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Chapter 404.2: 404.2
It was a sudden business, so the wine immortal could not make a direct decision, but he was reluctant to let go of this opportunity .

You must know that this was the moment when he was the closest to a questioning inner heart pill, and there were three questioning inner heart pills, the reward for the wine immortal house was actually given to the wine immortal . This the wine immortal knew .

He has benefited from it, but there was not much input in the wine immortal house . This was naturally not easy to explain . Even if the wine immortal was the founder of the wine immortal house, it couldn’t be said easily .

In the previous transaction, the Jade Dragon Wine was converted into spirit stones to let the wine immortal buy it with spirit stones, that is to say, it was like the Pure Yang Palace bought the information using spirit stones .

If this time, the questioning inner heart pills were also settled in this way, the wine immortal himself does not know how much spirit stones he had to pay for the pills .

You should know that the wine immortal has a lot of spirit stones, but the questioning inner heart pills could only be refined by Yang Chen and he would need a rare and astronomical figure to pay for the pills .

There were even a lot of masters of the dacheng stage who had planned to unite and were willing to jointly collect the medicinal herbs that was needed for the questioning inner heart pill and then refine the pill together .

In this case, if he wanted to get a questioning inner heart pill, you could imagine the difficulty, let alone three and two of them were second grade pills .

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After hesitating for a long time, the wine immortal finally made a decision after biting his teeth, he looked at Yang Chen and asked a general question “If the wine immortal house secretly joins the Pure Yang Palace, will you be ok with it?”

“How in secret?” Yang Chen brow frowned and he asked .

“This old man and several core masters will have joined the Pure Yang Palace, but we will all be secretive . Others in the wine immortal house will not know that all the information, of course, all of them are to be copied to the Pure Yang Palace . It is a business to be negotiated, what do you think? “The wine immortal said his own opinion, watching Yang Chen, waiting for Yang Chen to decide .

In the end, the wine immortal also added “I will join the Pure Yang Palace, I can swear by a heart oath to be loyal to the Pure Yang Palace . We will follow what the sect master decides and I can also get the support of the Pure Yang Palace . ”

“There is no problem?” Yang Chen was overjoyed by the idea of merging with the wine immortal house . Originally, he wanted them to be a perfect intelligence system . Now that the goal was achieved and the business of the wine immortal house was not affected, it was naturally a happy situation “So, senior and I can go to see the master of the palace . ”

Soon the two appeared in front of the head of the palace . After listening to Yang Chen’s narrative, about adding the wine immortal, the shock on the face of the palace master could not be described with words .

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The wine immortal house, this could almost be said to be the number one intelligence system among the cultivators, it was an organization which covered monsters, demons and daoists, now they were becoming the subordinate to Pure Yang Palace?

Although it was impossible to explain it to the outside world, all the information was copied to the Pure Yang Palace . For the Pure Yang Palace, they would have countless pairs of eyes outside, they would stare at everything that happens in the mortal world .

Was there something more shocking and more illusory than this? For a time, the head of the palace was stunned and could not say a word .

If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s rudeness in interrupting the head of the palace, it would have been a bit unreasonable . Coughing a few times he called back the attention of the head of the palace .

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“Sorry, I am sorry that this happy event is too sudden and it is a surprise!” The head of the palace immediately apologized to the wine immortal . However, such surprises were also reflecting the importance of the wine immortal to the head of the palace, so that the wine immortal could not help but raise his feeling of being valued .

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Soon, the head of the palace called to gather all the elders to come to the proceedings . When they heard the news that the wine immortal house was to be merged into the Pure Yang Palace, almost all of the elders were having different kinds of surprise and excited expressions, which was almost the same as the head of the palace .

“Of course, welcome!” Several elders directly stated that with the wine immortal house, the Pure Yang Palace would simply be a tiger, and if this kind of good thing was pushed away, then they would be fools . What’s more, the core members of the wine immortal house and the wine immortal would make a heart oath, which was more reassuring!

“The wine immortal is now an elder of the Pure Yang Palace, and can participate in the Pure Yang Palace’s meetings and business at any time . ” The palace master immediately gave the highest treatment to the wine immortal . Now he could attend any discussion with the palace master and the elders . The status was definitely the core position of the Pure Yang Palace .

As for the operation of wine immortal house, it was natural to beat lanterns outside, as usual, no one would change anything . Only the information originally given to the wine immortal house would be copied by the wine immortal himself and sent to the Pure Yang Palace .

Those who joined the Pure Yang Palace were naturally the core disciples . The Palace master made a direct decision that as long as their cultivation base was promoted, whatever medicinal pills they needed would be provided by the Pure Yang Palace .

Under this circumstance, it was also a solution to the worries of these core members of the wine immortal house . They only need to manage the wine immortal house with care and they could grow and develop . Their future cultivation would have the secret support of the Pure Yang Palace . Now there was no need to mention the Yuanying and the dacheng stage, even if it’s ascending one day, it would not be a problem .

Naturally, the wine immortal went to settle everything in the wine immortal house and the Pure Yang Palace also arranged everything for the wine immortal . Later, everyone’s eyes were once again concentrated on Yang Chen’s body .

Only when he came back a few days from outside, Yang Chen actually brought such a surprise to the sect . The elders looked at Yang Chen with sparkling gaze . Was there anyone who made them more speechless than this disciple? Even if everyone else tried in their lifetime, it was estimated that there were not many major things that Yang Chen has done in the past 100 years that they could accomplish .

Next, the wine immortal predecessor gave the people some insights about the sensitive information in the near future, especially for the things about Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace, but also with detailed explanations .

Some of the dacheng stage masters wanted to unite and ask for questioning inner heart pills, this was normal, not worth making a fuss about . Several large sects were also looking to cooperate with the Pure Yang Palace, these were not news . The most noticeable thing were two other news .

One was the attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect . It seemed that the top level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect were divided . Some people wanted Yang Chen to help treat the injured dacheng stage elders and the young sect master . By the way, they also liked to ask for some questioning inner heart pills . The other part of the hard-line faction wanted to destroy the Pure Yang Palace with their thunderous might and capture Yang Chen . The two sides were arguing so there was no conclusion yet .

Another news that he didn’t know where it came from was that as Yang Chen was able to become a fifth grade alchemy master at this age . Some people speculated that Yang Chen had obtained the secret inheritance of a master of alchemy . Many people wanted to get this inheritance from Yang Chen’s hands, and even some people have the idea of ​​killing him to get it .

In particular, some people even clamored for ruining Yang Chen . They could not let him stand out in the mortal world and step on other alchemy masters .

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