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Chapter 383.2
Brush, a powerful sword shadow, swept from the front of the four people and directly shocked the four people . Involuntarily jumping backwards and far away, each of them sacrificed a magic weapon .

Gongsun Ling’s sword only swept the space in front of them, but she did not follow the attack . Instead, in the face of the four people’s anger and stunned eyes, a table and a chair were taken from her Qiankun bag . She placed it next to Yang Chen . After Yang Chen sat down, she changed the tricks and took out a few dishes from the Qiankun bag, all kinds of tableware were available .

After doing all this, Gongsun Ling went up to face the four masters in the peak Jiedan stage, and there was a burst of eye-catching light in her eyes .

What was this? The four masters who were shocked by Gongsun Ling’s actions finally understood what Gongsun Ling was doing . She turned out to be fighting at the moment, to prepare for the early Jiedan kid, so that he could eat the side dishes and watch the battle while also drinking, what does she think of them?

Boundless anger directly rushed to the minds of the four peak Jiedan stage masters . From birth to the present, even if they met their current master, they did not feel that they were so insulted .

Without any protection, a Jiedan stage master ignored their battle as a performance to provide wine, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling were really naive, or was there not any fear in them?

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Gongsun Ling couldn’t speak like Yang Chen . Before Yang Chen dealt with them, as Yang Chen’s wife, Gongsun Ling certainly wanted to help her own family, and now her husband let her face the enemy . Gongsun Ling had no plans to hold back .

The fascination array was instantly stimulated and the figure of Gongsun Ling disappeared silently in place . After the cognition of the mountain river geographical map and the content that Yang Chen talked with her these days, Gongsun Ling comprehended more about the confusing array . What kind of confusing array could match the real world of the mountain river geographical map?

The four Jiedan stage masters saw that the figure of Gongsun Ling suddenly disappeared . No matter how they urged their spiritual awareness, they could not detect the position of Gongsun Ling .

Only a moment, the four experienced peak Jiedan stage masters knew what to do . Yang Chen was there and he made no movement at all . They didn’t even know where he got a pot of wine . He poured a cup and took it slowly . As long as they attacked Yang Chen, Gongsun Ling would have no reason to hide .

The four people did not know how many years they had cooperated, they already had a very tacit understanding . Almost at the same time, the magic weapons of four people went to Yang Chen . Attacking the enemy’s weakness to force him into action, such things, they were already familiar with it and could no longer be more familiar with it .

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It was a pity that this kind of attack that has just been sent out at the speed of light, it has not yet arrived by Yang Chen’s side but the four people felt a fierce sword qi behind each other . With their many years of experience, they immediately knew that if they didn’t evade, they would definitely not end well . Without thinking, the four people brought back the magic weapons they used to attack Yang Chen and greeted the oncoming sword qi .

Everyone’s movements were very fast . Clank, four sounds were heard almost at the same time . After the sword qi and the magic weapons collided, they were smashed away . But the four Jiedan stage masters did not get the advantage, and everyone’s face showed a cautious look .

Four peak Jiedan stage masters with their tacit understanding, didn’t gain any advantage against a blow from an early Jiedan stage junior , what was this concept? The four people couldn’t imagine it . Whey was the little guy in the early Jiedan stage so fierce?

They have seen a lot of geniuses that could leapfrog their level to challenge others at a higher level, but that was only for a small level, the extreme limit was only two small levels to challenge the other . In general, even if the early Jiedan stage master reached the limit, they could only compete with the guys in the late Jiedan stage . They have never seen or even heard of an early Jiedan stage master jumping three smaller levels and challenging masters of the peak Jiedan stage, and it was still against four people .

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But this was not complete, countless sword light as dense raindrops, appeared from all directions, attacking the faces of the four people .

Even if their combat experience was richer, the four people have not seen such a dense sword light attack, which has already subverted the limits of their cognition . You have to know that there was no sword array here and they would not have given Gongsun Ling the time to arrange the sword array . But this kind of dense attack, apart from the sword array, they still couldn’t think of any possibility .

It was not possible to run around the four masters of the peak Jiedan stage, the speed of one’s movement cannot be so fast . There was no other possibility than the array .

But knowing that it was a battle in an array, the four people had nothing to do now . The arrays they have seen, there were traces to follow, the flag of the array, the characters which preside over the law, even if they were in the array, there was always a clear understanding that they were in the formation .

However, now they were in the same place, obviously not in the same place and there was no feeling of being in the formation . But they could face the attack of the array . How could this not let the four people be shocked?

What was even more shocking was that whether they were deliberate attacks or the attack that the woman blocked, some aftermath flew to the side of Yang Chen who was drinking and watching the show, but it seems to suddenly fall into nothingness . In general, it disappeared without a trace .

Gongsun Ling’s attack has never stopped and the attack was getting stronger and stronger . The four peak Jiedan stage guys have become more and more serious . The bodies of several people have already leaned together, but they still couldn’t completely resist the overwhelming attacks of Gongsun Ling .

The four masters have already had a lot of bloody marks, they had to stop the deadly attacks and ignore some other unimportant places . According to this situation, there was only one outcome waiting for them, that was, their spiritual power would be exhausted and the opponent would kill them on the spot .

All of the four people were racking their brains but they couldn’t understand how Gongsun Ling, a junior in the early Jiedan stage, how could she have such a large spiritual power, the four people have been exhausted and even started taking medicinal pills to recover with spirit stones, which was barely able to recover them and block only attacks to their key points . But Gongsun Ling’s attack has not weakened, it even strengthened .

Even fools would understand that they have kicked big iron plates this time . Yang Chen has not yet made a move, and Gongsun Ling has already forced them to be so embarrassed .

The guy who made the remarks, his heart has long been regretful . If he knew this earlier, why would he bother to say those unreasonable words, Yang Chen had been very polite and they had to bully him .

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