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Chapter 404.1

Joining the Pure Yang Palace? The wine immortal was seriously considering this issue .


Obviously, joining them would be good, especially for him personally, it would come with great benefits . If you don’t mention anything else, just the questioning inner heart pills were enough to make him tempted, not to mention that if he succeeds in his promotion into the dacheng stage, he would only be more valued in the Pure Yang Palace, instead of being marginalized like in other big sects .


For the Wine Immortal House, it was also a great opportunity . The present resources of the Pure Yang Palace were so abundant that others would envy if they knew, the Wine Immortal House, who specializes in selling intelligence for a living, wouldn’t they know about it? If he joins the Pure Yang Palace, at least those rogue cultivators could also have many opportunities .


In particular, after joining the Pure Yang Palace, the juniors of the Wine Immortal House would have long-term interests protection . They would not have the backbone of the wine immortal once he has passed away . From then on, they would become poor and struggling rogue cultivators again .


These juniors of Wine Immortal House were absolutely willing to join the Pure Yang Palace at this time . It would not be taken lightly and now the status of the Pure Yang Palace disciple outside was absolutely enviable .


The Pure Yang Palace was rising, but it has not yet fully emerged . It was necessary to absorb all aspects of power . If they could absorb the Wine Immortal House, it would also be a great opportunity for the Pure Yang Palace to improve .


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Moreover, with Yang Chen, the fifth grade alchemy master, even if the wine immortal joined the Pure Yang Palace, there were also very legitimate reasons . Because of the lack of self-confidence, the Pure Yang Palace could provide questioning inner heart pills, so it was impossible to resist the temptation .


As for the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island, they have already cooperated with the Pure Yang Palace and they were happy with it . Secondly, even if they have a questioning inner heart pill, at most they could only give the wine immortal only one . The sect had their own dacheng stage and Yuanying stage masters and they couldn’t focus on one person . It’s like the Pure Yang Palace had the most generous offer .


This reason was given to the sect master of the small sect in the past, not to mention a small Wine Immortal House . At this moment, the wine immortal almost wanted to agree directly . But in the end, there was still some restraint in him and he was forced to hold back .


After all, the reason why the Wine Immortal House could become an intelligence dealer was because of its relatively independent position . If they became part of the Pure Yang Palace, then other sects would have concerns when dealing with them, which would affect the business of the Wine Immortal House . If the Wine Immortal House does not have such a convenient identity for obtaining information, then its status would definitely be weakened .


“If the predecessor does not want to join the Pure Yang Palace, we can establish a closer cooperative relationship between us . ” Yang Chen saw the hesitation of the wine immortal and said again .


“Closer cooperation?” The wine immortal was obviously more interested in Yang Chen’s statement . After all, there was a temptation to acquire the questioning inner heart pills, the wine immortal was still very happy to cooperate with the Pure Yang Palace .

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“For example, all the information obtained by the Wine Immortal House can be sent to the Pure Yang Palace in advance . ” Yang Chen said with a smile, “When necessary, the Pure Yang Palace will also provide certain protection for the Wine Immortal House . ”


Listening to Yang Chen’s words, the wine immortal’s eyes narrowed . All the information was to be sent to the Pure Yang Palace . Wouldn’t the Pure Yang Palace be the Wine Immortal House and the Wine Immortal House be the Pure Yang Palace?


“Of course, our two sides are only cooperating . ” Yang Chen said with a smile, “I will pay the necessary remuneration, and will never destroy the rules of Wine Immortal House . ”


Paying for information and getting information was originally the business of the Wine Immortal House . This was certainly not a violation of their rules . However, what kind of reward could make the wine immortal make such a decision? Even the wine immortal was a little nervous .


In the hands of Yang Chen, there appeared a jade box, which was slowly pushed to the front of the wine immortal . Looking at this jade box, the wine immortal’s breathing also became rushed . Even if he was in the Yuanying stage, after guessing what was possibly in this jade box, he still couldn’t help but feel nervous .


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“This is a questioning inner heart pill . ” Yang Chen directly exposed the content of the jade box “As a deposit, it is just a first grade pill, not a good thing, the seniors can accept it first . ”


“This younger generation junior will refine many second grade questioning inner heart pills in the future, l will give Wine Immortal House two . ” Yang Chen released his hand and left the jade box in front of the wine immortal, and he slowly asked “Three questioning inner heart pills, I don’t know if I can make a deal with them?”


The heart of the wine immortal has already leapt into his throat . In this jade box, it was the fulfilment of his dream . Perhaps he could breakthrough his present bottleneck and enter the dacheng stage with this medicinal pill .


However, listening to the following statement of Yang Chen, the wine immortal was even more shocked . Not a good thing? The wine immortal almost wanted to ask Yang Chen loudly, If the questioning inner heart pill was not a good thing, what could be considered a good thing?


In these days, how many masters have been in contact with the Pure Yang Palace before and after, what were they doing, isn’t it just a matter of acquiring the questioning inner heart pill? Previously, because Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace had never announced their willingness to make alchemy for outsiders, now that they have announced, everyone would certainly want to ask for a few .


Wasn’t the questioning inner heart pill regarded as important by so many experts, hundreds of people in the dacheng stage, thousands of Yuanying stage experts needed the questioning inner heart pills, in Yang Chen’s eyes, it was not really a good thing?


However, this was said by Yang Chen and it was normal . As Yang Chen said it was only a first grade pill, he could also refine the second grade questioning inner heart pill .


According to what the wine immortal knew, Yang Chen was the one refined so many second grade questioning inner heart pills for the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . It was still a matter of decades ago . Yang Chen has now become a fifth grade alchemy master . The level of his natural alchemy was even higher . It was not impossible to refine more second grade questioning inner heart pills .


Second grade questioning inner heart pill, if a single first grade questioning inner heart pill was not enough to let him break through, then the second grade pill could absolutely guarantee it . What’s more, there were still two, he hoped he could use it to fulfil his wish of ascending .


The heart of the wine immortal predecessor has been provoked and the sound made him feel big . However, the wine immortal did not feel that there was anything shameful . Not mentioning that he was a guy with a peak Yuanying stage cultivation base, whoever it was changed to, even if it was the sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he may not be able to overcome such a temptation .


Which cultivator did not want to ascend one day? If it was not that there was no hope, who would be willing to be trapped in the Yuanying or even the dacheng stage for a lifetime? The price code given by Yang Chen was really exciting!


“Predecessor, one first grade questioning inner heart pill, two second grade questioning inner heart pills, if the senior still felt that something is wrong, make a proposal . ” Yang Chen said immediately “However, if the price is too high, then the deal could only be forgotten . ”

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