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Chapter 391.2: 391.2
Suddenly, Shi Shanshan wanted to use the flying sword to cut the vines . However, just after a moment of thought, she suddenly realized that she began to feel dizzy and those vines seemed to have some small thorns, and they instantly penetrated into her body .

Only in a short time, Shi Shanshan did not have any strength in her whole body and the flying sword in the air also slammed and fell to the ground . Her body began to fall down softly and then she fell into the arms of Yang Chen .

“So what about this time?” Yang Chen skillfully picked up Shi Shanshan’s body horizontally, then with a soft kiss, he kissed Shi Shanshan’s lips again . Shi Shanshan didn’t even have the strength to struggle . She could only let Yang Chen do what he wanted .

At the moment when their lips touched, the red smoke and the vines disappeared without a trace, and a greenish rattan appeared quickly, turning a circle around Shi Shanshan’s body, which was so soft . It quickly dispersed Shi Shanshan’s weakness .

When her body recovered its strength, Shi Shanshan pushed Yang Chen away . She was still somewhat unconvinced, she asked Yang Chen “What is that?”

“Blood demon vine” Yang Chen did not conceal it from Shi Shanshan and he quickly replied .

Hearing the bloody vines, Shi Shanshan could not help but be shocked . However, after checking her body, she found that she was relieved of the fact that she had just been punctured by omly a few small mouths .

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However, it was made by this kind of fierce thing . Shi Shanshan still had some inexplicable discomfort when she stared at Yang Chen . Although she did not say much, the expressions and gaze on her face clearly showed her dissatisfaction .

“Well, the fourth time,” Yang Chen, this time, extended four fingers .

Shi Shanshan’s body shape suddenly moved, a sword light rushed towards Yang Chen, and not far away was the praying mantis puppet, waving it arms and it also rushed up .

In Yang Chen’s hand, a long shadow instantly flew out . The long shadow was as flexible as a living thing in the air, and it entangled the puppet not far away . When the puppet became still, Shi Shanshan saw it clearly, it was a five coloured rope .

With the power of the Yuanying stage praying mantis, it was still unexpectedly unable to break free, even when Shi Shanshan control the puppet use its greatest strength nothing changed .

However, Shi Shanshan, who has rich experience in combat, knew that it was not a time to be in a daze . Just because she was surprised by Yang Chen, so even if the puppet had been restrained, but Shi Shanshan’s flying sword still rushed to Yang Chen .

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Dangdang, Shi Shanshan’s flying sword was blocked by a flying sword that appeared out of thin air . Shi Shanshan wanted to turn the sword in another direction, but the result was the same . Another flying sword appeared, blocking Shi Shanshan’s flying sword again .

Next to Yang Chen’s side, there was a lot of flying swords, and quickly it formed a sharp sword array, which covered Shi Shanshan .

As a sword cultivator, Shi Shanshan certainly understood the power of the sword array . However, any array has flaws, and this sword array must be no exception . Shi Shanshan continued to test it to find its flaw but failed .

Forty-nine flying swords, were flying around Shi Shanshan’s body, as if Shi Shanshan did not attack, the flying swords would not respond . Shi Shanshan stared at the flying swords for a long time, and then made up her mind, taking advantage of her body protection magic weapon and her speed, she moved in the direction of Yang Chen .

This movement was like igniting the sword array . Forty-nine flying swords instantly turned into fierce weapons, violently smashing toward Shi Shanshan’s body .

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When a dangdang sound was heard, only three sounds had passed, Shi Shanshan relied on a body armor to defend against the attack . Then, at least four flying swords pierced the body armor, but when the blade touched Shi Shanshan’s skin it stopped .

Shi Shanshan once again understood that this was Yang Chen showing mercy . She could only suddenly take back her flying sword and stand still, not moving .

Yang Chen did not withdraw the sword array, but slowly walked over and kissed on the lips of Shi Shanshan, who was standing close to the forty-nine flying swords and then he waved and removed the sword array and the binding on the praying mantis puppet .

The rope wss clearly the five-row hook that Yang Chen obtained from the treasure house of the Dragon Palace . It was refined from the five elements of the dragon’s ribs . Not to mention that the praying mantis was just a peak Yuanying stage puppet, even if it was wrapped around a dacheng stage master, it would not necessarily be able to break free .

As for the sword array, it was the seven-step array of Yang Chen from the dome . This method has outdone several Yuanying stage masters and dealing with Shi Shanshan was simply too easy .

“Do you have to rely on these foreign objects to defeat me?” The fourth time she was defeated by Yang Chen and her lips were kissed three times by Yang Chen . Shi Shanshan was still somewhat unconvinced .

“Well, I won’t use these foreign objects . ” Yang Chen directly raised his right hand “The fifth time . ”

This time it was not Shi Shanshan who took the initiative to attack, but it changed to Yang Chen . As soon as the voice fell, Yang Chen’s two hands each had a thin flame and they flew toward Shi Shanshan .

The flame was purple and a cyan . Although the color was weird, the flame was too thin and looked unremarkable . It could be said that the flame was not too excessive, it was very appropriate to use hot silk to describe it .

If it was not that Shi Shanshan knew that Yang Chen was definitely a fire controlling expert, maybe she would have ignored these two fires . Looking at this scene, Shi Shanshan did not dare to have any carelessness .

Under the control of Yang Chen, the two filaments were slender and flexible and Si Shanshan was almost entangled in an instant . Even if Shi Shanshan had already controlled the flying sword several times, she could not break the two pieces of fire . She used water attribute magic weapon to suppress it, but when the magic weapon touched the fire, it was like the melting of the candle, it did not work at all .

The two fires were like a rope and Shi Shanshan was trapped in it . Another body armor that Shi Shanshan just sacrificed, when it hits the fire, it burned until the fire shattered it . Not letting her move at all, Yang Chen went forward again and asked with a smile “How about this time?”

Shi Shanshan snorted, but did not say anything . Although in her heart she has already admitted that Yang Chen was absolutely unique and powerful, but she didn’t know why, Shi Shanshan still doesn’t want to give in .

Yang Chen didn’t mind, just kissing again on Shi Shanshan’s lips and then gathering back all the flames . He stepped back, stretch out two fingers, he made a six-gesture and said “the sixth time” .

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