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Chapter 392.1
Unconsciously, Yang Chen’s hand was holding a unique flying sword, it’s color was blood red, which allowed one to see that it was a certain kind of plant refining .

The strange thing was that the hilt was very strange, a sly ghost head spit out the blade in the mouth, but the hilt itself seems to be a living thing, twisted and circled above Yang Chen’s hand and wrist, it was very strange .

Shi Shanshan was secretly surprised, but her face did not show any expression . When Yang Chen picked up the flying sword and he snorted .

This time, Yang Chen still stood still in the same place, but raised the long sword in his hand and looked at the coming flying sword .

Even in his hands, Yang Chen’s speed was still exceptionally fast . No matter how fast Shi Shanshan’s flying sword was, from which direction it came from, it couldn’t escape Yang Chen’s sword .

Scoff, a slight sharp edge cutting into a tofu sound was heard, the flying sword of Shi Shanshan was easily smashed into two pieces by Yang Chen’s sword .

After smashing the rest of the flying sword, Yang Chen’s figure slammed into the front of Shi Shanshan and Shi Shanshan had just called another flying sword, but Yang Chen’s sword destroyed it once again, then Yang Chen’s sword was placed on the white tender neck of Shi Shanshan .

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“Don’t tell me this is your life source flying sword!” Yang Chen did not apologize for breaking the sword of Shi Shanshan . When needed, Yang Chen could send Shi Shanshan several hundred flying swords .

“You are taking advantage of your stronger flying sword . With the help of foreign objects, I am not satisfied!” Shi Shanshan’s tone did not soften . Looking at Yang Chen, she was still unconvinced .

Yang Chen leaned forward, his lips glimpsed again on Shi Shanshan’s red lips, he retracted the bloody demon vine sword held by Xiao Tian and then found an ordinary flying sword and threw it in the air .

“The seventh time!” Yang Chen made a seven-handed gesture with one hand . The flying sword in the air made a few circles in front of him, indicating that Shi Shanshan could come again .

Shi Shanshan also took out a flying sword from her Qiankun bag again and attacked Yang Chen .

The last two kisses by Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan has not resisted much . It seems that it was because of Yang Chen’s effort, so she could not resist, but Shi Shanshan understood that her heart seemed to have accepted such a thing .

When Yang Chen kissed her for the first time, Shi Shanshan pushed Yang Chen and wiped her lips with her hand . But now, Shi Shanshan made no such action, even when she was stopped by Yang Chen, and her lips come up, there were still some thoughts in her heart .

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After being beaten by Yang Chen six times in a row, Shi Shanshan actually had some admiration for Yang Chen . Although Shi Shanshan still had a hard mouth, Yang Chen seems to have beaten her when she was in the best state of consciousness . It seems that he did not violate her conditions .

However, for Shi Shanshan’s mouth being hard, Yang Chen did not mind . This situation has already been anticipated by Yang Chen . The reason why he has raised ten challenges was him taking this into account . He wanted to defeat Shi Shanshan in all aspects and let Shi Shanshan be convinced by him .

It’s not the case that Yang Chen wanted to use the benefits of his flying sword to win, but to use his pet to defeat Shi Shanshan . However, Shi Shanshan seems to have some misunderstandings . Yang Chen simply retracted Xiao Tian and used only the sword .

Even if there was no Xiao Tian, Yang Chen’s skill in the sword was under the control of his middle dacheng stage spiritual awareness and the power was not the same . Although there was no thought of killing Shi Shanshan, but he also won’t let Shi Shanshan have it easy .

The flying swords controlled by the two began to meet in the air . However, every impact of the flying sword would cause Shi Shanshan’s mind to surge .

Yang Chen’s flying sword had great strength . When he hits Shi Shanshan’s flying sword, he could always bring a trace of damage to Shi Shanshan’s flying sword . This was not the damage of the flying sword body, but the connection between Shi Shanshan and the flying sword was reduced .

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The flying sword controlled by Yang Chen was extremely fast and very flexible . While hitting Shi Shanshan’s flying sword, he could always maintain enough offensive to make Shi Shanshan completely immobile, she could only control her own flying sword to resist .

But this way, it was the opportunity for Yang Chen’s flying sword to hit Shi Shanshan more frequently . The more the number of impacts, the more Shi Shanshan found that she could no longer control her flying sword like her finger and even the defence could not be maintained .

Yang Chen did not care about it . After a series of deliberate attacks, Shi Shanshan’s flying sword could no longer be controlled . It directly disconnected from Shi Shanshan’s spiritual awareness and fell to the ground .

After experiencing Yang Chen’s attack head on, Shi Shanshan even felt that her own sea of consciousness was a bit painful . Under the shock in her heart, Yang Chen’s flying sword had once again landed on Shi Shanshan’s neck .

“How about this time?” It was not known when Yang Chen had stood opposite Shi Shanshan and looked at Shi Shanshan’s appearance and he asked with a smile .

Shi Shanshan just snorted, but did not turn her face away . Yang Chen smiled and moved forward, Shi Shanshan seemed to have felt guilty and she closed her eyes and her lips trembled . It seems that she has been anticipating it .

Yang Chen’s lips, once again kissed Shi Shanshan’s red lips . This time, Yang Chen was no longer just scratching the surface,but stayed for a long time . When the red lips that he have been in contact with trembled, then he

separated .

“Not convinced? You can take a break and resume later to continue . ” Yang Chen once again handed Shi Shanshan a calming spirit pill and a few cultivating yuan pill and let Shi Shanshan rest . Just this battle, made Shi Shanshan’s spiritual awareness have a certain shock, her spiritual power was also consumed, she had to rest to restore her prosperity .

Shi Shanshan did not refuse, she has begun to look forward to the next three games, she wanted to know what Yang Chen intended to use to defeat herself . As for what she thought about the challenge before, she has already left it behind .

When Yang Chen was resting with Shi Shanshan, he was not idle, but he quickly made a pot of hot tea and gave it to Shi Shanshan . This was Shi Shanshan’s favorite way to relax . A few cups of hot tea could restore her spirit and help her to relax . It was the most suitable thing at this time .

Shi Shanshan did not reject Yang Chen’s good intentions . When Yang Chen made the tea, Shi Shanshan had been staring at Yang Chen’s every move with a very complicated look . She seemed to want to see what kind of person Yang Chen was .

For Yang Chen’s talent in alchemy, Shi Shanshan was already full of admiration . Yang Chen was so young and the first fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world, he was absolutely the object of countless people’s admiration .

However, Shi Shanshan never imagined that in battle, Yang Chen would actually be so powerful .

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