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Chapter 393.2: 393.2
“It is this disciple!” In the face of the inquiry of Elder Zhu Chentao, Yang Chen was very respectful to answer, there was no difference between his previous attitude and the current attitude. There was no scorn for others because he became a fifth grade alchemist master.

Although they have seen the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, everyone was still fascinated at the moment when they heard Yang Chen’s personal recognition.

Fifth grade medicinal pill! In the mortal world, this could almost be said to be a super-medicine of the level of a spirit pill. A lingzhi mushroom jade pill was used to treat injuries under the Yuanying stage. Now after the fifth grade refining, what kind of medicine would it become?

Immediately, everyone thought of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island this time coming to Yang Chen to treat the three masters of the dacheng stage. The fifth grade medicinal pill was enough to completely cure the wounds of the dacheng stage masters.

It was self-evident that the three masters of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island would be cured by the Pure Yang Palace. Even if there was no cooperation within the 100,000 mountains in the future, this one single help was enough to let the two main sects stand behind the pure Yang Palace and face any strong enemy.

When they thought of the rise of the Pure Yang Palace in the hands of everyone, including the head of the palace, all the elders were excited and shivering, there was no calmness that a Yuanying stage master should have evident from them. It’s not that everyone’s state of mind was inadequate, it’s really a bit too much of a good news.

In the pill cauldron sect, there has never been a strong combat master there, but in the few major sects they have a very high status, because there were several fourth grade alchemist masters in the sect. So far, no one dares to have any unkindness about the pill cauldron sect, because of this.

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Now there was a fifth grade alchemist master in the Pure Yang Palace. That was the alchemist master who was more powerful than the pill cauldron sect’s master. Not mentioning an ordinary martial art sect, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, they had to be cautious when dealing with Yang Chen.

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As for the killer organization, even when they are given ten times their courage, they would not dare take the assassination mission of a fifth grade alchemist master. Not mentioning the fifth grade alchemist master, as long as it was a fourth grade alchemist master, that would be a protected great person. If they dared to make a move against Yang Chen, it would absolutely directly provoke the hostile writings of the cultivators in the whole world, whoever was impatient to die, could try.

No one could guarantee that he would not ask for the help of an alchemist master in his life, especially an alchemist master who has mastered the refinement of the heaven seizing pill and the questioning inner heart pill, not to mention a fifth grade alchemist master.

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A first grade questioning inner heart pill has been able to let the master of the dacheng stage to breakthrough, what effect would the second grade pill have, except for the people around Yang Chen, no one knew. Not to mention the third grade, fourth grade, or even the fifth grade.

The same was true for other medicinal pills and it may be rare to take advantage of it. However, it was easy to refine it. The second grade inner sensing pill would allow a master of the peak Jiedan stage to breakthrough to form their nascent soul and the effect of the third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade, could be expected.

How many cultivators trapped on the edge of their breakthrough would regard Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace as saviors? These people, would they not have a few masters and friends? The combined strength would be enough to make the big sects feel ashamed.

Even if it was a few major sects, the medicinal pills that could make people breakthrough was only on the level of the nascent soul pill. At the point of crossing the tribulation to ascend, there was hardly any medicinal pill to help.

But now it was different. The effect of the third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade inner sensing pill does not know how, but the effect of the questioning inner heart pill was actually real. After Wang Yong and the three masters of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island who have just been promoted to the dacheng stage was known, who would doubt it again?

In the eyes of other people, the Pure Yang Palace was not like some big sects and it doesn’t have the secret recipe of the nascent soul pill. Of course, the secret of protection was normal, and the same was true for the Pure Yang Palace, but other sects people, including those who want to get these medicines, were difficult.

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It was impossible to rely on people to ask for help, it’s a joke to even try to force them. Even if they wanted to use spirit stones to exchange, they couldn’t get it. This was the advantage of a sect disciple and it was impossible to give it to outsiders.

However, the Pure Yang Palace was different. At least now when the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island seek medicinal pills from the Pure Yang Palace, as long as they pay enough price and prepare their own raw materials, the Pure Yang Palace would still give them face and refine it, which made everyone have more good feelings for the Pure Yang Palace.

Previous news did not come out, but after the Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island emerged with several consecutive masters of the dacheng stage, the reputation of the questioning inner heart pills was not lost, it was no longer the secret of the big sects. The masters who were trapped in the peak Yuanying stage and dacheng stage saw hope immediately.

For these people, they were not afraid of how difficult the raw materials could be to obtain. Their fear was that there was raw material but no one to help refine it. The reason why the pill cauldron sect would have such a status was because they were willing to help with the same refining and to improve their alchemy level. Even if the alchemy fails, everyone was still rushing to them.

The Pure Yang Palace did not close their door on everyone who came to seek medicinal pills and there was also a fifth grade alchemist master to help out, the master who wanted to ask for a medicinal pill, naturally knew how to choose. In this way, the Pure Yang Palace had equivalent to countless masters who were willing to secretly maintain the Pure Yang Palace. Anyone who wanted to move against the Pure Yang Palace must think clearly about the end of the insurmountable masters, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, they were no exception.

“Yang Chen is the young sect master of the sect, does anyone have any objection?” On this occasion, the lord of the palace finally presented the proposal that had been conceived for a long time in front of the elders.

Who would have an objection? Not to mention that Yang Chen’s merits for the sect in these years, being the fifth grade alchemist master alone was enough to make the sect put all their treasures on Yang Chen’s development.

This motion was almost unanimously passed by the elders who were present during the time of less than ten breaths. When the hands were raised, the elders did not even hesitate.

“So, from this time, Yang Chen is the young sect master of the sect.” The head of the palace directly announced “you can dispatch any sect disciple as you see fit and the resources of sect can also be used by you.”

Given the status, it gives the power of the corresponding status. However, compared with the status of a young sect master, the power to be able to arbitrarily dispatch sect disciples and sect resources was too big, but none of the elders present had objections and it passed all the votes.

“Since the conditions of the two major sects have been met, this old man will make another trip and set the marriage of Yang Chen and the two fairies!” The palace master was watching Yang Chen, the more he looked, the more satisfied he was. He said ” the sect must prepare a grand wedding for you.”

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