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Chapter 387.2

These people’s courtship was naturally a thousand times more sincere than that of the Pure Yang Palace . The children of their own family, with all their looks and loyalty, would definitely regard the two fairies as treasures . Of course, the most correct attitude was that they only ask for a fairy, never expecting a double harvest .


However, for these requests for marriage visits, the two major sects refused . This made many people look awkward on the face, but because of the two major sects, they dare not display their displeasure, they could only endure .


Someone soon realized their mistake was that they were too hasty . The two major sects have just given a formal reply to the Pure Yang  Palace . There was also no reply from the Pure Yang Palace, so for them to entertain another group was a bit much .


Even if Yang Chen was not necessarily able to do the two things, at least other people have not done it yet . To defeat Shi Shanshan, you must first stand in front of the cold plum fairy to stand a chance . To refine the alchemy, you must also prepare for refining . The Pure Yang Palace did not do anything here, they thought that the two major sects had rejected the Pure Yang Palace, which was the error .


After all, the Pure Yang Palace was still an ally of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . At this time, it was obvious that the relationship between the three should not be provoked . Smart people should not make such stupid things . After recognizing the mistakes they made, the refusal of the two major sects, those who came to the sect to seek for marriage did not have any complaints, they could wait for this matter to settle after they could come again .


When Yang Chen and Gongsun ling returned to the Pure Yang Palace three months later, this matter has passed for more than two years . The winds of the outside world have been worn a little bit .

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“Yang Chen, things are a little troublesome!” When Yang Chen and Gongsun ling met Gao Yue, Gao Yue also had some frowns . Although Gao Yue has an absolute grasp of Yang Chen in her heart, this was related to the reputation of Yang Chen and Gao Yue was also worried .


After listening to Gao Yue finish all the passages, Gongsun ling finally understood why Gao Yue felt a little trouble . However, after Yang Chen went out this time, Gongsun ling suddenly felt that these two conditions did not seem to be completely impossible .


This was not because Gongsun ling wants to think about her own interests, but she understands it completely . When there were things that she doesn’t even think about, she certainly can’t do it . But once the shackles were released, the world does not seem to have so many absolute things .


“No matter, these are the little things . ” Yang Chen smiled and comforted his master: “Just these two small requirements, it will not be more difficult than finding a few dragon horns and dragon skin scrolls?”


The words made Gao Yue a hundred times more confident . At least in her cognition, Yang Chen has already completed many things that have never been done before and it seemed that it was not a big deal .


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When he went to meet with the head of the palace, the head of the palace appeared that he couldn’t stand Yang Chen’s appearance . It seemed that he couldn’t help Yang Chen to get the two women, so he was absolutely ashamed to face Yang Chen .


“The decision of the two major sects, I can’t understand it now . ” The head of the palace said truthfully to Yang Chen, now that he was talking to Yang Chen, his tone was like they were from the same generation, if outsiders saw it, it would be a big surprise for them .


Both the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island did not intend to sever their cooperation with the Pure Yang Palace, but gave such a problem to Yang Chen, even if he was in charge of the palace, he could not see the meaning of it, and did not understand how the two masters were considering the situation .


Yang Chen had already thought about this problem before, but in his view, the two major sects did not mean to fall under the Pure Yang Palace . In this case, these two so-called conditions must be debatable, or what was tricky in them .


“Look at it and change it!” Yang Chen did not understand for a moment, he certainly would not think that his own trump card has been seen through by the two major gates, so he couldn’t guess this for the time being .


After receiving the medicine nourishing gourd, Yang Chen temporarily stayed in the sect . The jade slips and dregs left in the medicine nourishing gourd were simply what Yang Chen dreamed of . Yang Chen needed a period of time to completely digest and absorb these things, laying the foundation for his own impact on the peak of alchemy .

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It was rare that Yang Chen did not directly retreat, but directly rushed to the medicinal hall and issued a task to sect disciples through the sect, and acquired a large number of common medicinal materials for his own experience .


With Yang Chen’s ability to control fire and with as many as hundreds of flames in the profound spirit furnace, Yang Chen could completely invest a large amount of medicinal materials at one time, but each medicinal material could be dispersed in the profound spirit furnace . In different areas, refining with different flames, Yang Chen fully and thoroughly understand the changes in the medicinal properties under various conditions .


Without Yang Chen’s metamorphosis of his spiritual awareness and the ability to control fire, if there was no such thing as the powerful function of the profound spirit furnace, this couldn’t be done at all . Yang Chen needed to consume a lot of medicinal materials, which was based on this consideration .


At the beginning, Yang Chen of course first recorded the contents recorded in the jade slips . At the same time, when reading the jade slips, he carefully observed the corresponding dregs and record the changes in those herbs .


However, these were all things recorded on the jade slips . When he really wanted to get through, Yang Chen needed to do a lot of experiments himself to experience it himself . If he didn’t personally experience these things, the more content he remembers was nothing more than a piece of paper .


It takes at least a few years to study this part carefully, and the next experiment could be calculated by the time spent in a hundred years .


Just before Yang Chen had just studied the jade slips in the Pure Yang Palace for more than a month, Shi Shanshan, a gentle plum fairy, and Sun Qingxue a snow fairy, came to the Pure Yang Palace to see Yang Chen .


Sun Qingxue had a faint sorrow on her face . When she saw Yang Chen, she seemed to be unable to restrain herself . She plunged into Yang Chen’s arms and burst into tears . She did not have any style of the dancing snow fairy .


“I did not mention the request for a fifth grade medicinal pill, which was proposed by the sect master!” Sun Qingxue was crying while she said this, how could she not want to marry Yang Chen? Even if she shared Yang Chen with other women, Sun Qingxue was willing .


She just do not know why sect master Lu actually put forward such conditions, as a disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect, Sun Qingxue could not help but take care of the face of the sovereign, which made things difficult for Sun Qingxue .


The cold plum fairy Si Shanshan was more composed than Sun Qingxue . When she saw Yang Chen, she still gave him a faint look, but there seems to be something more in her eyes . After Sun Qingxue finished, Shi Shanshan said to Yang Chen: “It is my own request to defeat me . I don’t want my dao companion’s cultivation base to be under me . If my dao heart is influenced by people’s gossip, it doesn’t help either of us . ”

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