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The rogue cultivator alliance on the South China Sea was located on a large archipelago in the middle of the South China Sea. It was very far away from the dao sects domain, and there were many surrounding islands. There were many places suitable for cultivators to cultivate even under the sea. This was why the dao sects cannot exert influence here.


The road was far away, and the masters cannot attack this nest and disregard the safety of their nest, but a few masters cannot guarantee that they could completely control the place, and this has become a paradise for rogue cultivators.


The biggest forces here were several rogue cultivators alliances, and the Hidden Dragon Cave was one of them. Hidden Dragon Cave occupies dozens of relatively small islands, it united hundreds of people and became a small rogue cultivator alliance among several forces.


The most powerful master of the Hidden Dragon Cave was the cave master in the peak Yuanying stage, he was extremely fierce. In this rogue cultivator domain, he also had a famous reputation and most people don’t dare to offend him easily.


Yang Chen and his party came all the way, but did not directly find the Hidden Dragon Cave, but found the largest rogue cultivator alliance which was the South China Sea Alliance.


The South China Sea Alliance was simply the emperor of the South China Sea, even more arrogant than the Greatest Heaven Sect in the dao sects domain. In the first place, the strength of the South China Sea Alliance was indeed shocking. They had the background of the four dacheng stage masters, occupied hundreds of islands with the most abundant resources and tens of thousands of disciples in the alliance.


It was just that the South China Sea Alliance did not announce the establishment of an ancestral sect, but mainly focused on absorbing rogue cultivators. However, although the South China Sea Alliance was domineering, but paid attention to rules, which was one of the reasons why Yang Chen came here to find the South China Sea Alliance directly.


Of course, another important reason was that almost all the development of the South China Sea Alliance over the next few hundred years was in the mind of Yang Chen. Right now there was one thing that could be used by Yang Chen.


The only person who appeared outside the gate of the South China Sea Alliance was Yang Chen. The others and Gongsun Ling took a rest on the ship. The arrival of a master did not attract anyone’s attention. Only two appearances, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, appeared in the South China Sea. The two descendants of the Jiedan stage were not enough to make anyone vigilant.


“Who are you? For what purpose have you come here!” As soon as Yang Chen was close to fifty feet away from the gate of the South China Sea Alliance, someone screamed.


It couldn’t be helped but said that the South China Sea Alliance does have hegemonic capital. Even the guards at the door, the two masters of the Jiedan stage and a dozen disciples in the foundation stage, almost did not give up more face than those major sects.


“My humble self is Yang Chen, I am the proprietor of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower and came to visit the Union Master Bian specially!” However, Yang Chen did not say his identity from the Pure Yang Palace, but came to see him as the owner of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower.


Bian Xuren was the leader of the South China Sea Alliance, though, it was only the confession on the surface. The real masters behind the scenes were masters in the dacheng stage, but they have been concentrating on their cultivation and were unwilling to manage these common things.


“Yang Chen? The owner of Ten Thousand Treasure Tower? I haven’t heard of it!” When they saw Yang Chen’s courtesy. The two masters in charge at the gate looked at each other and saw the strangeness in each other’s eyes. Then one of them impatiently waved and shouted, “You can not see the leader? Quickly retreat! “


The eyes of the several people were so high that they could look down on a guy who they have never heard of. Had it not been for Yang Chen’s courtesy, he might have been thrown


out earlier.


Re­gard­ing this, Yang Chen was not surprised at all. It was not difficult to join the South China Sea Alliance, but it was not so easy to meet the leaders of the South China Sea Alliance. Bian Xuren and several other senior executives have been troubled by one thing for a long time. Unless it was a major event or a big expert who was related to the alliance, they would not easily come forward.


“Please can you report something for me..” Although Yang Chen was harshly scolded. But there was no slight change on his face and he still said to the goalkeepers on the opposite side with respect “I know a little bit about the An­cient Med­ical Tech­nique(s), maybe I can help the leader and elders to solve some problems.”


Bian Xuren’s biological son suddenly suffered from a strange disease two hundred years ago. His whole body was weak and it was all thanks to Bian Xuren and several other elders who took turns in daily input of spiritual power into him to be able to continue his life.


This son was the heart of Bian Xuren, but also the heart of other elder brothers who were also elders. When he grew up, he was originally qualified, but unexpectedly he became inexplicable after going out to the sea once. In this way, Bian Xuren and several brothers exhausted their life to save him.


Many of these people in the alliance were not very clear about it. Yang Chen also learned about these secrets after having escaped to the South China Sea Alliance after a hundred years. But at that time, the South China Sea Alliance was on the verge of falling apart and Yang Chen could no longer be sheltered.


Now that Yang Chen said that he knew some of the An­cient Med­ical Tech­nique(s), the two masters in the Jiedan stage, the gatekeepers, started to mumble. There has been a rumor in the alliance about what physicians the leader needs. What does Yang Chen mean by this? If they didn’t report it, they were afraid of angering the leader. However, if they report it and the leader was to ignore it, they would be unwilling to bother the leader without cause.


Yang Chen also saw the hesitation of the two masters in the Jiedan stage and smiled and said, “It is not necessary to report to the alliance master, but any elder on duty can do it. Just a few hard-working trips, there will be thanks . “


As he talked, Yang Chen took out a mid­dle grade spirit stone, which looked like he had a pound or two and passed it over easily. If he let others run errands, naturally they could not run for nothing.


With this piece of middle grade spirit stone, plus Yang Chen just said to tell the elder on duty instead of the leader, it immediately made the two masters in the Jiedan stage no longer under pressure. They looked at each other, one of them quickly nodded: “You wait here.” Then turned and left.


After the time to drink a cup of tea, the Jiedan stage master who went quickly hurried back. After making a strange glance at Yang Chen, then he slightly bowed and made a please gesture and said loudly: “Please come with me, please!”


It took a while to become a distinguished guest. It must have surprised the Jiedan stage master. He had never heard of Yang Chen, how did he know that the Alliance needed a doctor?


Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest pressure, and followed the Jiedan casually to enter the South China Sea Alliance. Even if the elder on duty was also not the brother of Bian Xuren, how could he not know the current plight of the South China Sea Alliance?


“Are you a doctor?” In the guest hall, Yang Chen met the elder on duty. What made Yang Chen strange was that the elder turned out to be a woman. For a moment, Yang Chen thought of the identity of the elder—Bian Xuren’s wife, Shu Lanqiu.

Speaking of which, Shu Lanqiu was the person who cares the most, because she was the sick Bian Yong’s mother. Even Bian Xuren did not have Shu Lanqiu’s condition as tight as Bian Yong. When she heard Yang Chen said that he was a doctor and sounded very confident, he was immediately brought in.


“Greetings Elder Shu.” Yang Chen didn’t directly answer Shu Lanqiu’s question, but bowed and saluted first, then straightened up and said loudly, “Yang Chen, this young man, is the proprietor of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower and a little bit knowledgeable about it. “


“Ten Thousand Treasure Tower?” Shu Lanqiu looked at Yang Chen and sneered suddenly “Ten Thousand Treasure Tower has been bossy in my South China Sea and has been wiped out by Hidden Dragon Cave. Why are you here?”


“Naturally, I want justice for my Ten Thousand Treasure Tower storekeeper and waiter.” Yang Chen sneered at Shu Lanqiu, without any fear and directly stated his purpose.


“No matter which sect you come from, I would advise you that the South China Sea is not where you can meddle in, where you come from, or where you go back honestly.” Shu Lanqiu said lightly. Originally, she was disdainful of meeting a jeidan stage junior, but since it was a matter involving Bian Yong, she naturally has to pay more attention.


Just by looking at Shu Lanqiu for a while, she knew the name of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower, shows how effective the South China Sea Alliance was in controlling the area. Even the excuse that the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower was destroyed by Hidden Dragon Cave was known to them.


“Is my Ten Thousand Treasure Tower really bossing the marketplace, the elder knows the truth in her heart.” Yang Chen didn’t talk back, he just said something. Under the guise of cleverly grabbing things, if the elders of the South China Sea Alliance couldn’t see what’s tricky in it, they were really too substandard.


“The strong dragon does not press the ground snake, no wonder others are there.” Shu Lanqiu smiled slightly and said nothing. Everyone’s unspoken things were meaningless when they were broken. These were all chores. Shu Lanqiu cared about whether Yang Chen could really heal Bian Yong, so she immediately changed the topic: “Mister said that you are skilled in Ancient Medical Technique(s), but is that the truth?”


“I don’t dare say that am skilled, I only know a little or two.” Yang Chen once again humbled himself. He knew that Shu Lanqiu would definitely bring the matter up.


“I have a patient in the South China Sea Alliance. I have never heard of it being spread outside, but how did you know that sir?” Shu Lanqiu listened to Yang Chen’s words, but her face slowly changed, and her speech volume increased, she became a little more skeptical.


Bian Yong was seriously ill because of an injury. After the injury was cured, the root cause of the disease fell, no matter what kind of elixir was used, it would not help. In the South China Sea Alliance, it was only known by a few high-level officials, and has been secretive, but Yang Chen could know it and it was very questionable.


“This junior is slightly familiar with the Ancient Medical Technique(s). A few years ago, it was by chance I had seen the side of the Union Master Bian from far away.” Yang Chen’s words, with a sense that made people feel scared said “At that time, the side of the Union Master Bian complexion did not seem very good. “


“So what?” Shu Lanqiu’s face became more and more gloomy. What was the relationship between seeing her husband a few years ago and finding a patient? Does it mean that you are sick if you look bad?


“At that time, it seemed that the Union Master Bian master had some slight illness.” Yang Chen, however no matter how dark Shu Lanqiu’s face became, he continued slowly, “I was not sure at first, but after seeing the elder, I became more and more proficient and sure. “


A few years ago, he saw the face of the Union Master Bian and suspected that he was ill. Now he saw the Union Master Bean’s wife. It was becoming more and more certain that the Union Master wife was also sick, how could this not make Shu Lanqiu furious.


“Dare I ask Mister, have you come to provoke me and the South China Sea Alliance?” Shu Lanqiu was furious and she stood up and slapped at the table.


“This junior’s eyes can’t be mistaken.” Yang Chen sat aside unmoved. Although Shu Lanqiu looked angry, she was still calling him Mister, which had explained a lot of problems. This little trick has not been placed in Yang Chen’s eyes.


“Mister really thinks that my husband and me also have some illness?” Shu Lanqiu saw Yang Chen’s brazen appearance, and she believed him a little. Could it be that Bian Yong’s illness was contaminated by herself and her husband, so was it how Yang Chen had seen it?


“Union Master Bian and elder issues are still a trivial matter. I am afraid that the people who are really sick are not for a day or two.” Yang Chen slowly shook his head and said this.


As soon as this word came out, Su Lanqiu’s heart became a little bit more hopeful. Bian Yong has been sick for hundreds of years, and the couple have tried their best to help him. They could only maintain their vitality by relying on the help of a few intimate brothers daily. Yang Chen judged that there was a patient just by looking at herself and Bian Xuren. This eyesight was really amazing, maybe he could really heal Bian Yong’s pain.


“It’s true, there is a patient.” Of course Shu Lanqiu would not easily let go of the life-saving straw. Since Yang Chen saw it, she immediately took advantage of the opportunity and admitted that there was a patient.


“Presumably it is a close person to the Union Master Bian and elder.” Yang Chen also did not have the joy of guessing, and said something lightly.


“The man who is said to be seriously ill is my son.” At this moment, Shu Lanqiu no longer needed to conceal, and quickly acknowledged, but immediately asked: “Sir, my son has been experiencing weakness and loss of appetite, Drowsiness, what illness is it? “


“I haven’t seen the patient so this junior can’t speak irresponsibly.” Yang Chen didn’t answer, but replied lightly.


Shu Lanqiu also scolded herself for being overzealous. If it was a common disease, a disease that could be diagnosed and treated by others as soon as it was said, how could it be only be delayed for hundreds of years without being cured, but she anxiously asked this question.


“Sorry for being irrational.” Shu Lanqiu stood up, making a respectful gesture to Yang Chen: “Please i ask Mister to come and treat the child.”


Soon, the two went to Bian Yong’s room. In addition to Bian Yong, who was struggling with a sick bed, there was a big man with eyes like electricity, staring at Yang Chen for a while. Had it not been for Shu Lanqiu who brought in Yang Chen, perhaps this big man would have attacked him immediately.


“Mister please begin to diagnose.” Shu Lanqiu asked Yang Chen once again.


Yang Chen sat in front of the patient’s bed with great caution, then glanced at the patient’s eyes, looked at the tongue coating, and diagnosed the veins on both wrists and evadd en palpated the patient and then he frowned.


“How is it?” Shu Lanqiu asked nervously. As a mother, she was more anxious than anyone.


“This is not a disease,” Yang Chen said with certainty, “this is a rare poison.”

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