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Chapter 400.2

Even if the huge body of She Kui has entangled it’s movement, but the white bear monster was still active and even attempted to attack Yang Chen .


Although this white bear also has the cultivation base of the Yuanying stage, but seeing that it’s wilderness was not extinguished, even if Yang Chen tried to communicate with it several times, every time he felt the anger and killing intent of the white bear, the acceptance of the white bear was estimated to be a long time away .


No way, Yang Chen could only let Gongsun ling throw the white bear monster into the mountain river geographical map .


It wasn’t that Yang Chen had a change of  heart and he was no longer interested in killing, but Gongsun ling suddenly discovered that even if she was in the process of sacrificial refining her life source magic weapon, she could still take people into the mountain river geographical map .


Of course, this was not the income in the battle, but the other party was thrown in without rebellion, the difficulty was naturally very different . In the mountain river geographical map, every one of the masters of the Yuanying stage was equivalent to the master of the Yuanying stage . When he was  cultivating, he was also sacrificially refining this piece of the magic weapon for Gongsun ling . For Gongsun ling, there were many advantages .


The master of the Greatest Heaven Sect was fed a medicinal pill for his wounds when he came out of his coma and then thrown into the mountain river geographical map . He was tortured by the cypress monster family, and Yang Chen’s hypnosis . He believed that after he woke up, he would only remember that he was lucky . He was thrown by Yang Chen in this extremely wild wasteland .


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As for what he would do after his injury improves, it was not what Yang Chen knew . Anyway, he would cultivate, as long as he cultivated, it would help Gongsun ling to sacrificially refine the mountain river geographical map . Even if he returned to the Greatest Heaven Sect in the mountain river geographical map, he would not know what happened, only knowing that everyone disappeared, leaving himself alone .


The white bear monster was the same . After being caught, he was thrown into the mountain river geographical map . In addition to Li Junyu at the beginning, Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographical map already has three Yuanying stage masters . It was a sure thing that the sacrificial refining would be faster and more powerful .


The cypress monster family was naturally scattered in the white bear territory to search for valuables . Yang Chen has already said that whoever finds these things was their own and later it would be their own private property . All the cypress monsters were very excited, they were searching everywhere and they put in extra effort .



Only the old patriarch and Mu Bai did not move, but stayed by Yang Chen’s side . From the memories of his past lives, Yang Chen knew that Mu Bai has always been obsessed with cultivation, he never indulge in foreign objects, even if it was his own life source flying swords, it was also his own wooden heart, but he did not value these things . So it was normal for him not to move .


However, the old patriarch made Yang Chen surprised, his performance was not a fake . Plus with his cultivation these days, he was not worse than Mu Bai that absorbed the leaves of the Penglai divine wood, he qualifications was extremely outstanding . He just doesn’t know why, in his past life he did not have any memory of him . Maybe he was already dead at the time .


If this kind of talent was to be handed over to the old tree demon Gui Shanyou carefully, he believed that Gui Shanyou would not reject such a talented disciple .

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The group continued to move forward . Without the white bear monster, the road ahead was smooth and soon they arrived at the small Immortal’s cave that the guy from the Greatest Heaven Sect mentioned .


The position of the people at this time was not on the land, but in a huge frozen sea . The place where they settled was a whole pieces of huge ice that was connected into one . It was not known how many years this cold winter had lasted . Even knowing that this was a sea of ​​ice, it was no different from land .


The Immortal’s cave was not on the ice sheet, but on the bottom of the sea . There was Yang Chen’s shuttle so it was almost effortless to reach the bottom of the sea . Soon, Yang Chen found the location of the Immortal’s cave, and according to the correct method, he performed the secret technique and entered the Immortal’s cave .


As soon as he entered the Immortal’s cave, he felt a thick warmth, even under the ice sea, it could not stop this warm current . For the time being, Yang Chen did not know whether there was any danger in it so he did not release the cypress wood monster family, only the old patriarch and Mu Bai, plus Yang Chen Gongsun Ling, She Kui and Xie Sha, a total of six people, carefully started to visit this cave .


This was a small Immortal’s cave . The space inside was a small piece compared to the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, it added up to just a hundred miles .


However, the planning of this Immortal’s cave was quite good and many cherished herbs have been planted here . Although no one cared for it, but for thousands of years, there have been many long-term growth . Moreover, the medicinal herbs were widely planted, and with thousands of years of reproduction, they have covered most of the scope of the Immortal’s cave, there was medicinal herbs everywhere .

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In addition, in a huge room called the Depository Sword Court, there were still hundreds of flying swords that have been formed . It had the attributes of the five elements and the quality was extremely good .


The original owner of this Immortal’s cave was a grandmaster of refining and had received much attention in the Greatest Heaven Sect . However, he was not taken seriously . Every day, he was only used for the refining of swords for sect, but he cannot enter the core of the high level members . This was one of the most basic reasons why he left this Immortal’s cave cave for his disciples .


Hundreds of excellent flying swords were left here, apparently the small vault that the owner of the Immortal’s cave used to use the resources of Greatest Heaven Sect . Originally intended to benefit future generations, but now all were cheaply gotten by Yang Chen and others .


“Go by yourself to choose the flying sword of your choice, one person and one sword, don’t be greedy!” At this moment, Yang Chen directly put all the people of the cypress monster family out and let them choose .


Everyone was overjoyed and quickly entered the Depository sword court . Even She Kui and Xie Sha were no exception . Staying beside Yang Chen was only Gongsun ling and Mu Bai .


Gongsun ling was not a sword cultivator so it was normal to not select a flying sword . But Mu Bai was a pure sword cultivator so not going to select made Yang Chen surprised . He couldn’t help but ask “Mu Bai, your flying sword has just been damaged, why not pick one?”


“This disciple still likes his own refined flying sword!” Mu Bai stared at the excited people selecting in the sword court and replied respectfully .


“Even if you don’t need it, you can use it for something else after you take it . ” Yang Chen smiled and pointed out “If you don’t want to use it, it’s okay to give to your disciples a good sword!”


His master’s kindness, of course, could not be rejected . Moreover, Yang Chen also said that Mu Bai had to give his disciples a good sword . At the moment, there was no violation of Yang Chen’s kindness . He walked into the sword court and carefully selected them .


“You are not going?” When Mu Bai entered the sword court, Yang Chen turned to Gongsun ling and asked with a smile .


“If you have it, I am afraid that my disciple will not have a flying sword in the future?” Gongsun ling covered her mouth and replied with a slight smile . Her eyes were full of sweetness .


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