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Chapter 410.2: 410.2
When the Hidden Dragon Cave attacked the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower branch, it was also unreasonable . After the killing and overstocking were completed, it was announced that it was the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower who was bullying and the Hidden Dragon Cave presided over justice . Anyway, it was fairly accomplished . Who outside of the South China Sea would fight for a rootless and unmanageable Ten Thousand Treasure Tower?

Even if the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was just a branch here and they might have some links outside, but what about it? This was the South China Sea, and the Hidden Dragon Cave was the ground snake . This Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was not a big sect’s shop . Who would offend the ground snake in the South China Sea for the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower?

With a high reward, this was possible . However, since it was a business, it was necessary to calculate costs and benefits, to deal with the Hidden Dragon Cave, a foreign powerhouse, what kind of price do these masters need to pay? A small Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was not so rich .

It was precisely because of this that the Hidden Dragon Cave could attack with a peace of mind and not even inquire about the background of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower . Even the shopkeeper was just a small fry in the foundation stage . They destroyed it with no psychological burden .

However, the people in the Hidden Dragon Cave had no idea what a terrifying force was behind this little character in their eyes . Therefore, when a group of evil stars from the Pure Yang Palace appeared around several islands in the Hidden Dragon Cave, many people did not even know what was going on .

The terrifying attack began in an instant, the ten Yuanying stage masters did not give any warning, and each of them automatically used their treasure to enter the hidden dragon cave . Wherever they went, those children of the Hidden Dragon Caves were all dead and wounded .

Yang Chen has said that there was no need to keep anyone alive, the ten monster ancestors who followed Yang Chen originally followed Yang Chen to kill people . Why would they consider keeping anyone alive, they would have a good time in the periphery of the Hidden Dragon Cave, pitiful and sad screams suddenly sounded .

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This was a rogue cultivators alliance, not a formal sect, and was relatively loose in structure . In terms of inheritance, it was even more impure, there was no systematic inheritance and almost everyone cultivated differently .

Except for the upper level of the Hidden Dragon Cave, which has the Greatest Heaven Sect’s support and those advanced cultivation methods, most of them were obtained from various places . The low level rogue cultivators were up against fierce Yuanying stage monster cultivators, the result was not hard to imagine .

The monster cultivators, when they kill, no matter what, it looks good and decent, plus this time Yang Chen was intentionally standing up and there was no scruples on everyone’s hands .

As soon as they got started, they used the most brutal trick . A cultivator may just use a flying sword to penetrate the heart, but these guys just come up and tear people into pieces .

At the moment when the attack was not half a column of incense old, on the islands of the Hidden Dragon Cave, there were countless stumps and broken arms on the periphery, internal organs were lying on the ground, and blood flowed away . When timid people come here, they would definitely think that they had reached the blood sea slaughterhouse, not a place of cultivation .

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As for the old tree demon avatar and Hou Yun, they still disdain to attack some guys in the qi refinery stage, foundation stage and jeidan stage . These were the cannon fodder that made She Kui and Xie Sha and the others let out their anger .

“Who dares to act unruly in my Hidden Dragon Cave?” Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling’s ship slowly arrived at the edge of the main island of the Hidden Dragon Cave, and heard someone yelling loudly . But then, there was a scream of screams, and then no one dared to shout loudly .

“Yang Chen, not leaving anyone alive, wouldn’t it be too much?” Gongsun Ling listened to the stern voice, looked at the flesh covered on the ground not far away and asked suddenly .

After all, Gongsun Ling was still a woman who has not been tempered in the killing field . Compared with Shi Shanshan’s character who doesn’t mind killing, she would always feel a little softhearted when seeing such a cruel scene .

“When they killed our people, the treasurer of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower, they didn’t feel too much . ” Yang Chen turned his head and said . If Gongsun Ling thought this way every time, Yang Chen was worried about whether she could survive the disaster in the future .

“I mean, for those high-level masters, if we leave them, perhaps there may be a few more free slaves in my mountain river geographical map . ” Gongsun Ling explained with a smile .

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Now Gongsun Ling has called the guys she has taken into the mountain river geographical map as slaves . In fact, those people do slave work, but they don’t know it yet .

Gongsun Ling’s words also meant that Yang Chen’s worry was not necessary at all . The Gongsun Ling of this life was no longer the Gongsun Ling of the previous life .

“Relax, there will be opportunities in the future . ” After confirming that Gongsun Ling was not having the kind of character that Yang Chen should be worried about, Yang Chen smiled and comforted . Looking at the tragic situation of the disciples of the Hidden Dragon Cave on the island, his heart seemed to have returned to that of his previous life .

How were there ten Yuanying stage masters besieging the Hidden Dragon Cave and how similar were they to the previous eight Yuanying stage masters besieging the Pure Yang Palace? In the past, his master sent Yang Chen away from the siege to avoid being implicated . The memories of his previous lives seem to torture Yang Chen’s heart and now he finally released some .

In Yang Chen’s heart, he never had the concept of not giving others away . These were the blood debts owed by the Greatest Heaven Sect in his previous lives . In this life, he could only use more blood to pay them and there was no other possibility .

The pitiful screams continued one after another and Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling had stowed the ship and boarded the island . The avatar of the old tree demon and Hou Yun also followed as Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling slowly walked along the island’s road a little into the center of the Hidden Dragon Cave .

The four were barely held back, and their bodies were fragmented along the way . The main attacker of this island was Xun Kui and Xie Sha . The two murderous guys did not know how many lives were collected when they were in the deserted valley . Here, on the instructions of Yang Chen, they showed their fierce wildness .

Finally, the screams were no longer heard, but the sound of the attack was louder, and the rumbling rumours spread far and wide . You don’t need to ask, you know, this was a great enemy . This was the main island of the Hidden Dragon Cave . It was inevitable that there were masters here .

Numerous warnings were sent out, and the Hidden Dragon Cave was like a beast that had been deeply stabbed at this moment, finally reacted and began to organize a counterattack .

In the distant sky, dozens of streams of light flashed out . It was exactly the figures of flying swords flying towards the main island of the Hidden Dragon Cave . Obviously, this was the masters who were out or those who have a good relationship with the Hidden Dragon Cave coming to help .

In the hands of Hou Yun, it was not known when a glittering stick appeared . He flew into the air in the middle of the sky and raised the thick and scary stick high, facing him at dozens of lanes . The streamers that flew over were smashed down .

After the sound of thunder, like a thunderbolt, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling suddenly saw more than a dozen human-shaped pits on the ground . There were a few groaning sounds in the pit .

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