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The long rope of the five element hook was made of dragon tendons. The five strands were twisted into one strand, which was extremely tough and could be long or short. At the moment, under the control of Yang Chen, it slowly grew at a constant speed, like it was hanging with Yang Chen down.


Slowly descending all the way, Yang Chen was afraid. Fortunately, Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun did not come together with him, otherwise from this position, even if Hou Yun fell, it was estimated that his body would be broken into pieces. Fortunately, the Penglai divine wood tree monsters were rooted in the medicine garden and had not fallen out. It was fortunate.


Another fear was that, fortunately, when he entered the entrance of the cave, he was apprehensive and he hooked the five elements to the five buckles. If this was not the case, even if he was protected by the sea jasper, it was probably inevitable that he would die.


The kind of fear of dying again was the most frightening moment for Yang Chen after his rebirth. Even if he was chased and killed by Master Luo Yuan in the late dacheng stage, Yang Chen had never had such a fear.


Luo Yuan’s pursuit of Yang Chen was just unwilling to give up his long-destined flying sword, so he refused to use the Scarlet River for life and death. Even if he was caught up, he could actually be said to be under Yang Chen’s control.


But this time, it was clearly out of Yang Chen’s control. In Yang Chen’s memory, there was never any news about it and it never appeared.


Before the death of the old dragon king, he told himself the treasure house of the dragon clan, but did not say anything about this. However, everything here shows that this absolutely has an unbreakable relationship with the treasure trove of the dragons.


Either the shuttle or the sea jasper, or the five elements of the hook, all reflect this. Without these things, coming here was definitely seeking death, there was no other possibility. The power of the Dragons was by no means conceivable by human cultivators.


During the uniform descent, Yang Chen also felt a little struggling. The five-element cable hook was originally designed for five people with different attributes. Now Yang Chen controls it by himself, which was naturally more difficult than five people.


However, it was precisely because Yang Chen only needed one person to control, eliminating the need for five people to synchronize to control. Compared with five people, the control was more flexible and consistent, but there was not much danger. The mid dacheng stage spiritual awareness was enough to control the five elements hook.


The only thing to note was that Yang Chen must maintain sufficient spiritual power input. This was even more irrelevant, not to mention the huge amount of First Wood Spiritual Solution and Seventh Metal Spiritual Solution in the gourd. In the medicine garden alone, there were countless precious things that could be used to supplement spiritual power at any time.


With the five-element hook, Yang Chen was able to calculate how much height he had dropped, ten thousand feet, two thousand feet, until almost one hundred thousand feet, Yang Chen’s eyes suddenly flashed, his feet trembled, he stepped on something from above.


Sure enough, it was indeed a magic weapon made of dragon tendons. The long rope of the five elements was hooked at this moment, but it was thin and weak, but it was tough and abnormal. Under the huge suction, there was no sign of breaking.


At this point, the huge suction suddenly disappeared without a trace, and the power able to tear everything away also disappeared. Suddenly, being in a bright place which was completely different from the darkness on the bottom of the sea. When viewed from above, there was no light at all.


Withdrawing the sea jasper, Yang Chen began to look around carefully. This was a huge space, surrounded by dozens of huge stone pillars up to hundreds of feet, at first glance, it looked like a huge palace.


The atmosphere here was very similar to that in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace, this was definitely the writing of the Dragons. However, what made Yang Chen strange was that compared with the treasure house of the Dragon Palace, there seems to be a sense of decline here, which was very puzzling.


Immediately after, Yang Chen found that he was not standing on the ground, but was above a small hill about a hundred feet high. Taking a closer look at the hill bag, he was shocked and jumped down from it.


Where was this hill pack from? It was simply the body of countless powerful monsters in the sea. Falling from such a high hole, under the action of the huge suction, it was impossible to control the speed. Even for the masters of the dacheng stage, their only end after falling was to turn into a broken meat.


The hundred-foot-high hills were piled together like countless meatloaves. It has long been unclear what type of sea beast’s body it was. The only thing that was certain was that at least they were dacheng stage monsters, even if they didn’t wait to reach the interior of the vortex, they would be twisted into pieces in the marginal area.


No matter how powerful the cultivators were, under this arrangement of the Dragon clan, there was nothing that could be obtained from the treasure house of the Dragon Palace. The sea of no return, this was why the sea was called by such a name.


Just where Yang Chen settled was a few beaches of fresh meat. No need to ask, it was Wan Qian’s five female apprentices who fell from the top. Perhaps they were the ones with the lowest cultivation base among the meat hills.


Yang Chen didn’t see Xiao Tian’s figure, but he could feel the existence of Xiao Tian, ​​it was alive, and there was almost nothing, he really didn’t know how it survived such a terrible fall. Perhaps, everything here was designed for the Dragon clan. As a dragon’s defendant, Xiao Tian had a dragon’s aura, so it’s safe and sound.


Knowing that Xiao Tian was safe, Yang Chen was relieved and began to look around. The huge palace was clearly matched with the dragon’s huge body, which was not a palace inhabited by humans at all.


Could this be the legendary Dragon Palace? Yang Chen was not sure. No one has ever seen the Dragon Palace, he only heard that the Dragon Palace has always been rich and beautiful, and there were cherished treasures everywhere, but except for the guys who lived in the Dragon Palace at the time, no one knew.


Except for these huge pillars and empty palaces, there was only that flesh hill. It was not known where Xiao Tian was, it seems that he has to absorb the remaining dragon qi here.


Yang Chen doesn’t care about Xiao Tian, here, Xiao Tian would definitely be safer than himself. After making a circle around, Yang Chen returned to the hill in front of the pile of bones.


It must be known that in this pile of hills, except for Wan Qian’s five female apprentices in the peaks Jiedan stage, the rest were all the bones of masters of the dacheng stage. This pile of hills was definitely the blood demon vine sword and the medicine garden best tonic in the recovery period.


When he came here, how could he return empty-handed. Unexpectedly, Yang Chen brought the blood demon flying sword and controlled the flying sword, he sent it into the pile of master bones and began to absorb it.

No one could enter here except these peerless masters and even these peerless masters have already died, the corpses have even fallen into mud, but the corpses have not decayed and even the blood remains liquid. It was gathered in a large pit on the ground below the hill.


The pool of blood gathered from the blood of the masters of the dacheng stage, for the blood demon vine flying sword it was the most delicious meal. One plunged into the blood pool at the bottom of the mountain, the blood demon vine flying sword began to absorb the blood frantically.


Yang Chen and the blood demon vine flying sword were in close communication with each other. At this moment, he could even detect the kind of joy felt by the flying sword.


And the corpse hill, Yang Chen did not waste it, he quickly began to collect it into the medicine garden, he stacked it under the blood demon vine plant. The blood demon vine whose main root has been intercepted has not fully recovered until now, but Yang Chen believed that there was such a large amount of master bones. When the blood demon vine completely absorbed it, the main root would re-grown and the period of recovery was not far away.


To carry these bones, he didn’t even need to do it himself, as long as he controlled the blood demon vine to stretch out its vines and roll them in, Yang Chen himself could stand there without even moving his feet.


Even so, it took Yang Chen a whole day to completely evacuate a hill as high as a hundred feet. And within this time, the blood demon vine flying sword has completely drained the blood pool below the hill, as if eating. Yang Chen directly received the blood demon vine in his sea of consciousness and it was tempered like other life source magic weapons.


Now there were many flying swords on Yang Chen, the Yin Yang five elements flying swords already had the First Wood flying sword( Penglai Divine Wood flying sword), Second Wood flying sword( Blood Phantom Vine flying sword), Third Fire flying sword( Bright Ray Sword which was refined by Gao Yue), the Fourth Fire sword embryo, Fifth Earth flying sword( which he seized from Ming Guangruo ), Seventh Metal flying sword( Immortal Beheading Blade). The remaining four flying swords have not been refined or found by Yang Chen.


In his sea of consciousness, there was the Immortal Beheading Blade, Fifth Earth flying sword, Bright Ray Sword.


Now he added the Blood Demon Vine Sword. However, unlike the Immortal Beheading Blade his absolute life source magic weapon, the other nine swords in the Great Yin Yang Five Elements Sword were used as swords. It doesn’t need to be tempered deep and uninterrupted for hundreds or thousands of years, as long as the sword had just shallow tempering it could be used.


When needed, Yang Chen could take out these flying swords at any time. He used the bright ray sword the last time and then returned it to his sea of consciousness. The same was true of the First Wood flying sword. After being quenchinged by his sea of consciousness, the quality has been improved qualitatively.


Now after the blood demon vine flying sword drank the master’s blood. It has also reached the point where it could be further tempered with spiritual awareness. When a flying sword was needed, Yang Chen still had the newly refined Fourth Fire flying sword’s sword embryo, which was enough to use. Besides, except the Fourth Fire flying sword, Yang Chen also has at least thousands of other flying swords, each one was the same, for Yang Chen, there was not much difference.


After clearing the bones and blood of a master in the hill, Yang Chen found that the ground had been fragmented by numerous collisions. Although the masters also fell into their death, before they died, their last madness in which they were able to restore the use of spiritual power here also completely destroyed a large area of ​​the ground.


Even if the ground set by the Dragon clan here was extremely hard, it would not help. A dacheng stage masters’ mortal counterattack was by no means something that no one could control and repair.


What surprised Yang Chen was that after clearing these up, it was discovered that the large area on the ground turned out to be a complete nau­ti­cal chart.


This chart was a large area distributed separately. Above this area was the hole and there were no markings on the chart.


Like the charts in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace, here were the charts of the South China Sea. Unfortunately, the charts have been completely broken because of numerous impacts. Even if Yang Chen leaned on the mark of the spiritual vein, he could not get any spiritual power from the chart.


It’s really a pity that such a good treasure was even placed in this place by the Dragon clan and suffered the crazy impact of those dacheng stage masters, which finally led to its fragmentation.


Perhaps, the original intention of putting the chart here was to rely on the chart to absorb the spiritual power of the South China Sea spiritual veins to repair it by itself, but did not expect that some of the impacts were too great to connect the South China Sea chart. They were all cracked. Once the chart breaks, the ability to absorb spiritual power was suddenly lost, and in the end it could only be more and more broken and it has become what it is now.


After Yang Chen cleaned up all the exposed charts, Xiao Tian’s figure, which he didn’t know where it came from, flew frequently above the chart as if he wanted to cross the chart to the ground.


Yang Chen’s heart moved, and he collected the fragments of the chart into the merit ring. Such a large chart also needs to maintain the position of each other. In addition to the virtues and ceremonies, the ordinary Qiankun bag or the medicine garden, it was impossible to do so.


Immediately after the chart was collected, a huge hollow suddenly appeared and there was an aura that Yang Chen was very familiar with. His spiritual awareness just made an inquiry and immediately he was pulled into the hollow.


This was not the first time that Yang Chen has experienced such a situation. In the air, he hastily called up the sea jasper and the gourd and fell easily into the huge lake below.


In the hollow, there was a huge lake of tenth water spiritual solution. Because it was so large Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness couldn’t reach the edge. He didn’t know how many years of Tenth Water True Essence accumulated over the years, Yang Chen suspected that the entire South China Sea Tenth Water True Essence was gathered here.


As the magic weapon for condensing the Tenth Water True Essence, the sea jasper was a buffer. There was no difficulty for Yang Chen to collect these Tenth Water True Essence with the gourd. It was just a matter of time. It was not known how many years of Tenth Water True Essence had been accumulated here by the Dragon clan, now it was so easy for Yang Chen to take cheaply.


Now Xiao Tian has the shape of a giant python and he could easily wrap Yang Chen around a dozen times. When receiving the Tenth Water True Essence Liquid, Xiao Tian hurriedly surrounded Yang Chen’s side, hovering and dancing in a hurry.


The strange shape of Xiao Tian also made Yang Chen look forward to it. Could it be that there was a good treasure under the Tenth Water True Essence lake?


Was this Tenth Water True Essence Lake a natural insurance that prevents cultivators from entering the real Dragon Palace?

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