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Although these flying swords were good, they still couldn’t enter Yang Chen’s eyes. Actually, the Pure Yang Palace has a number of good swords, which could make many disciples dilute.


Of course, the viewers have a share, plus these cypress monster family, of course, must first enjoy this advantage. In terms of loyalty, these monsters were more trustworthy.


Everyone needs a good medicine, but a simple elixir could have no good effect, so it was best to refine it. There was Yang Chen, the best alchemist master in the mortal world, so they did not need to bother with the medicinal herbs.


For the old patriarch, Yang Chen gave him a promise directly. As long as his family reached the bottleneck and needed a pill to breakthrough, Yang Chen would prepare a suitable pill for them.


Everyone liked this situation with great joy. Yang Chen released A’Zhu and A’Bi, he let them put the medicinal herbs in the Immortal’s cave into the medicine garden and they also sorted it out.


This Immortal’s cave looked like a good space, auxiliary medicine grew here and with a little modification it would be the best medicinal garden, just to keep the female apprentice who was good at planting medicine.


There were still large palaces that have not been explored. Yang Chen took the Gongsun ling and they explored them one by one. She Kui and Xie Sha have already found a satisfactory flying sword and they were happy to follow him.


The two monster cultivators actually have their own body parts they were refining as their life source magic weapons , the fangs of She Kui, the tongs and the poisonous thorns of Xie Sha were powerful weapons, but now they were still in the process of quenching of the magic weapons. It was not easy to use, so these two flying swords just let them use it temporarily.


Walking along the way, they could see that this small Immortal’s cave was very well crafted by the original owner. The materials used in it were also one-of-kind. It was not known how much resources that he embezzled from the Greatest Heaven Sect in the past, that he was able to concoct such a delicate Immortal’s cave.


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In addition to the swords court, there was also a material room. There were a lot of materials in it, even if it was placed in the present, they were also all rare and precious materials. There were several materials in it. It was what Gao Yue refining of the dragon horn flying sword needed. Yang Chen was of course welcomed of it.


Further inside, it was an alchemy room, but there are not so many herbs in the alchemy room, it was empty, only a huge medicinal cauldron was in the middle. But there was no medicinal qi in the cauldron, obviously it has never been used.


The quality of this medicinal cauldron was also very good, but the method of it refining was the same as those flying swords. It should be the owner of the Immortal’s cave who refined it. This medicinal cauldron, in the future, could be prepared for some sect talents who were good at alchemy.


The innermost room was a study room, and the bookshelf made of gold jade has not been rotted for thousands of years. There were hundreds of jade sheets placed neatly here.


Yang Chen’s eyes flashed with rays of light. The things recorded in this jade slip were usually passed down. In particular, this kind of arrangement was definitely a good thing, it was beyond Yang Chen control for being tempted.


He picked up hundreds of jade slips and looked through them one by one. The first hundred ones were almost all cultivation methods. Moreover, they were also some of the high-quality cultivation methods that the Greatest Heaven Sect has collected. It was not known how it was carefully copied by the people of this cave and stored here.


Perhaps it was the extra inheritance left by the Greatest Heaven Sect for their younger generation, but it was now obvious that Yang Chen has gotten everything cheaply.


There were also dozens of jade slips, which record some of the medicinal materials and alchemy and naturally all of them become the property of Yang Chen.


The most unexpected thing for Yang Chen was that there were more than a hundred pieces of jade slips that recorded various refining materials and refining techniques. Some of these were lost in the current Greatest Heaven Sect and they were placed here. In particular, there were ten pieces of jade slips recorded on the refining experience of the owner of the Immortal’s cave, which was simply invaluable.


The owner of the Immortal’s cave left a very detailed record. All the flying swords, refining processes and techniques here have detailed descriptions. Even where there were mistakes and where he felt proud, they were specifically marked. Together with the medicinal cauldron, and even the entire Immortal’s cave refining process, the records were very clear.


Compared with the things that were obtained in this cave, these jade slips were the most valued by Yang Chen. Especially in the last ten slips, it was simply the complete experience of the owner of this Immortal’s cave. Yang Chen looked through them and some of them were even more detailed than some of the ones in the spiritual world.


It could be imagined how happy his master Gao Yue and his master ancestor Wang Yong would be when they see these things. Of course, one of his future little apprentices who was good at refining the equipment would be very happy.


After reading through it again and again, it seems that there was no good thing worthy of Yang Chen. He was going to use this method to collect the Immortal’s cave and he suddenly thought of a problem.


The atmosphere inside was warm and full of spirit power, but there was no shadow of the spiritual pulse. When Yang Chen’s heart moved, his spiritual awareness opened wide and he began to look around.


After a while, Yang Chen discovered the clue and went straight to the alchemy room.


On the ground under the alchemy room medicinal caul­dron, there was a small circular gap and there was an earth fire in the ground. It was also this piece of earth fire that made the whole Immortal’s cave warm as spring.


The average person would habitually think that this was just the source of fire for alchemy, but in the eyes of Yang Chen, the fire was completely different.


“You wait here, I will go down and see!” He moved away the medicinal cauldron, Yang Chen looked at the earth fire outlet in the ground snorted and then jumped directly inside.


Yang Chen’s spiritual root was the fire attribute, which was very clear to everyone. In this kind of earth fire, there would be nothing too big for him to handle, so everyone was very relieved.


After he jumped into the entrance, Yang Chen found that the following was not a simple fire pulse. This piece of earth fire has covered almost a hundred miles, which was exactly the size of this Immortal’s cave.


This was just the size of the fire pulse on the surface, the root of the fire pulse, it was not known how deep it was. For a time, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness still could not find the end of it.


What surprised Yang Chen was that there was no trace of burning in this place, but it was filled with the underground hot and flowing magma. There was a trace of a different fire aura in the flames, which made Yang Chen catch up.


This was actually a fourth fire true essence. Yang Chen never imagined that there was such a large piece of earth fire under the ice sea of ​​this extremely northern ice sheet, and from time to time there would be a fourth fire true essence which would condense here.


Why was this Immortal’s cave here? It was simply to cover the earth fire of this place and cover up the appearance of the fourth fire true essence. Otherwise, it would have long been occupied by the formidable monsters around.

Although it was found that there was a fourth fire true essence in the earth fire, it was obvious that the original Immortal’s cave master did not have the ability to take the fourth fire true essence. It was only by this Immortal’s cave that he was hiding the place, presumably to be reserved for future generations.


For Yang Chen, this was not a big difficulty. He had several methods of collecting the fourth fire true essence in his mind. He was a fire cultivator, in his past life has reached the point of a Great Principle Golden Immortal, the trivial fourth fire true essence, really was not something that he could not handle.


However, this glimpse of fourth fire true essence does not appear frequently. Yang Chen wanted to collect enough quantity to cultivate the Fourth Fire True Secret Art, but it was not so easy.


Even if he was now to arrange the array, with Yang Chen’s estimate, at least after a hundred years before he would be able to have enough amount to cultivate the Fourth Fire True Secret Art.


For Yang Chen, since he had discovered the fourth fire true essence, it was always better than not finding anything. In the next 100 years, as long as he was careful as to not to let people discover in it advance, it was the best way to take away the Immortal’s cave.


Fortunately, this time he was followed by his own people, Yang Chen pulled out from the earth fire and then said nothing, he went directly to the material room over there and took some materials and jumped into the earth fire again.


After discovering the fourth fire true essence, Yang Chen looked at the materials in these materials rooms and it was immediately clear. Most of the materials left were fire attributes. He wanted to make preparations for this fourth fire true essence. He just didn’t know how to get started, now everything was within reach.


Not coming here was the bad luck of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s expert. He didn’t know that his own ancestors have left such good things behind for him. If he didn’t find the troubles with the cypresses. Not only did he get stuck in the mountain river geographical map, but also these things that were left for him was obtained by Yang Chen.


It took a whole month to arrange a mile-square formation, even if it was Yang Chen. Fortunately, with enough materials, Yang Chen could drain the fourth fire true essence produced in this earth fire spiritual pulse to a position to slowly gather it together and wait for the time to slowly pass, it would accumulate more and more.


Satisfied, he departed from the earth fire spiritual pulse, Yang Chen’s happy face was not hidden at all. Seeing this, Gongsun ling was overcome with curiosity, she couldn’t help but ask “What good thing is there?”


“Good things, good things that are hard to see in a millennium!” Yang Chen laughed, holding Gongsun ling he gave her a kiss and gave Gongsun ling an ambiguous answer: “I can use it.”


Yang Chen was happy, so Gongsun ling was also naturally happy, she would not care what was below, as long as Yang Chen could use it, it was really a good thing.


Putting everyone together, Yang Chen just warned everyone, that this Immortal’s cave cave, within a hundred years, they shouldn’t talk about it to anyone. Including She Kui and Xie Sha, of course, it was a big point, which one would violate the rules?


Taking all kinds of materials from the Immortal’s cave from flying swords and jade slips, the Immortal’s cave stayed in the same place intact and everyone still followed the rules of the coming time, riding Yang Chen’s shuttle, changing road and heading straight back to the Pure Yang Palace.


Of course, the route change was for the sake of Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographical map. Yang Chen was not arguing with others along the way. As long as there was any monster in their encounter, he would immediately change their direction and leave at high speed. This was different from going to Immortal’s cave. The white bear monster was on the road that they must pass and so they couldn’t avoid him. It doesn’t matter when they were going home, he could avoid it.


Even with the shuttle’s high speed, because of the detours and avoidance, it took a full two years to return to the Pure Yang Palace. Along the way, Yang Chen certainly did not forget to instruct out his own apprentice. Similarly, the cypress monster family also cultivated with all their efforts.


As for Yang Chen himself, he was taking time on the road and absorbing two kinds of third grade fire seeds, making the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire more integrated and more powerful. Now it was only at the fusion of third grade fire seeds, when it could be integrated with the fourth grade fire seeds, it was estimated that it would be the time for Yang Chen to attack the Yuanying stage.


The group returned to the Pure Yang Palace. Yang Chen, of course, followed the old rules and went to see his master first. Of course, Mu Bai had to pay his respect to his master ancestor and meet his master’s wife, but the master ancestor and his master’s wife were the same person.


After that, he went to see the master of the palace with the cypress monster family. The cypress monster family joined the Pure Yang Palace. This morning, Yang Chen had already greeted Palace Master Zhang Jiao, and brought them back. Of course, there must also be a ceremony.


“So very good, I am taking this opportunity, I will hold a ceremony for this new apprentices in the Pure Yang Palace!” Palace Master Zhang Jiao looked at the hundred cypresses that Yang Chen brought back and he was overjoyed. The strength of the tree monsters, Gui Shanyou have fully demonstrated it. With so many cypress monsters, with good training, later they would become a non-negligible combat power of the Pure Yang Palace, how could it not make Palace Master Zhang Jiao happy?


However, Yang Chen still miscalculated the intention of Palace Master Zhang Jiao, thinking that it was only a simple ceremony inside the sect, but did not expect that Palace Master Zhang Jiao would make it known to the whole cultivation world.


This time, the Pure Yang Palace celebrated on a grand scale, they recruited two or three hundred disciples of the hall of eccentrics with all kinds of cultivation bases. Among them, there were many Yuanying stage masters, plus dozens Jiedan stage monster cultivators, obviously the disciples who have been confiscated in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave were also counted among them.


Nowadays, in all the major sects of various dao sects, it was common practice to recruit the disciples of the monster race. Everyone was attacking everywhere and recruiting the monster race members everywhere. On the contrary, the Pure Yang Palace that first made the hall of eccentrics has been laying low and it was not moving. It was very strange.


The original Pure Yang Palace of the at this time in the eyes of other sect, turned into a conservative element, it could not help but make people feel a sense of ridicule.


But this also showed the power of the Greatest Heaven Sect. It could not be helped but said that the dead camel was still bigger than the horse, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect suffered heavy losses, but with the implementation of the hall of eccentrics to recruit monster race disciples, they still has a power that the Pure Yang Palace could not match.


If the Pure Yang Palace began to recruit the monster race, it would definitely be besieged by countless sects and it might not be known if their sect would have been destroyed. However, with the Greatest Heaven Sect’s methods, even if there was some opposition voices, they quickly disappeared in silence.


Every sect was now pursuing it and now it was normal for the Pure Yang Palace to recruit the disciples for the hall of eccentrics. Just because each sect recruited disciples from different places, many sects could regard it as a great increase in strength. The ceremony was held by the head of the palace. It was also intended to be seen by others, so that they would not underestimated the Pure Yang Palace.


When he settled the cypress monster family in a good place, Palace Master Zhang Jiao would naturally talk to Yang Chen about the ongoing. The result was naturally not surprising, the master of the palace also had an unprecedented satisfaction. After the narrative has been said, he looked at Yang Chen happily and asked “When do you think the wedding is appropriate, when should we hold it?”

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