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Chapter 411.2: 411.2
“My Hidden Dragon Cave and you does not have an enmity . Why are you poisoning my Hidden Dragon Cave with your evil scheme?” The person was still in the air, Yu Wenyi asked Yang Chen sharply, the voice of anger almost spread throughout the entire Hidden Dragon Cave island .

“So what injustice does my Ten Thousand Treasure Tower have with your Hidden Dragon Cave?” Yang Chen snorted and responded immediately . At this time, he remembered that they had to make sense . They couldn’t attack without injustice and enmity .

Yu Wenyi listened to Yang Chen’s words and almost planted himself in the air . How could he think of a small Ten Thousand Treasure Tower, from the shopkeeper to the buddy, all of them were small businessmen who were only in the foundation stage, so they had such a great heritage? If he knew this before, he wouldn’t agree with his cubs to provoke the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower even if he was killed .

As a matter of fact, in many of the sects of the Central Plains dao sects, everyone knew that the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was a business owned by Yang Chen himself . From the moment Yang Chen became a fifth grade alchemy master, those Ten Thousand Treasure Tower branches opened in various cities around the city have been taken as the focus of care . Who would have the idea of ​​daring to fight the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower?

It was here in the South China Sea, where the rogue cultivators alliance was located, it was almost a million miles away from the Central Plains dao sects and the news transmission between each other was not so smooth . The news that Yang Chen was a fifth grade alchemy master has not yet reached here .

In the eyes of these rogue cultivators, even if they were fifth grade alchemy masters, the disciples of the central plains dao sects have nothing to do with them . In this life, it was estimated that many people would not leave this archipelago . Why would they care about what was happening a million miles away? Even the Greatest Heaven Sect master who was also known as the dao sects leader, it was estimated that nine out of ten people here in the southern Sea don’t know what his surname was .

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In this case, the people in the hidden dragon cave dealt with the branch of a small company, and there was nothing to worry about . Who made the things in Ten Thou­sand Trea­sure Tower scarce here in the South China Sea? So the Hid­den Dragon Cave made the move to grab it, even if it was not the Hid­den Dragon Cave, there would be other organizations to do it .

This was where Yu Wenyi felt depressed . If he knew that the background of the Ten Thou­sand Trea­sure Tower was so powerful, it was only necessary to conduct business in an orderly manner . How could he have such a terrifying enemy?

The Hid­den Dragon Cave foundation business, to be honest, Yu Wenyi didn’t put much emphasis on it, but the task that Great­est Heaven Sect explained, after this one, has been extremely difficult .

Yu Wenyi has been deployed on this southern deserted sea for almost a hundred years . Seeing that as long as he could endure hundreds of years more, he could control the South China Sea Alliance in one hand, so that he could make great contributions to the Great­est Heaven Sect, and he would also become the largest power in the South China Sea .

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Unexpectedly, because a small business branch was dealt with, so many masters came to attack them, the Hidden Dragon Cave was almost wiped out, and now the masters on the islands were starting to face the opposing masters . There were more than a dozen masters of the Yuanying stage . Today, he was afraid that they would be fierce fighting .

Even the strength of the seven twins has been held back by that powerful enemy, leaving Yu Wenyi himself and another elder, who could never be the opponents of the seven or eight Yuanying stage masters .

“It was a misunderstanding . I am willing to compensate you for the losses of your firm, and hand over all the murderers in your hands and apologize . ” When the service was soft, Yu Wenyi could not stand still, and immediately lowered his head to Yang Chen and begged “As long as you put forward the conditions, my Hidden Dragon Cave would agree to it” .

Staying in the green mountains, not afraid of no firewood, Yu Wenyi could be regarded as someone who could afford to bow down, and instantly made this low profile . As long as these Yuanying stage masters were not lost, the power of the Hidden Dragon Cave would not be lost too much, and there would be opportunities in the future to grow .

Anyway, as long as they endured for another hundred years, the South China Sea Alliance could be held firmly in their hands . At that time, with the reward of the Greatest Heaven Sect and the resources of the South China Sea Alliance, Yu Wenyi would definitely become a dacheng stage master . Everything was aimed at ascending, so why would it bother him bowing down? Moreover, when the time comes, he would use the power of the Greatest Heaven Sect and the South China Sea Alliance to deal with this Ten Thousand Treasure Tower . The gentleman would take revenge no matter how long it took .

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“You don’t shed tears until you see the coffins . You knew it already, why bother about it now?” Yang Chen just snorted slightly and said scornfully .

“Yes, yes, my humble self has not been strict, I am extremely sorry!” Yu Wenyi seemed as if he had not heard Yang Chen’s contemptuous tone, and said with a smile: “I am willing to pay 100 times for the loss, what is your intention?” At that time, he didn’t even realize that he was a shameful Yuanying stage master who was begging a junior .

When this was said, several figures had flown around, it was the few Pure Yang Palace masters who killed on other islands .

As soon as their figures appeared, She Kui and Xie Sha couldn’t help but yelled in unison: “Don’t grab our opponents!” And they attacked fiercely, their four opponents immediately felt pressure .

The eight masters gathered together with Yang Chen, Gongsun Ling and an old tree demon who’s depth could not be seen, Yu Wenyi and the remaining elder of the Hidden Dragon Cave, their faces also changed in succession . If they join the war group, all these hidden family members of the Hidden Dragon Cave would be reimbursed in this battle .

At this moment, even regretting 10,000 times was useless . They could only beg Yang Chen to leave the Hidden Dragon Cave with a little vitality . Yu Wenyi’s tone had even more pleading: “This time my Hidden Dragon Cave was wrong . Please look at the face of the South China Sea Alliance and let go of my Hidden Dragon Cave . There will be a thick report in the future!”

“South China Sea Alliance?” Yang Chen mentioned it with a hint of playfulness, and asked a little jokingly “There is so much movement here, it is impossible for them to not know right? But do you see a person from the South China Sea Alliance here?

Yu Wenyi was also anxious to get rid of his troubles that he didn’t notice at first . When Yang Chen reminded him, that was when he only reacted and his face suddenly changed . For so long, the South China Sea Alliance has not even sent a lively person here . What happened could be imagined .

“Have you been so hard-pressed, do you really think that my Hidden Dragon Cave has reached the end of the mountain?” When Yu Wenyi realized that Yang Chen wanted to kill them all, he no longer whispered, and fluttered back to the previous location and smiled: “If so, then don’t blame the old man for his ruthlessness, leave it all to me!”

It was not known when Yu Wenyi moved, the area where everyone fought, hundreds of square feet of flat ground, a red light flashed instantly under the ground, accompanied by Yu Wenyi ’s crazy grin, suddenly Yu Wenyi and everyone except the elders around him was shrouded in it .

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