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The next discussion was now the focus. Yang Chen was already a real fifth grade alchemist master at this moment and Yang Chen also said that the three fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills was to heal the three dacheng masters of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island so this news was impossible to hide. In this case, then Yang Chen becoming a fifth grade alchemist master, would be known by all the cultivators.

Being the fifth grade alchemist master would definitely be a blockbuster explosion in the cultivation world, it was definitely on the level of nuclear bombs. It would definitely make a big wave in the whole cultivation world that cannot be suppressed.

The Pure Yang Palace has such a big character, it would definitely rise strongly. Now the palace master and the elders were going to discuss how to take the most initiative in the coming days.

Of course, the first question was to determine whether Yang Chen was willing to refine medicinal pills for other sects or cultivators.

“If there is a high reward, of course this disciple is willing.” Yang Chen replied with a smile. In fact, he has already refined pills not only for the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, but he also refined medicinal pills for the treatment of the black tiger predecessor injury and even this fifth grade medicinal pills, could be regarded as an exchange with the two major sects, Yang Chen really did not give thought to the idea of ​​refining for other sects.

“However, in the future, if there is a cultivator who’s realm is lower than the Yuanying stage, he cannot find this disciple for refining.” Yang Chen then added another sentence “The medicinal pills that is lower than the Yuanying class, this disciple will only refine them to the Pure Yang Palace’s disciples.”

Now Yang Chen was already a fifth grade alchemist master. Anyone who wanted to come to Yang Chen to refine a few foundation stage pills, it was really below the standards of a fifth grade alchemist master, this limitation was also normal. Of course, the second grade inner sensing pills, which could be used in the Jiedan stage, Yang Chen would refine, but only to the Pure Yang Palace.

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“This is natural!” The palace master directly nodded in agreement, a fifth grade alchemist master would not be able to refine medicinal pills for just anybody. Even if Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace were willing, those big masters who were waiting for their turn would never be happy to see it.

“In my opinion, it is better to set a deadline.” Zhu Chentao, the medicinal hall master quickly said: “You can’t delay the cultivation of the young sect master. If you delay it by refining for others, the gain will not equal the loss.”

In this regard, Zhu Chentao has experience and he knew how to rationally allocate the time of alchemy and cultivation. This proposal was very pertinent.

“Well, this must be considered.” Everyone nodded. Everyone understood that Yang Chen would definitely make a move to refine for a master of the Yuanying stage or even a dacheng stage master. The medicinal pills they needed couldn’t be completed in a few days, it would take at least in units of years.

If Yang Chen was dragged down by alchemy, his cultivation would be slightly reduced, this time must be fixed.

“How about making a move once in every fifty years?” Wang Yong, as his master ancestor, of course he considered his own grand disciple. He immediately said “The higher the cultivation base of Yang Chen is, the greater his grasp over alchemy would be, the one who wants to ask for a pill will understand it?” ”

“Fifty years? Some people may not wait.” The master of the palace said, he knew more than anyone knows what a fifth grade alchemist master means. The third grade alchemist masters in the Pill Cauldron Sect were almost in short supply. In the decades after Deng Yiya refined the heaven seizing pill, he finally promoted to the fourth grade alchemist master realm by relying on the proceeds from the refining of the heaven seizing pill and now he was so busy that his feet doesn’t moisten. For a fifth grade alchemist master, it was estimated that people would step through the threshold of the impossible to visit him.

It must be known that the one who could ask for help from the sect was definitely a master of the dacheng stage or the peak Yuanying stage and everyone else was not qualified. Even if it was a sect which was asking for their help, at least it must be the same as the second-class sect. These people who would come forward to ask for it, the Pure Yang Palace sometimes would not necessarily be able to block the pressure.

“The medicinal materials are to be self-supplied, the pill recipe could be supplied or they can use this disciples’ pill recipe, the success of alchemy can not be guaranteed.” After listening to a few words, Yang Chen finally said, “If the reward is enough. If these all agreed upon, making a move once in twenty years is enough.”

Twenty years, this time was certainly more acceptable than fifty years. As for the conditions that Yang Chen said, almost every alchemy master has the same requirements. He was a fifth grade alchemist master with almost no specials requirements. If this was not accepted by the people who ask for a pill, then they were not sincere.

If it was not as a last resort, like in the case of the dacheng stage master of the two major sects being severely injured, who would waste an opportunity to make a request from a fifth grade alchemist master? Since it was for the visits, naturally, Yang Chen has the final say.

At the same time, the affirmation of the sect would not only be one or two, of course, there must be a sequence. Who would give it to whom, and of course, Yang Chen’s wishes, it depends on whether the compensation they have prepared could impress Yang Chen.

To put it bluntly, Yang Chen now has the qualification to wait for a better price, even if it was a master of the dacheng stage, he has to satisfy Yang Chen when he asks for a favour. No one would be willing to offend a fifth grade alchemist master, which meant that at the same time, all the masters who were looking forward to Yang Yan’s help to refine the medicinal pills would also be offended.

As soon as this news came out, there would be no killer who dared to take over the assassination of Yang Chen. No one would hope that when they take over the rewards, they would become enemies with hundreds of dacheng stage masters and countless sects, this was the reality.

Even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, if they wanted to move against Yang Chen, they must take measures. Yang Chen was now the treasure of the entire cultivation world. Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect has always been a leader of the dao sects, they would not dare to offend all the sects.

It was even possible that the Greatest Heaven Sect too would come to seek help in refining. It should be known that in the case of the secret plane, the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island together had three masters of the dacheng stage who were seriously injured, while the Greatest Heaven Sect also had three seriously injured. If they don’t want to lose three dacheng masters masters after hundreds of years, they would have to ask for Yang Chen’s help.

As for weather Yang Chen was willing to help them in alchemy, it was based on Yang Chen’s own mood. The initiative was in the hands of Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace, the Greatest Heaven Sect were helpless in the situation.

When they thought of the face the Greatest Heaven Sect would make when the time came, everyone’s heart was full of expectations. After so many years of humiliation, they finally got to the time of slowly harvesting. A little bit of watching the Greatest Heaven Sect’s decline was the design of their own disciple, when the Greatest Heaven Sect came to beg for their help, what kind of things would more refreshing?

“Twenty years of time is too short to show your preciousness.” The master of the palace still remembered to make a decision: “According to the conditions of Yang Chen, twenty-five years at a time, presumably no one will be dissatisfied. That’s it!”

The head of the palace was right and this time was confirmed. Now they just have to wait for Yang Chen’s medicinal pills to cause a sensation when it arrived at the two major sects.

: The Wedding Date

In the more than two years of Yang Chen’s alchemy, Gongsun ling also came back to the Pure Yang Palace. When Yang Chen went to see the head of the palace, the four women had already rescheduled their positions.

Gao Yue was obviously the big sister of all the women. There was no doubt that no one has any objections. Shi Shanshan, from her age, succumbed to the second sister position, Gongsun ling ranked third, Sun Qingxue became the youngest sister. When Yang Chen was absent, the four women were very harmonious.

It seemed that the four women were clearly divided into two small groups. Gao Yue and Gongsun ling were the same as they were from the Pure Yang Palace and they were very close, while Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan were more closer with each other.

Yang Chen looked at the four women together and there was a kind of pride that could not be said in him. In the past, he dared not to have such a luxury, he was able to take the famous dancing snow fairy and cold plum fairy as his wifes and also accepted his senior apprentice sister and his master.

Even if it was the Jade Emperor at the time, it was estimated that he did not dare to think like this. Now, it would become a reality soon. How could it not let Yang Chen have that kind of proud satisfaction?

Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan finally arrived at the moment to return to their respective sects. On their bodies, they each took two fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills.

The master of the palace decided to travel with the two women. First, with Sun Qingxue to the Blue Cloud Sect , then he and Shi Shanshan would go to the Green Jade Immortal. The conditions proposed by the two major sects, Yang Chen has fully satisfied it, naturally he wanted to ask the two main sects about the marriage.

In this regard, the two women did not object, they could only comply while blushing. At the moment, the palace master was also the elder of Yang Chen. They were like shy little daughters in front of the head of the palace.

Reluctantly bidding farewell to Yang Chen, the two women set off with the head of the palace. Yang Chen was watching the team until they got out of his own line of sight and then he relinquished.

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Asking for the marriage alliance was the job of head of the palace and Yang Chen has other arrangements to make. So far, Yang Chen has been away from the cypress for thirty-two years. Yang Chen said earlier that after 30 years, he would go to pick up Mu Bai and his family and return them to the Pure Yang Palace, it was also time to complete it.

Gongsun ling has been wandering around the site of the dao sects. It was said that it was to gain experience, but it was basically to complement the mountain river geographical map. In the past few years, she has been able to go through the most central parts of the domain and at least a map like the East China Sea has been added to the geographical map.

Yang Chen would go to the northern part of the monster race domain, so he could go together with Gongsun ling to make up all of this geography. When they prepared for the journey, they set foot on the road to the north.

When the head of the palace came to the Blue Cloud Sect this time, he held his head up all the way. Both Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan knew why the head of the palace had such an attitude, but no one has said anything. Sun Qingxue was still feeling very sweet in her heart and had more expectations.

The appearance of the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills, as if it was a nuclear bomb, stunned the entire high ranking members of the Blue Cloud Sect. Sect master Lu looked at the two fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills sent by his disciple and his brain seemed to be short-circuited, he lost the ability to think.

He thought that following the restriction of the fifth grade medicinal pill, Yang Chen could be married to Sun Qingxue when he reached the dacheng stage and it would not hurt the relationship between the two parties. This was good for both parties and in order to meet the requirements, Yang Chen would be more diligent in researching alchemy, which would bring more benefits to the Blue Cloud Sect.

The preparation of the fifth grade qi replenishing pill was the escape route left for Yang Chen. At that time, the Blue Cloud Sect would marry Sun Qingxue to him, Yang Chen would certainly be grateful to the Blue Cloud Sect for this arrangement and the Blue Cloud Sect could easily obtain a future alchemist master. The friendship of the alchemist master, even in the spiritual world, would also be held tightly in the hands of the Blue Cloud Sect.

The Green Jade Immortal Island was also having the same plan, they first set the conditions and then in the final gift, they would provide means of achieving it, the two major sects were well prepared.

However, all of the preparation turned into a bubble with the two fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills in his hands. The foresight of making such arrangements before has been completely shocked. Seeing this, the sages and the elders of the Blue Cloud Sect were shocked and could no longer speak.

The authenticity of the medicinal pills no longer needed to be verified. The Blue Cloud Sect’s medicinal hall master took a full look at the two pills, except for being stunned, there was only marvel at him. Sun Qingxue has already said that this medicinal pill was refined under her and Shi Shanshan’s eyelids and there was no such thing as it being a fake.

Yang Chen, actually has become a fifth grade alchemist master! This news directly shocked sect master Lu and the several elders in the dacheng stage. Was there really a presence of a fifth grade alchemist master in this mortal world?

Sect master Lu has seen a fifth grade medicinal pill before, but it was only after the ancestors consciousness clone came from the heavenly court to refine it and it was only the simplest qi replenishing pill. In the case of the ninety-nine percent memory loss of the predecessor, it was only at the last moment that he able to refine it successfully because he has refined continuously for a long time that it was almost like an instinct. After that, the consciousness lost its life.

Now, this lingzhi mushroom jade pill, which claims to be able to treat all the injuries below the Yuanying stage, it’s fifth grade has appeared. How could this not course a shock?

Yang Chen, what kind of heaven defying monstrous talent was he? What kind of shit great luck did the Pure Yang Palace have to be able to get such an outstanding disciple?

After the initial shock, sect master Lu who was an experienced man who had been in charge of the Blue Cloud Sect for many years, soon recovered his ability to think.

Such an excellent alchemist master who was soo heaven defying, if the Blue Cloud Sect does not grasp onto him, then they were the biggest fool in the world.

“When is the wedding?” The most direct answer was to ask this question. Was there a more important thing to tie Yang Chen and the Blue Cloud Sect together than them immediately getting married?

“First set the marriage, wait for the two injured elders to recover from their injury, and then we will have the wedding!” The master of the palace has never had a moment when in front of the Blue Cloud Sect’s sect master, he felt so proud, even at the time they came to ask for a questioning inner heart pill he never felt this feeling.

The meaning of palace master was very clear, he wanted them to see the authenticity of the medicinal pills before the wedding. This medicinal pill was originally refined for the two injured dacheng stage masters and when they were cured, it would prove that the medicinal pill was not a falsification. At that time, if they determined when the wedding would be held, the Blue Cloud Sect would not have any excuse.

This was not the condition that the head of the palace taught the opportunity to respond to the Blue Cloud Sect would be, but at this moment, the initiative has undergone earth-shaking changes.

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