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Chapter 407.1: 407.1
The Hidden Dragon Cave was located overseas, a long distance from the domain of the dao sects . At the speed of Yang Chen, it would take him almost half a year to arrive there .

When Yang Chen was chased and killed by Greatest Heaven Sect in his previous life, he had been hiding there for a long time in the rogue cultivator alliance and he was very familiar with it .

It was also at that time that Yang Chen knew about the inside and backstage of Hidden Dragon Cave during an accidental pursuit and knew their relationship with the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Now that Yang Chen hasn’t had time to free his hand to find them to settle accounts, they have already stretched their claws to the door steps of the Pure Yang Palace . The new hatred and the old hate were intolerable, how could he bear it?

However, one point in Yang Chen’s understanding was that the dao sects influence was small and poor on the side of the rogue cultivators alliance . Otherwise, Yang Chen would not have been hiding there for hundreds of years . If Yang Chen wanted to rely on the influence of the Pure Yang Palace to reason over there, it was absolutely impossible .

Of course, Yang Chen never intended to reason with the Hidden Dragon Cave or the Greatest Heaven Sect who always looked at the sky . Moreover, the Hidden Dragon Cave Cave has never said that it has anything to do with the Greatest Heaven Sect . It was also the people at the Hidden Dragon Cave that have nothing to do with the Greatest Heaven Sect .

At the beginning, Yang Chen planned to kill them himself, but the Hidden Dragon Cave was not small . Yang Chen alone was not necessarily able to take good care of it by himself . Therefore, Yang Chen directly found She Kui and Xie Sha .

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“Am going to kill, will you go?” Yang Chen asked directly, facing the two strange looking people .

“We will go! Why won’t we go?” She Kui and Xie Sha were cultivating, after hearing Yang Chen’s words, their eyes lit up suddenly . Killing with Yang Chen not only kills every time, but also releases the wildness of She Kui and Xie Sha, and there are no future problems . How could two guys let this good thing go?

“Would you like more helpers?” Xie Sha agreed first, then asked immediately .

“Other helpers?” Yang Chen was stunned . When he killed, he liked to bring She Kui and Xie Sha . At most, he brought the old tree demon and other helpers . Yang Chen didn’t think of anyone for a while .

“The eight new Yuanying stage masters who joined the hall of eccentrics . They are nervous after being idle for a long time, take them with us if necessary . ” Xie Sha explained .

He said that the eight Yuanying stage masters were the monster cultivators who the palace masters conquered from the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal Cave . In the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal Cave, they could only fight with each other to relieve boredom . They were indeed as anxious as Xie Sha said .

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Of course, Yang Chen doesn’t think there were many helpers . These guys were fierce men who could kill and not blink . Since they wanted to kill people in the Hidden Dragon Cave, it was natural that the more helpers, the better .

“Okay, ask if they would like to go together!” Yang Chen was also very easy to do things . These masters of Yuanying stage have vowed, and have seen the hope of promotion in the Pure Yang Palace . They were definitely loyal, so he was not suspicious .

As a result, Yang Chen, She Kui and Xie Sha, the three men took turns appearing in front of several other Yuanying stage masters in the hall . Every time he appeared in front of a master, Yang Chen seemed to ask the same words: “we are going to kill, will you go?”

Maybe they already heard that She Kui and Xie Sha said that they were following Yang Chen went out to kill and set fire to their hearts . The several newly promoted Yuanying stage masters didn’t even have one objection .

This movement was too big, which directly aroused the attention of the hall master, the old tree demon Gui Shanyou . At the beginning, the old tree demon who followed Yang Chen to kill before, heard that Yang Chen was actually going out again, he could not help itching .

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“Need help?” The old tree demon acted very directly and asked very directly . He appeared in front of Yang Chen and asked this sentence .

“If you want to come!” Of course, the more masters of this kind, the better . Yang Chen didn’t mind the Pure Yang Palace coming out in full strength, but it was impossible at this time, the old tree demon was willing to help, Yang Chen certainly was happy .

Gui Shanyou was now a hall master and he was also an elder of the Pure Yang Palace . Of course, it was impossible to leave at will, but this does not prevent his old man’s avatar from going out with Yang Chen . This was done once or twice before and both were very familiar with it .

“I brought a new friend . ” The old tree demon was not alone . Everyone knew that following Yang Chen to go out to kill was a good chance to not have to worry about someone looking for a post account, of course it was to all gain experience . So they could take care of a few more experts .

The friend mentioned by the old tree demon referred to the dacheng stage master Hou Yun who was new to Pure Yang Palace but kept a secret . This monster cultivator who has been training for thousands of years in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal Cave has also not practiced outside for a long time and has been practicing in a dull way . This opportunity to go out was just right for him .

Yang Chen was so happy, he thought it would be nice to be able to pull up She Kui and Xie Sha . Who knew that there would be two more dacheng stage and eight Yuanying stage masters to come along .

This lineup, especially the old tree demon and Hou Yun, not to mention to deal with the Hidden Dragon Cave, even if it was facing the top masters of the rogue cultivator alliance, they may not fall behind .

Others didn’t know the power of the old tree demon, but how could Yang Chen not know it . Being able to continuously suppress the Yin Fire Tribulation more than ten times, it was not easy to say that masters in the middle dacheng stage could do it, and the old tree demon had already done it easily at the peak Yuanying stage . For a guy like Scarface, he did not put up the slightest fight back against the old tree demon .

If it was that the old tree demon has devoured a whole Penglai divine wood, he believed that the old tree demon now could definitely compete with the guy who reached the peak stage in the middle stage .

The old tree demon was already so powerful but Hou Yun could fight with the old tree demon and the ancestor Wang Yong, how powerful would he be .

With so many experts to help, Yang Chen was confident of pulling out the Hidden Dragon Cave completely . The chess piece arranged by Greatest Heaven Sect overseas has already been destined to perish .

It was easy to go out with only She Kui and Xie Sha, but it was not a trivial matter to travel with so many masters at one time, and to go to the overseas rogue cultivator alliance where the distant dao sects forces could cover, so he informed the elders .

In fact, Yang Chen hadn’t asked for instructions from the master of the palace . The master of the palace already knew what happened to Yang Chen . Now Yang Chen was the treasure of the Pure Yang Palace . It was not known how many people were paying attention to his every move . This was especially true of the master of the palace . So when Yang Chen appeared in front of the master of the palace with a few masters, he the Lord of the Palace was not surprised at all .

“It’s okay to go out and practice . ” As soon as Palace Master Zhang Jiao spoke, Yang Chen’s private behavior was put under the guise of the sect “Masters of the sects should also walk around and see the world . ”

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