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Chapter 399.1: 399.1
“Good, Mu Bai, you dare to make a move on a Yuanying stage master, you are worthy of being my disciple, you have not lost my face!” Yang Chen’s figure appeared in front of the seriously injured Mu Bai and then a medicinal pill was directly thrown into the mouth of Mu Bai .

The burst of fog was actually Gongsun ling’s doing, she directly used an array to hide the injured cypress monsters . After She Kui and Xie Sha shocked the Yuanying stage master, Yang Chen immediately appeared in front of everyone .

A series of lingzhi mushroom jade pills was given out, of course, it was first grade pills and the injury below the Yuanying stage was almost relieved immediately . Even if the injury was as heavy as the old patriarch’s, there were three or four holes in his body, it was restored instantly .

However, Yang Chen and the others still came a little later, at least eight of the foundation stage cypress monsters were killed by the Yuanying stage master . The cypress that recovered a little bit, looked at the bodies of their family members and their eyes turned red .

Nowadays, the cypress demon family has not yet cultivated Yang Chen’s transformation secret art . It was only the low-grade transformation secret art from the banyan tree Immortal’s cave . It could only be said that they were temporarily maintaining the shape of a person . In most places, their original form could still be seen . The bark branches and so on, you could see at a glance that they were tree monsters .

But even then, the anger of Mu Bai was very clear . Of course, he would not blame Yang Chen for coming late . What he hated was that his cultivation base was too low to be able to stop the attack of the guy and save his own people .

The Yuanying stage master who escaped, facing the thousands of feet snake, had almost no resistance . The fierce reputation of the She Kui and Xie Sha was shown, they just used two poisonous mists to turn the master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, who has just been incomprehensible, into a soft mud and thrown him in front of Yang Chen .

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At this time, the Yuanying stage master, he was no longer having a master’s temperament, fainting on the ground just like a piece of rotten wood . Yang Chen looked at the face of Mu Bai . So far, although Mu Bai has been glaring at the other, but he has not done anything, he was obviously waiting for Yang Chen’s instructions .

All the Qiankun bags were searched and Yang Chen gave this guy a mouthful of medicinal pills . The blue jade vine was placed around him and the poisonous mist of She Kui and Xie Sha was lifted .

Soon, the master woke up from a coma and found an abnormality in himself . He found that the other party did not abolish his own cultivation base, but also left his own life source flying sword on him, which was a good opportunity .

Yang Chen’s identity, he immediately recognized it, naturally he knew Yang Chen’s status in the Pure Yang Palace . In his mind, as long as he could take Yang Chen hostage, She Kui and Xie Sha would not to attack for fear of hurting Yang Chen .

In a split second, the Yuanying stage master made a judgment and his body flashed and appeared on the side of Yang Chen . The flying sword was instantly held in his hand and it went to Yang Chen’s neck .

Unexpectedly, the moment the flying sword just appeared, his wrist was in pain, then a bloody mouth appeared and swallowed his own life source flying sword .

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The master was shocked and wanted to use his own flying sword . However, he found that the flying sword, which has always been connected with his own flesh and blood, did not have a slight reaction at the moment . No matter how he urged with his spiritual awareness, he could not use his life source flying sword .

Being in fear, suddenly there was a sharp pain in his sea of consciousness, the connection between the life source flying sword and him was suddenly cut off, there was no connection with the life source flying sword anymore .

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This time, the life source flying sword was lost and suddenly the master felt his sea of consciousness shaking severely, his internal organs were seriously injured and he spurt out blood crazily . His figure was also wilting, he was almost no longer able to stand .

“Mu Bai, take care of him!” Yang Chen did not look at the guy around him who had almost become a waste . He turned to Mu Bai and gestured to him “Don’t kill, leave him with a breath, after you cure him you can beat him again! .

Mu Bai would not be polite, he grabbed the master who had just been hit hard, lifted him up high and then slammed him on the ground . Going up was a punch and kick, without the slightest mercy .

As a tree monster he had a huge force, his hateful fists continued to attack, suddenly the sound of a broken fracture was heard, it was mixed with the screams of the pain of the master, it made the people who listen heard it color change .

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The Yuanying stage master was a Yuanying stage master after all, even if it was such a painful beat down, almost after a fragrant time, he stopped screaming and fainted . However, at this moment, he has already breathed a sigh of relief, seeing more gas and less air intake .

“Rest for a while . ” Yang Chen stopped Mu Bai, and then gave the Yuanying stage master another medicinal pill and it quickly connected the broken bones of the master .

For this kind of skin trauma, Yang Chen’s medicinal effect was surprisingly good . When it was less than an hour, it could not be seen that he was even hurt before . However, it was only for the injury to the flesh, it had no effect on the serious injury to his spiritual awareness .

“You continue!” Yang Chen saw that the Yuanying stage master has recovered almost completely and he instructed Mu Bai again “Don’t kill him!”

Mu Bai sneaked up again and attacked with rounds of fist punches . Then there was another pig-like scream and a broken bone sound . It took a while to stop after the Yuanying stage master fainted .

Yang Chen treated him again . After the cure, Mu Bai rushed up and was crazy and vented his anger . After a dozen or so consecutive times, the Yuanying stage master almost did not dare to look at the eyes of Mu Bai . As for Yang Chen, even the voice of his speech could make the Yuanying stage master tremble .

“Change people!” Yang Chen’s voice once again made the Yuanying stage master tremble, it was the last decision he wanted to hear . Mu Bai was tired and has cooled down, but other cypresses, including the old patriarch, had not yet moved .

This guy killed eight members of the cypress monster family and almost everyone else was wounded . Which one did not hate him? If Yang Chen had already not convinced them, and the strength of She Kui and Xie Sha also not made them fearful, they would have already attacked him .

Now when they heard the meaning of Yang Chen . It seems that he intended to let them take turns . It suddenly caused a burst of cheers . The old patriarch took the lead and took over the position of Mu Bai . He began to madly use his fists to bombard the other side .

How could this kind of boxing to the flesh feel more comfortable? After the old patriarch had cooled off a dozen times, he was replaced by another tribe member . The cypress monster group behind him had already started to guess their queuing and waited for the moment when they had a chance .

For more than three months, everyone did not do anything else . In addition to recuperating, they were taking turns to play with their fists . In Yang Chen’s words, there was not much chance of being able to flatten a Yuanying stage master . If they wanted to be cool down, they could be cool . As long as he didn’t die, Yang Chen could always heal him and let everyone vent their anger .

It takes at least a day for everyone to stun the guy who killed their people for dozens of times before they could change hands .

The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Yuanying stage master directly fell into the pain and humiliation of hell .

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