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Chapter 411.1

Hou Yun attacked with a stick, but there was still a living person? Yang Chen was stunned, but immediately understood that this was Hou Yun’s deliberately holding back after hearing what Gongsun Ling had just said .


It was very easy for Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling to distinguish which pit people were alive and in which pit they were dead . Yang Chen just lightly stomped his feet, and three moans were popping out of a dozen human-shaped pits .


Under Hou Yun’s stick, although these three guys have not died, they had broken muscles and had no struggling strength . Had it not been for their toughness, they would have passed out at this moment .


The three guys alive were all masters of the Yuanying stage . In Yang Chen’s memory, there was no impression of these people . However, this was not a problem for Yang Chen . Since they were coming to the Hidden Dragon Cave or returning assistance, then they were also related to the Hidden Dragon Cave . At present, Yang Chen’s attitude towards the Hidden Dragon Cave was that he would make no mistakes and not let anyone go .


He took out three pills and stuffed them into the mouths of the three guys to make sure they didn’t die because of the injuries . Gongsun Ling, who was next to him, was well prepared, and the three of them had been skillfully received in the geographical map .


Gongsun Ling’s face was filled with a happy smile and she said to Hou Yun in the air, “Thank you Uncle Master ancestor!” According to generations, Hou Yun and the old tree monster were peers, so Gongsun Ling also called Hou Yun as her uncle master ancestor .


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In response to Gongsun Ling, it was the cries of the arrogant weapon in the hand of Hou Yun whistling in the air . It’s just that one or two efforts, the dozens of silhouettes that just flew back, had no idea where they disappeared to .


Apart from the three Yuanying live slaves left to Gongsun Ling, the rest of the guys, when they met Hou Yun’s stick, were directly smashed into flesh, and then disappeared without a trace . Except for Hou Yun’s fierce figure in the sky, they could no longer see anyone’s shadow .


After looking around for a few laps, Hou Yun greeted the three on the ground, and then rushed into the inner island impatiently . He has been sullen for tens of thousands of years in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal Cave . The dozens of small lives just now were not enough for him to plug his teeth . Those guys on the inner island were his appetizers .


On the road to the inner island, Gongsun Ling was very happy along the way . Just after a while, there were three more slaves in the mountain river geographical map . In the future, the refining would become more and more relaxed . How could this not make her happy?


The old tree demon did not seem anxious to attack, but just followed Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling slowly . Perhaps the nature of the trees were not killing . After swallowing the Penglai divine wood, the old tree demon’s cultivation has been upgraded to a higher level and he was a little more stable .


And Yang Chen’s slow and leisurely atmosphere was incompatible with the surrounding environment . Along the way, She Kui and Xie Sha have killed many small flies and it was almost bloody along the way . The island of the hidden Dragon cave, which was originally elegant, was now like a slaughterhouse .

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After the three of them slowly walked to the inner island, they saw the fighting taking place .


It must be said that the Hidden Dragon Cave, as a dark horse placed in the South China Sea by the Greatest Heaven Sect, still has a very powerful fighting force . At least She Kui and Xie Sha have two Yuanying stage masters as opponents respectively, and they were in an entanglement in the air .


Hou Yun was surrounded by seven masters . At first glance, they set up a Big Dipper Seven Star Array and surrounded Hou Yun . However, Hou Yun’s mighty strength was unexpected by everyone . Just the power of the peak Yuanying stage now erupted, leaving him in the sword array .


The shining big stick has recovered to be larger than the ordinary stick, but it was not too exaggerated, but the power contained in it has made the seven masters of the Yuanying stage dare not touch it easily . The flexible method of attacking by Hou Yun managed to maintain the operation of the attack .


At the end of these masters who were attacking, stood two guys with very ugly faces . Yang Chen saw clearly that the two were Yu Wenyi, the owner of the Hidden Dragon Cave, and an elder . Yang Chen had been chased and killed by the two in his previous life and he would never mistake them .


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However, Yang Chen does not remember such a seven-star sword formation . The arrangement of the array turned out to need seven identical masters of the Yuanyin stage . The seven faces did not have the slightest difference and their cultivation base was almost equivalent . The clothes they wore and the styles were the same, but they were different in color .


Yuanying stage seven births was an incredible thing . Yang Chen’s previous memories have never seen such a situation, and he doesn’t know where the seven dragons were found in the Hidden Dragon Cave, but they still have such a powerful array .


It was estimated that this was the power left by the Greatest Heaven Sect to be the hidden power of the Hidden Dragon Cave . Otherwise, in his previous life it would not be hidden and Yang Chen would not know it .


Yang Chen has always overestimated the power of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but he still did not expect that there was no less than a dozen Yuanying stage masters in a small hidden dragon cave in the South China Sea Alliance . It could be seen that their hidden power elsewhere was still unknown .


Sure enough, it was indeed the No . 1 sect of the dao sects . After tens of thousands of young disciples were destroyed by Yang Chen, there was still such a heritage, and in a situation where not show­ing the moun­tain and not re­veal­ing the water, even Yang Chen cannot help but want to cry out loudly .


The seven twins were born in the same way, and even connected to each other . The actions of the seven people were like one person . With the help of the Big Dipper Seven Star Sword Formation, even though their realm was just in the early Yuanying stage, they were quite equal to Hou Yun .


Fortunately, Hou Yun’s posture was invincible . It was only through this seven-star sword formation that he would be familiar with the fighting methods of the cultivators in the world . He bluntly suppressed his strength at the peak of the Yuanying stage .


Even so, Hou Yun’s formidable power suppressed the masters of the seven births . It may be that there was a magic weapon contact before . One of the flying swords of the seven twins was obviously different from the other six swords . It was estimated that it had been destroyed by Hou Yun .


Because of this little regret, it seemed that the Sword Formation has a slight flaw in its cooperation . Hou Yun, of course, found this flaw sensitively and was chasing this flaw desperately, attacking wildly .


The main character of the Hidden Dragon Cave, Yu Wenyi, swept the array behind him, looking at him in shock and anger . Where this group of masters came from, without injustice or resentment, they actually killed his people . The alarm was frequently reported on several islands, but he dared not leave the support in the slightest while the disciples were slaughtered .


When he saw Yang Chen’s three people coming slowly, it seemed as if they were traveling to enjoy nature . Yu Wenyi could see that Yang Chen was the leader among the crowd, he screamed and flew over .


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