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Chapter 407.2

Since this matter was now defined as the sect’s experts going out to gain experience, then it was not as simple as Yang Chen going out and provoking Hidden Dragon Cave alone . Every move of Yang Chen has been linked to the sect’s decision-making . So daring to target Yang Chen was also directly going against the Pure Yang  Palace .


At this moment, Yang Chen felt the love of the sect again . In this regard, Yang Chen did not pretend, and naturally accepted the sect’s kindness .


Before setting off, Yang Chen met Elder Hou Yun, who was brought by the old tree demon . Starting from knowing the name Hou Yun, this was the first time Yang Chen had met Hou Yun . Hou Yun, who cultivated the transformation secret art, transformed into a sturdy man of the same size as Yang Chen’s body and revealed an unusually powerful aura all over his body .


In addition to his sturdy figure, Hou Yun’s face was also densely covered with hair, just like an ordinary person with hirsutism . He didn’t wear any robe armor, just an ordinary cotton robe, which made him look like a big farmer .


If he didn’t know the details of Hou Yun, even if it was Yang Chen, the first time he saw Hou Yun, he would certainly think that it was an ordinary farmer, not a master of the dacheng stage .


As soon as he saw Yang Chen, without waiting for the introduction of the old tree demon, he walked up to the opposite side of Yang Chen, looked up and down, and stretched out his hands, and patted it twice on Yang Chen’s shoulder and laughed: “Yang Chen, okay, okay, you already look like a practitioner!”


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Hou Yun’s words caused a few inconsistencies in the surrounding Yuanying monster cultivators . At the Yuanying level, everyone has practiced transformational secret arts and become human beings, but at most it was to maintain their physical fitness, which was completely different from Yang Chen’s stout practice of body refining cultivation method . It was estimated that this matched Hou Yun’s appetite .


Just this one action, in a word, surprised everyone except the old tree demon,She Kui and Xie Sha .


Everyone was a master, they have all learned how powerful Hou Yun was . Don’t look at his two pats on Yang Chen that seem intimate and casual, but everyone knew how powerful Hou Yun was . Those two pats, the idle monster masters could be easily shot to the ground by it, at least half of the Yuanying stage masters present were softened by Hou Yun’s intimate action .


After all, Hou Yun’s body was of a mighty ape king, born with divine power, even it was powerful guys such as She Kui and Xie Sha, in the face of Hou Yun’s random pats, they had to put up a full resistance and use their formidable monster race physique to be able to withstand it .


Seeing Yang Chen standing in place, he didn’t even change his expression, he took Hou Yun’s two pats so lightly and they couldn’t see any signs of Yang Chen’s use of spiritual power . Astonished, everyone took a moment to glance at Yang Chen again .


As Yuanyuan masters who hasn’t had much contact with Yang Chen and doesn’t know much about Yang Chen, they thought what they heard were all hearsay . But looking at Hou Yun’s two pats, their views on Yang Chen changed a little .


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As for Hou Yun himself, he was even more surprised . He did not expect that Yang Chen, a small junior in the Jiedan stage, could take his two pats so calmly .


Although Hou Yun was afraid of hurting Yang Chen in the first pat so he held back, but when he saw Yang Chen being so relaxed, the second shot was a firm use of his physical strength . The power of that shot was not only a pat, but it was 100,000 jin . If it was an ordinary Yuanying stage master, it was estimated that he has to make every effort to mobilize his whole body’s spiritual power and monster power in order to make himself stand .


Even with such a huge power, Yang Chen stood still and didn’t move a bit . Even after a while, Hou Yun couldn’t help but look at this younger generation in a new light . He only knew that Yang Chen was capable from the old tree demon’s mouth, but he still had some disapproval in his mind . How powerful was a descendant in the Jiedan stage?


Under the two pats, Hou Yun’s contempt flew away without any trace . He thought that Yang Chen was only good at alchemy, so he should be worthless in cultivation . However, when standing in place, he didn’t even use spiritual power but relied on his physical strength to take his two pats . With this move alone, Hou Yun knew that if they had to fight, perhaps these masters in the Yuanying stage here could not be Yang Chen’s opponent .


As a master of the dacheng stage, and a master who has been practicing for thousands of years, how rich his experience was, in a flash, Hou Yun replaced with a laughing face and praised him again and again .


It seemed that Yang Chen was an interesting disciple and he was not uncomfortable to follow him out . Didn’t he see that even masters like the old tree demon couldn’t help sending out his avatar?


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Before traveling, Yang Chen went to say goodbye to his master . Gao Yue was now refining the Dragon Horn Flying Sword . Within a hundred years, she does not have to think about leaving the Pure Yang Palace . This was also good, at least her security could be absolutely guaranteed .


There was Gongsun Ling, she was waiting for Gao Yue . Yang Chen was going out and she has been back for a few days, naturally she has to follow .


“I am going to kill, will you go?” Gongsun Ling was no exception . After saying goodbye to his master, he went to Gongsun Ling and asked this question casually .


“I will go!” Gongsun Ling looked at Yang Chen with a smile and answered . Going out with Yang Chen to do the same thing that made her feel like a husband and a wife, which was very sweet .


On the other side of the South China Sea, Gongsun Ling hasn’t been to it yet . Taking this opportunity, she could also add the South China Sea to the mountain river geographical map, killing two birds with one stone .


Adding up to fourteen people, except for Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling who were both in the Jiedan stage, the others were either Yuanying or dacheng stage masters . They were all seniors . Yang Chen was naturally not going to take everyone to the dome hall, so everyone all boarded the ship of Gongsun Ling and flew towards the South China Sea .


After reaching the sea, the water dividing fins were blessed on both sides of the ship, and the speed suddenly doubled . However, they were still a few months away from the side of the South China Sea’s rogue cultivator alliance and everyone was on the boat and cultivating separately .


Of course, Yang Chen didn’t hesitate to produce enough Jade Dragon Wine for everyone . Gongsun Ling’s elaborate cuisine made even the dry tongue of the monster cultivators watery . Along the way, everyone was very happy while eating and drinking .


While rushing, Yang Chen was also wondering how to get started with Hidden Dragon Cave so that others could not say anything . Even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, it could only eat this dumb loss, but could not find Yang Chen to settle accounts .


All of this requires a reputation . Even if Yang Chen kills the people in the Hidden Dragon Cave by hand, no one would stand on the side of the Hidden Dragon Cave morally .


Of course, the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower shop was destroyed and all the shopkeepers in the shop were killed .  


This was a good reason . It’s just that these were not enough . Yang Chen, who had escaped from Greatest Heaven Sect for more than a hundred years, knew that if he wanted to do it thoroughly, at least he should let the people in the rogue cultivator alliance stand on his side .

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