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Chapter 392.2

“The eighth time!” When Yang Chen made an eight-figure gesture, Shi Shanshan’s long-awaited spiritual arrow had already been made .


However, when the spiritual arrow has just left Shi Shanshan’s finger, an overwhelming momentum filled the valley where the two were fighting .


At this moment, Yang Chen released his strongest pressure, he directly mobilized the middle dacheng stage spiritual awareness and oppressed Shi Shanshan with it .


Influenced by the pressure of Yang Chen, the spiritual arrow that flew out did not have the control of the master and suddenly disappeared into the air . However, Shi Shanshan had to face the pressure of Yang Chen and she resisted hard .


The gap between the two sides was too great . Even if Shi Shanshan has unique conditions, she has the support of the sect and has excellent cultivation methods . Even if the strength of Shi Shanshan’s spiritual awareness has reached the level of the Yuanying stage, but in the face of Yang Chen’s dacheng stage pressure, it was still not enough .


The attack of the spiritual awareness was inseparable . Apart from the hard resistance, Shi Shanshan had no other way . Just after a while, Shi Shanshan’s face appeared sweaty and her lovely body began to tremble involuntarily .


Shi Shanshan couldn’t have imagined in her dreams that Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness attack was so fierce, so powerful and even made her have no choice but to resist .


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At this moment, Shi Shanshan could still maintain a standing position under the pressure of Yang Chen, it was not easy to not fall down . This was still because Yang Chen did not use a technique in the spiritual awareness attack, but simply crushed her with a strong spiritual awareness . If Yang Chen used the attack techniques recorded on the three purities secret arts, Shi Shanshan has no other possibility except to be directly comatose at the beginning .


However, even so, the failure of Shi Shanshan was now a foregone conclusion . This kind of strong to overbearing attack, her defeat was only a matter of sooner or later .


After dozens of breaths, Shi Shanshan’s resistance reached the limit . However, the character of this girl was arrogant . There was no thought of admitting defeat . She kept resisting, her legs were almost unable to support her weight . After three or five breaths, finally her legs became soft and she slowly fell to the ground .


Yang Chen certainly wouldn’t look at Shi Shanshan’s body fall to the ground . His body moved and he appeared beside her, he reached out and supported Shi Shanshan’s body and took back his spiritual awareness pressure .


Shi Shanshan did not lose consciousness, but her eyes looked complicated and difficult when she looked at Yang Chen, Yang Chen just smiled . There were two calming spirit pills in his mouth, he  kissed Shi Shanshan’s lips again and sent the two calming spirit pills into her mouth .


Yang Chen’s move, Shi Shanshan did not refuse, she shyly closed her eyes and accepted Yang Chen’s kindness .


“Will you continue?” Yang Chen looked at Shi Shanshan, who had recovered . After receiving a positive reply, he made a nine-gesture gesture: “The ninth!”


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This time, Yang Chen did not use any magic weapon and attacked Shi Shanshan with his bare hands . Shi Shanshan’s flying sword was met by Yang Chen with one punch, but she could not leave any trace on Yang Chen’s hand .


Every time, Yang Chen carried a huge force to attack, he could always leave a huge pit on the ground where Shi Shanshan was . After dozens of punches, the valley where the two were located has been completely sunk to the height of 3 meters altitude . Every punch of Yang Chen was like a huge hammer and the ground was sturdy .


The face of Shi Shanshan finally changed . The power of Yang Chen’s simple punch was beyond the expectation of Shi Shanshan . She never thought that a person could have such tremendous strength that her two flying swords were cut off by Yang Chen with empty fists .


She thought that Yang Chen’s huge body would definitely lack speed . But when Yang Chen chased the attack, Shi Shanshan discovered that the speed she was proud of was not worth mentioning in front of Yang Chen . If it wasn’t for Yang Chen holding back his hands and punch her body, maybe Shi Shanshan would now be broken .


Unable to fight head on, Shi Shanshan could only dodge and hide, and she finally could not escape in the end as Yang Chen blocked her in a corner . When Yang Chen’s arms stretched out, Shi Shanshan’s road to escape was blocked and behind her was a hard rock . When she couldn’t escape, Shi Shanshan had to admit that she was still defeated this time .


Not only that, but the defeat made her speechless . Yang Chen didn’t use external force, but by only relying on his strong body great strength and ghostly speed . This was also a battle that made Shi Shanshan feel powerless .


Naturally, Yang Chen just wrapped his arms around her chest and he was very rudely kissing on the red lips of Shi Shanshan . Shi Shanshan just sighed in secret, but took the initiative to close her eyes and felt the overbearing kiss of Yang Chen .


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After a long time, the two talented people were separated . Yang Chen once again looked at Shi Shanshan with some inquiries, he seemed to ask her if she wanted to continue . The reluctant Shi Shanshan certainly nodded, so Yang Chen could only reach out with both hands and stretched out all his fingers “The tenth time!”


With his hands extended, Yang Chen’s arm did not move, but he said directly to Shi Shanshan “The last time, let’s see who have the strongest spirit power, how about it?”


Of course, Shi Shanshan would not have any opinions .  


Her magic weapon was not as good as Yang Chen’s .  


Her control over flames was not as good as Yang Chen control over flames .  


Her spiritual awareness was not as good as Yang Chen’s .


 Her strength was not as good as Yang Chen’s .  


Her speed was not as good as Yang Chen’s . If her late Jiedan stage spiritual power was not as good as Yang Chen’s own, then wasn’t she useless?


But the reality was so cruel . When Shi Shanshan used all her strength and could not repel Yang Chen’s half step, Shi Shanshan noticed that it was not good . Waiting until Yang Chen attacked, Shi Shanshan found her own vulnerability .


Yang Chen used two methods, one was a positive five elements attack, and the other was an anti-five elements attack . Against the five elements attack, the spiritual power entering Shi Shanshan became a huge grinding disc and the spirit of Shi Shanshan was cleaned up . Then Yang Chen’s spiritual power entered the body of Shi Shanshan .


The five elements attack, the five elements of the spiritual power, instantly destroyed all the resistance of Shi Shanshan, the same as the bamboo broke into the guilt of Shi Shanshan . If it wasn’t for the timely closing of Yang Chen at the last minute, Shi Shanshan would be seriously injured .


“Shanshan, marry me!” Yang Chen embraced Shi Shanshan’s delicate body with his hands and said the request .


Ten challenges, Shi Shanshan was given, but she lost all . At this moment, where would Shi Shanshan still have her original pride and persistence, there was still a little cold arrogance of the cold plum fairy . In Yang Chen’s arms, like a weak woman who needed gentle care, she nodded shyly .


Yang Chen was overjoyed,there was nothing more to be said and he directly kissed Shi Shanshan’s lips . Shi Shanshan was no longer reserved . She closed her eyes and took the initiative to hold Yang Chen’s neck . She extended her tongue and kissed Yang Chen .

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