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Chapter 418.2: 418.2
No matter what kind of expert it was, if he couldn’t withstand the power of the huge spiritual fluid, then there was only one consequence of entering the spiritual fluid, and it was exploding . It was a comminuted burst of the whole body without leaving any traces .

This has been proven by Yang Chen with the lives of countless demon cultivators and monster cultivators in the First Wood Spiritual Solution lake and Seventh Metal Spiritual Solution lake . The only and inevitable end to those people falling into the lake was their explosion . Even the most powerful monsters and demon cultivators were useless in it . There was no magic weapon that could withstand the power of the spiritual solution .

But the flood dragon’s skeleton in front of him clearly violated this rule . Although the flood dragon was not a pure dragon, it still had ties with the dragon clan . There was no sign of injury on the bones . The possible explanation was that it could only retain the Dragon skeleton in the tenth water spiritual solution .

For Yang Chen, no matter how the flood dragon died and no matter why it died and the bones remained after it died, why it was here and so on . It was not important . The important thing was that the flood dragon had a complete skeleton .

This dragon skeleton was completely preserved in the tenth water spiritual solution and it has not been damaged in any way after it has been condensed into a tenth water crystal stone . This was absolutely exciting .

Yang Chen stretched out his hand and gently squeezed the bones . The hard bones did not change at all . As Yang Chen gradually increased his strength, the bones just bent slightly and returned to their original shape .

Hard but full of toughness and it was not known for many years it has been in the crystal crystal stone . Was there any better material than this complete skeleton that was more suitable for Yang Chen’s Tenth Water flying sword?

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He carefully inspected the flood dragon’s bones from beginning to end, and confirmed that no small bones were left behind . Yang Chen carefully collected all the bones in their original state, just like those broken charts and received it in the merit ring .

After doing this, Yang Chen only continued to collect those crystal stones on the ground . These tenth water crystal stones were known to be hundreds of feet thick, even if Yang Chen used the merit ring to gather it regardless, it still took a lot of time .

It took Yang Chen almost one month to collect these crystal crystal stones only to collect them completely . Fortunately, the space for the merit ring was large enough, otherwise, Yang Chen’s ordinary Qiankun bag would not be able to hold so many crystal stones .

After clearing up, Yang Chen discovered that the ground was also a complete and integrated slate of hundreds of miles . He didn’t know what kind of hard work the Dragon clan spent at that time to get such huge and complete materials .

There were countless exquisite patterns on the slate, forming a huge array of hundreds of miles . But at this moment, in the center of the map, Xiao Tian was flying up and down anxiously, but he was never allowed to enter .

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Yang Chen suddenly found out that the location of Xiao Tian at this moment should be the location of the head of that flood dragon’s body . In that position, a semi-circular pit was left on the slate, it was not known what it was used for .

Yang Chen flew into the air, staring from the highest point, it became clear that the entire slate was a prototype slate . All the patterns form a huge complicated circle that cannot be added, and the center of the circle was on that pit .

Landing next to the pit, Yang Chen just stood still and Xiao Tian twined around, his huge head flying up and down, it seemed that he wanted Yang Chen to find a way inside .

Looking at the semi-circular pit, Yang Chen could not understand the role of the pit . After analyzing the pattern of the array in his mind, he still couldn’t figure it out .

No one could understand the secret method of the Dragon clan . Even if Yang Chen has the memory of a Great Principle Golden Immortal, Yang Chen does not know . In the memory of his previous lives, no creature in the world can ever touch the secret method of the Dragon race .

When the East Sea Dragon King died, he only talked about the treasure trove, but didn’t mention anything about it . However, everything here was closely related to the stuff in the treasure house of the Dragon race .

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The sea jasper jade cup, shuttle, hooks of the five elements, and gourd were all things in the treasure house . So what was the situation here related to which Dragon Treasure?

Looking at the semi-circular dimple, Yang Chen’s heart suddenly moved, and roughly estimated the size of the pit . In his mind, the huge dragon ball in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace suddenly appeared .

Was it possible to put that Dragon Bead in this place for it to be activated? Did the formation here need the Dragon bead to trigger? Yang Chen stared at the pit and couldn’t help but sweat a bit .

How precious was such a big dragon bead, was it just a key to trigger the formation here? Or as long as something could provide a huge spiritual energy it would work?

After thinking about it, Yang Chen still decided to give it a try first . He has already worked so hard here and he would not be reconciled without trying . Was he still waiting for Xiao Tian to grow and then take off that dragon bead?

He took out a tenth water crystal stone and the Fourth Fire flying sword quickly carved the crystal into a complete sphere . The size was similar to that of the semi-circular pit, and then Yang Chen put the crystal stone on the pit .

Strange to say, it was originally completely covered with Tenth Water Spiritual Solution and this array did not show any response . However, as soon as the crystal stone was put on, it suddenly began to glow .

Starting from the pit, the lines were lit up . With the crystal stone as the center, the bright lines expanded towards the surroundings . The light up was very fast and in a blink of an eye, it spread in a dozen square feet .

There was a smile on Yang Chen’s face for a moment, it seemed that he was right . This was a general hub that provides spiritual power, not for the dragon bead . As long as it could provide enough spiritual power to light up the entire formation, the formation would naturally start .

Even if it was the Dragon clan, they wouldn’t use a Dragon bead to trigger a guarding formation, right? It must be known that a dragon bead was the life of a dragon clan and the dragon clan hasn’t thrived to the point where the clan’s life was not put in their eyes?

Xiao Tian has begun to dance again happily, he could enter another secret place of the Dragon clan shortly . Xiao Tian’s urgent mood was even more eager than Yang Chen, only because he couldn’t speak in this way .

However, the happiness of Xiao Tian and Yang Chen only lasted for a short time . Before half a column of incense, the lines on the slate were only a few miles away, and the crystal crystal stone ball had been drained . All spiritual power disappeared without trace .

Those bright parts, after maintaining for a few breaths, were not supplemented by follow-up spiritual power, and soon faded again, it eventually recovered as if nothing had happened .

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