminated to the range of the last stop, but this time, instead of stopping here, it continued to expand outward .

In Yang Chen’s heart, there was a moment of nervousness about the situation, it was clear that the blue crystal’s magic power played a role . However, it was not known how much stronger this demon crystal was than the crystal crystal stone . Yang Chen was not afraid of it losing magical powers . He was afraid of losing power when he was about to succeed . The frustration of failure was the enemy of spiritual power cultivators .

Under Yang Chen’s worries, the patterns on the slate lit all the way, 20%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 90%, until all the patterns were lit, without any faint patterns remaining . And the tenth water crystal stone ball still kept the original size and was quietly placed on the pit .

It finally became lit, Yang Chen’s heart finally let loose . The crystal stone has not disappeared, which means that there was still a surplus of magic crystals, so that they would not be used up .

Lighting the pattern was only the first step, the formation would need to be launched, but he didn’t know if the crystal stone magic power could hold up .

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