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It was exactly the same as the expression of the Blue Cloud Sect. When the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill was in her hand, the face of the Green Jade Immortal Island’s sect master was also shocked.

In this world, there was actually a fifth grade medicinal pill and a fifth grade master of alchemy. The most shocking part was that, it was Yang Chen, a younger generation junior actually became such a miraculous figure.

In addition to the shock, the Island master suddenly thought of another problem. Since Yang Chen has already refined the fifth grade medicinal pill, doesn’t that mean that Sun Qingxue was already Yang Chen’s wife? If this was the case, then the condition of Shi Shanshan must be stuck. Wasn’t the Green Jade Immortal Island alienated from Yang Chen?

When the gaze of inquiry turned to the face of Shi Shanshan, the clever Shi Shanshan did not wait for the island master to ask and she took the initiative to admit the result ” Reporting to the island master, this disciple was also defeated by Yang Chen.” After saying this, she added a sentence: “I was defeated ten times, using different methods.”

This time, the island master was even more shocked. To say that Yang Chen was very talented in alchemy so he became a fifth grade alchemist master, at least there was still a possibility for that to happen. After all, Yang Chen has refined the heaven seizing pill and the questioning inner heart pills these heaven defying pills and he became a grandmaster alchemist. That’s what it deserves, but it’s just a little earlier.

However, as the island master, the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island knew how many of the female disciples of her own sect were trained and how strong they were. Not to mention that it was a junior in the early Jiedan stage, even if it was now a few new masters in the sect, they would not necessarily be the opponent of Shi Shanshan.

However, Shi Shanshan actually said that she was defeated by Yang Chen. How could this not surprise the island master? It was normal to say that Shi Shanshan would hold back a little bit . However, after ten times, Shi Shanshan was defeated by ten different methods. This was not her holding back, with the character of Shi Shanshan, it was impossible to make her hold back and lose ten times.

Moreover, looking at Shi Shanshan’s expression, it was completely convincing and oral and with a little shyness, how could the island master not understand, this was the appearance of Shi Shanshan who has been convinced by Yang Chen.

This was what the Island Lord did not think of in any way. In her mind, she thought that if Yang Chen at least relied on the sixth grade fire seed that she sent to him and he cultivated to the late Yuanying stage, perhaps by one or two times when Shi Shanshan was injured he could gain a victory.

Unexpectedly, the arrangement of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island were just raised by Yang Chen and Yang Chen had directly satisfied it with the most powerful method. It seemed that they still imagined Yang Chen as a simple person, a person who could survive the pursuit of a master in the late dacheng stage, how could he become so simple.

Fortunately, after asking for the request, she immediately sent Shi Shanshan to contact him and gave Yang Chen the solution, indicating that she was not martyrdom. Otherwise, the island master did not know how to alleviate this unintentional contradiction.

As for the palace master seeking for an engagement, the island master naturally gave her promise and no words such as conditions were mentioned.

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The fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill has passed the test of two dacheng stage masters of the Blue Cloud Sect and there was no problem, so it was directly sent to the injured elder.

The high ranking members were also concentrated on the side of the injured elder, nervously watching the changes after the elder took the medicinal pill. Although the two elders of the Blue Cloud Sect have proved that the medicinal pills were effective, no one has ever seen the fifth grade medicinal pill and they have never seen the appearance of the fifth grade medicinal pill, so they had to be cautious.

In the same month or so, the injured elder changed from an old woman to a middle aged woman. However, the only regret was that her original black hair became white and it could not be changed for a while. But it also added up to the style of the elder, white haired people had quite a charm that made the people shine.

Perhaps it was the credit of the island master for getting her the medicinal pills. Perhaps it was the shock brought by the fifth grade medicinal pill. After the wounded elder was cured, she also expressed her loyalty to the island master.

Perhaps the main reason was the questioning inner heart pills! She was not sure of her chances of crossing the tribulation to ascend, so she was hoping to rely on the questioning inner heart pills and the refiner of the questioning inner heart pill has become the only fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world. It could only explain that he could provide better medicinal pills in the future. The relationship between the island master and Yang Chen was good, this was naturally also a key.

Shi Shanshan’s status in the Green Jade Immortal Island was not low. This time, it has become even more impressive. No one could have imagined that Shi Shanshan would have strongly predicted that the man she was looking for would have such a good future, only to show her unique vision come to pass.

Now Shi Shanshan has passed the first responsibility of the island master and Yang Chen has given her a status, everyone knew that Yang Chen was willing to take up alchemy once every twenty five years. This kind of opportunity of course needed to be grasped. Naturally, Shi Shanshan, who has a close relationship with Yang Chen, has become highly valued in the eyes of everyone.

In this situation, the palace master has seen it once before, but this was the chores of others. It was natural that the palace master would not say anything more. Moreover, the wife of his own disciple was valued in her own sect. Of course, it was a good thing and the palace master was happy to see it.

On his visit to the Green Jade Immortal Island, the head of the palace also received the highest standard of reception, once again bringing the relationship between the two sides closer, the palace master was satisfied when he returned to the Pure Yang Palace.

Yang Chen was already a fifth grade alchemist master and was willing to refine medicinal pills for everyone. It was also spread among the two major sects, however, this was a secret. At least the Pure Yang Palace has not announced it publicly. Everyone was happy that the news had not spread, so that they could dominate resources.

However, some things were doomed to be unstoppable. The three masters of the major sects, they had serious injuries but all recovered to normal within a short period of three months and everyone was having very strange white hair, how could it not be rumored?

Under the entanglement of several experts, the two major sects couldn’t completely block the news. Because of saving face, they could only tell each other that this was the effect of a medicinal pill refined by Yang Chen of the Pure Yang Palace. At the same time, the news of Yang Chen becoming a fifth grade alchemist master has begun to spread among those big people.

In the circle of experts that the little people couldn’t imagine, there was a storm of turmoil. A fifth grade alchemist master was enough for everyone to pay attention. At this time, it was no longer a question of unbelief or not. The recovery of the three seriously injured dacheng masters has already explained everything. Did they not see the three dacheng stage masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect still lying down and waiting to die?

There were pre-existing rumors in the circle, but everyone has also learned the good news that Yang Chen was willing to refine for others. In the rest of the day, the Foreign Affairs Hall of the Pure Yang Palace was like the most popular market. In recent days, people have started to come to the sect.

A fifth grade alchemist master, almost everyone who heard it was shocked, which could be described as a miracle. Was there anything more enchanting than a fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world?

Then, the first reaction after everyone was awaken, was how to set up a good relationship with the fifth grade alchemist master with no exceptions.

What was Yang Chen like? what kind of medicinal pills was he willing to refine and what grades, were things they needed to know. Some people have been trapped in certain realms for a long time. The most important thing was to ask for the kind of medicinal pills such as the questioning inner heart pills and they really understand what they need. They couldn’t immediately fly into the Pure Yang Palace to see Yang Chen.

In the past, if they had been in contact with the Pure Yang Palace, naturally they were very happy. Those who didn’t have any contact with them, they all began to tell their younger generations that in the future, they should be very polite to the people of the Pure Yang Palace. In short, in just a few months, the disciples who went out from the Pure Yang Palace seem to have noticed this difference.

The big guys and masters began to rush to the direction of the Pure Yang Palace intentionally or unintentionally, but in any case, they should leave a good impression on the side of the Pure Yang Palace.

Even if it was the high-level executives of the Greatest Heaven Sect, even if they hated Yang Chen to the core, they couldn’t help but be shocked by this news. The person who they wanted to deal with it in secret has become a fifth grade alchemist master and moreover he was willing to refine medicinal pills for other sects. This made them feel like being slapped with a thunderbolt.

If it was only a fourth grade alchemist master, then the Greatest Heaven Sect themselves has such an alchemy master, and they would not care. But now Yang Chen has reached the fifth grade, the first person who has reached such a level in the mortal world and has the complete pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill and the heaven seizing pill, and he also had the second grade inner sensing pill as his ultimate weapon. It has already established his lofty position in the minds of the cultivators.

At this time, let alone killing Yang Chen, even if they revealed their intentions of killing Yang Chen, they would absolutely be against all the masters who were trapped in a certain realm and cannot be promoted.

The Greatest Heaven Sect could suppress several small sects with their own ancestral strength, suppressing some rogue cultivators, but they would never dare to be so brazen and become enemies with the cultivation world. And sending people to kill Yang Chen would make them the enemy of the cultivation world.

More importantly, when they learned that the three seriously injured masters of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island had already recovered under Yang Chen’s medicinal pills, they were even more moved. Yang Chen absolutely needed to be killed. If they don’t get it, they still need to ask Yang Chen to cure the wounds for their three elders.

Now was not the time to get carried away, the three masters of the dacheng stage, which sect could afford to lose such a force. Because of the shackles of the little Pure Yang Palace, because of one of the troubled disciples of their own sect and Yang Chen’s personal grievances, they gave up the three masters of the dacheng stage and really made this decision. The sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect immediately crashed into a group of angry masters off the stage.

To put it bluntly, the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t understand Yang Chen, the cause was Li Qingchen’s business. But now Li Qingchen has died and Li Qingchen was clearly jealous of Yang Chen. At that time, he was oppressing Yang Chen as an outer sect disciple at the late stage of the foundation stage.

Then there was the arrangement of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the Pure Yang Palace and the conspiracy to seize the Pure Yang Palace. The Greatest Heaven Sect was also feeling very hateful. However, if this was strictly speaking, it was because their sects actions were not right.

The Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island had three more masters of the dacheng stage, while the Greatest Heaven Sect has three fewer. How could this account not be worthwhile. The Greatest Heaven Sect could only find the Pure Yang Palace with a hard scalp and seek cooperation again.

From the very beginning, when the arrogant people, Ming Guangruo with the hall master Mao Tang went to the Pure Yang Palace to interpret the secret key, they were very overbearing but now they needed to accompany them with a smile, the Greatest Heaven Sect changes made everyone speechless. Even the high ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect had some unpleasant faces.

Yang Chen has gone to the extreme north of the land to pick up Mu Bai family so he was not in the sect. Many people can’t find the Lord in the past, they could only find the palace master.

If they dared to find the sect in this kind of situation, everyone was an expert, the person with the lowest cultivation base was at the late Yuanying stage. The purpose of coming to the sect was naturally to seek for a pill.

Of course, above this realm, what everyone wanted to ask for was the questioning inner heart pill. Since Yang Chen was willing to make alchemy for everyone, naturally he would not refuse. The head of the palace has long been ready to ask for a list of medicinal herbs that was needed for the questioning inner heart pill. As long as someone asks for a questioning inner heart pill, he would send a list to them.

Yang Chen has given his word in the first place, that they should prepare their own medicinal herbs, Yang Chen would not post his own medicinal herbs to make alchemy for others. Everyone got a list of medicinal herbs that was required for the questioning inner heart pill. Naturally, they were all very happy. They quickly prepared for it. At the same time, they also hang a number on the side of the Pure Yang Palace. When it was their turn, when they could get together the medicinal materials, but also to see if Yang Chen was free.

Everyone was not empty-handed when they cane. The visitors were not familiar with each other, but it was like everyone agreed to prepare some gifts when coming.

These meeting gifts were also very similar, most of them were a few heads. It made hall master Xu Chengxin become amazed and he couldn’t help wondering.

Fortunately, the explanations of the people were very fast coming and immediately Xu Chengxin knew the origins of these people. These were some killers. It was said that the next assassination against Yang Chen, regardless of whether things have been done, as long as they took the assassination of Yang Chen, it was a crime punishable by death, these experts, on their way took care of several killers and they brought the heads just to show it.

Originally the Pure Yang Palace was only a sect at the bottom of the second-rate sects. It was not known whether the Pure Yang Palace would be swallowed by a large sect one day, but now it has become the leader of the second-rate sect. Although it was not comparable to the super sects like the Blue Cloud Sect, Greatest Heaven Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, they were not so far behind at this time.

At this time, no one dared to have any other thoughts on the Pure Yang Palace. Who knew how many masters were secretly waiting for such an opportunity and then use these human heads to please the Pure Yang Palace.

The head of the hundreds of killers placed at the gate of the Pure Yang Palace was the testaments of all this.

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