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Chapter 395.2: 395.2
This paying of respect, it could almost be said that the two women have completely turned to sect master Lu’s side . Everyone understood the preciousness of the fifth grade medicinal pills and such medicinal pills were obviously not refined by the Blue Cloud Sect, nor were they owned by the Blue Cloud Sect .

As the users of the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills, they knew more than anyone the capability of these two pills and as the elders of the Blue Cloud Sect, they also knew what the sect would have to pay for these two drugs . The price of that sect master Lu would owe would be enormous .

The grace of life and the resources of the questioning inner heart pills in the hands of sect master Lu were enough to make anyone completely become submissive to sect master Lu .

Even if their injuries were caused by the fact that sect master Lu sent them out to find a secret plane . However, both women knew that sect master Lu did not force them, but asked their opinions . They were also promised that they would be allowed to choose one-half of the benefits from the secret plane, so they were tempted and they couldn’t blame others for their misfortune .

When they arrived at the realm of the dacheng stage, the two became aware of karma and they could see it clearly, so the two women did not hesitate to support sect master Lu .

For sect master Lu, this was simply an unexpected surprise . The effectiveness of the two dacheng stage elders who originally opposed her also meant that she had monopolized the Blue Cloud Sect and there would be no objection in the near future against any decision taken . The Blue Cloud Sect would also have solidarity within their interior, which was even more ecstatic than that of the two dacheng stage elders .

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Everyone was pleasantly surprised and there was no doubt about the efficacy of the fifth grade medicinal pill anymore . Naturally, Yang Chen, who was able to refine this kind of pill, has become the object that everyone has to look up to . Even the Blue Cloud Sect, a super sect with all their masters of alchemy, could not match the height that Yang Chen, an alchemy master could achieve .

“Sect master, these fifth grade medicinal pills, where did it come from?” The two white-haired people almost asked this question at the same time . This question was already buried in their heart as long as they took the medicinal pills . Without asking, it simply made them feel like they couldn’t stand it .

“This is the healing medicine that Yang Chen, the master of alchemy in the Pure Yang Palace, specially made for you!” Sect master Lu did not hide anything and quickly replied .

“Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen?” The two suddenly became shocked: “He is a fifth grade alchemist master?”

It was not the first time they have heard of Yang Chen’s name . He refined the questioning inner heart pills . Now he has refined a fifth grade medicinal pill . According to their knowledge, Yang Chen was only a junior in the Jiedan stage . How was it possible?

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“Little Xue and Green Jade Immortal Island’s Shi Shanshan witnessed Yang Chen’s alchemy . ” Sect master Lu forcibly suppressed his shock and pretended to calmly say this .

Now no one has doubts about the authenticity of the fifth grade medicinal pills, but this fact was really shocking to accept . There was a fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world and it was a fifth grade alchemist master in the early Jiedan stage . What if he was promoted to the Yuanying stage or dacheng stage?

Sixth grade? Seventh grade? Not to mention the spiritual world, even if he was placed in the Immortal world, such a grade was already a super master in the alchemy world and now he was only in the mortal world .

A monstrous talent, could not be perfectly used to express Yang Chen anymore, they could only use a phrase to describe the current state of Yang Chen and that was that his future was boundless!

Such a dao of alchemy grandmaster, if the Blue Cloud Sect missed him, they would be the biggest fools in heaven and earth . At this time, the most important thing was to firmly grasp onto Yang Chen .

The person most proud right now, was the palace master . He saw with his own eyes that Yang Chen’s medicinal pills cured two seriously wounded dacheng stage masters who had almost completely lost their cultivation base in just one month . The efficacy of these fifth grade medicinal pills would no longer be suspected, even if he was not the refiner of the medicinal pills he still felt the sincere pride .

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Even in the face of so many masters of the dacheng stage, in front of the top powers of the Blue Cloud Sect, the head of the palace could now swagger and he did not have the same kind of state before that was slightly with a little carelessness . He really became an equal with everyone present, all this must be attributed to Yang Chen’s fifth grade medicinal pills .

The group returned to the hall of the Blue Cloud Sect again and the guest was seated . The marriage of Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue was put on the agenda again .

“They should get engaged first, as for the day of marriage, we set it at a later date . ” The initiative has undergone a complete change and the Blue Cloud Sect has become an urgent one, not the Pure Yang palace and the head of the palace was full of enthusiasm “Yang Chen also has been said that the cultivation of his current body refining cultivation method should not be broken . When the refining is successful, he will be married!”

Everyone has seen Yang Chen’s body shape . They all understand that Yang Chen was cultivating a unique body refining technique . The palace master said this, but no one could refute it . Yang Chen couldn’t ruin his cultivation just to marry Sun Qingxue .

Fortunately, it was an acceptable idea from the palace master to get them engaged first and set their status first . Everyone was willing to agree . As long as there was this status, plus the friendship between Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen would still be related to the Blue Cloud Sect .

Next, in addition to agreeing on the details of the engagement, the palace master took the initiative to let them know that Yang Chen would be willing to refine a requested pill once in twenty-five years, those conditions must be said to the Blue Cloud Sect .

For the Blue Cloud Sect, this was good news . Yang Chen became a fifth grade alchemist master, but he was still willing to refine for outsiders . Thanks to the relationship between Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen, the Blue Cloud Sect could also grab the first move, not to mention that the Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace have been cooperating for several decades . As for the success rate of the alchemy materials, it was not worth a trip . The Blue Cloud Sect would not care about this .

The head of the palace this time came to the sect to ask for an engagement and he achieved a satisfactory result . He set the marriage, Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue have the status of a husband and wife and they have treated the two masters of the Blue Cloud Sect, the cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace and Blue Cloud Sect was even closer .

As for the rewards of Yang Chen for the treatment of the two masters, the Blue Cloud Sect would naturally decide on it in the coming days . Compared with the winning over of a fifth grade alchemist master, the property used would not be cared for by the Blue Cloud Sect . What was used to reward Yang Chen, it was a matter worthy of scrutiny, it must be worthy of the occasion .

“I heard that someone outside has a reward for killing Yang Chen? Is there such a thing?” When he sent away the head of the palace and Shi Shanshan, the first sentence of sect master Lu when he returned to the main hall was to ask this question .

“There are some rumors . ” The elder of the foreign affairs hurriedly replied “It is said that the reward is not low, and many people are tempted . ”

“Who is the one who checked it? Who took the reward . ” Sect master Lu, on the surface, seemed to be calm and said “After you find out, you can kill them, kill them all! After that, we will see can make a move against him!”

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