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Chapter 393.1

From the point of view in her heart, Shi Shanshan’s petition to Yang Chen was still a must, but she was somewhat unwilling to share him with the other three women .


However, she also knew that it was impossible to make Yang Chen give up the three women, otherwise she wouldn’t put forward such a condition . She thought that she could stretch Yang Chen for a long time, but now it seems that she was the silly girl who sits at the bottom of the well .


Yang Chen used ten challenges . Every time he used a completely different way to defeat Shi Shanshan . Whether it was the usage of a treasure or his cultivation base, Shi Shanshan was like a toddler in front of Yang Chen, she had no resistance at all .


These strong styles have also made Shi Shanshan completely fascinated . The dao companion in her mind was such a strong figure . Not only must he be able to brave the world, but he must also be famous .


At this point, Yang Chen was almost completely in line with her thoughts . Yang Chen could easily defeat herself ten times . Shi Shanshan was not a smug figure, among the experts with the same cultivation base as her, almost no one dares to say that they were her opponent . As for the fame, being the fifth grade alchemist master was enough to make Yang Chen the strongest alchemist master in history .


Originally, she wanted to hold back once or twice in the challenge to let Yang Chen complete the challenge . Now that idea seems to be the most ridiculous joke, Yang Chen easily defeated the proudest part of Shi Shanshan .


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Such an extraordinary person, plus being her own husband, even if Shi Shanshan was an iceberg, she would melt in front of Yang Chen . After being completely released, she enjoyed the warmth in Yang Chen’s arms .


As a proud woman of the sky, Shi Shanshan has always faced everything alone . No matter what kind of difficulties and obstacles she faces, now Shi Shanshan finally has an embrace to relax in, so that she could behave as a normal woman, someone to care for her, someone to love her . This feeling brought a person such happiness .


When Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan appeared again in front of Gao Yue and Sun Qingxue, Shi Shanshan had already restored her usual expression and the others could not pass it . When she and Yang Chen were alone, the kind of enthusiasm showed, it was even more than Gongsun ling .


“I have seen elder sister!” Seeing Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan was somewhat unnatural, but she quickly recovered her calmness and bowed down to Gao Yue .


Since Yang Chen has already defeated Shi Shanshan, Shi Shanshan certainly has to obey her own agreement to marry Yang Chen . In this way, in terms of reason, Gao Yue should be the eldest sister, her age was also the highest among them . Shi Shanshan has to call Gao Yue elder sister regardless of the aspect .


Gao Yue knew the results almost immediately . It’s one thing to be able to guess, but it’s one thing to watch these things happen . Seeing Shi Shanshan’s greetings, Gao Yue also hurriedly greeted back “Sisters don’t have to be polite . ”


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Sun Qingxue certainly guessed the result . Seeing Shi Shanshan’s performance, she realized that she didn’t seem to have officially greeted Gao Yue . She hurriedly learned the way of Shi Shanshan and also said to Gao Yue “Little sister has seen elder sister!”


Gao Yue was also full of joy after the return of the greetings, holding the hands of the two women, she said with a smile “I have not had a good chat with my sisters, I will sit down with my sisters to chart . ”


Before leaving, Gao Yue directed to Yang Chen “Yang Chen, the head of the palace want you to come back to see him immediately afterwards . ” After that, she took the two women and quickly left Yang Chen’s alchemy room .


The palace master wanted to see Yang Chen and Yang Chen certainly knew what it was for . When Yang Chen challenged Shi Shanshan, Gao Yue had already given Yang Chen’s fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill to the head of the palace .


The disciple under their sect was a genius of alchemy that had never appeared in a thousand years . With the cultivation of the early Jiedan stage, he refined a fifth grade medicinal pill and became the mortal world’s first fifth grade alchemist master . After receiving this news, the palace master was so excited that he almost shouted out loud .


Forced to hold on to his excitement, after the palace master told the other elders, everyone was waiting for Yang Chen to arrive .


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“Your challenge with the cold plum fairy, what is the result?” When Yang Chen appeared, the palace master asked him with a smile .


Of course, this was just a polite question . When Yang Chen brought back the body of the second city owner from banyan tree Immortal’s cave, everyone never doubted that there was a master of the Jiedan stage that Yang Chen could not defeat, even if it was a master of the  Jiedan stage who was also a genius .


“Shansan has promised to get married . ” The master of the palace called Shi Shanshan a fairy, but in the perspective of Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan was already his wife, he naturally used a more intimate name .


” The fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, was it really made by you?” Zhu Chentao, who was next to him, couldn’t help it . As the master of the medicinal hall, he was still only a third grade alchemist master and Yang Chen has been the optimistic disciple has already reached the level of the fifth grade alchemist master, the most excited one was him .


No one knew more about the difficulty and significance of the fifth grade alchemist master than Zhu Chentao, although everyone knew that the fifth grade alchemist master was already a pioneering work for those who have never come before . But as an alchemist master, Zhu Chentao understood more thoroughly and professionally .


The reason why there has never been a fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world, was that because once they exceeded the third grade, each grade upgrade was a huge moat for the alchemists . This was definitely no easier than a person from the beginning of his cultivation to his ascendancy .


Even Yang Chen, in fact, also relied on the ability of the profound spirit furnace to become this powerful, the four-and-half grade Lingzhi mushroom jade pill was upgraded to the five grade . With his current cultivation, it would not be enough for him to reach that realm .


However, no one knew this . What everyone saw was only Yang Chen in front of Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan, starting directly from raw materials and refining the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill .


In this way, the condition proposed by the Blue Cloud Sect was not worth a visit . In other words, in addition to the cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan, the dancing snow fairy Sun Qingxue, was already one of Yang Chen’s nominal wife .


In the past few days of waiting for Yang Chen, the mood of the master and elders of the palace has been excited and slowly turned into the present joy .


Everyone knows that the Pure Yang Palace has a fifth grade alchemist master now . Others dare not say that this news out loud, let alone the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island that have been handed over with the Pure Yang Palace . Even if it was the Five Elements Sect and the Qiankun sect, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, it must rethink certain things .


From the moment they knew that Yang Chen refined the fifth grade medicinal pill, the head of the palace and the elders have been immersed in ecstasy . Even in these few days, there has been no practice . Everyone has seen the true rise of the Pure Yang Palace .

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