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Chapter 383.1: 383.1
Yang Chen’s destination was close to the mountains in the West . Although it was still in the dao sects domain, because of the relatively rare spirit power, there were few cultivators coming here except for some rogue cultivators and occasionally passing guys .

However, very few people do not mean that no one came here . At least Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling have encountered several cultivators now, and it seems that they were very rude to Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling .

“Fellow daoist, here is the place of our retreat, please leave!” Four masters of the peak Jiedan stage, standing in a row, stopped the road of Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling . The four looked at Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling and their eyes were very cold .

Being closer to their destination, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling gave up the shuttle and changed to their flying swords, but the speed was not as fast as before, just to find the most accurate location . Unexpectedly, the four people who suddenly appeared stopped them when they did not reach the position that the immortal said .

“Retreat?” Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling were both surprised . There was a lack of spirit power here . Even if it was only a daily practice, there was not enough spiritual power . Unless it was supplemented with a large number of spirit stones, it was somewhat excessive to do something like that . Was someone actually retreating here?

Fortunately, this was not the destination of Yang Chen, how others were willing to retreat here, Yang Chen does not have to care . Listening to the words of the four people, Yang Chen said indifferently: “If this is the case, then we will make a detour . ”

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When Yang Chen spoke, Gongsun Ling stood quietly on the side of Yang Chen and she said nothing . Since Yang Chen came forward, she just had to wait for Yang Chen to handle it . She had nothing else to worry about .

With this attitude of giving them face, the four people had no reason to martyr Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling, but the world was unpredictable, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling just wanted to change their direction, but the leader of the four people suddenly rushed to the opposite of the two and intercepted their way .

“My widowed master is retreating here . The distance of a thousand li is a forbidden place . Fellow daoist, wherever you came from, you will have to go back, so as not to get hurt from angering us . ” The Jiedan stage master who appeared in front of Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling coldly threatened while blocking the road .

A thousand miles circumference, Yang Chen’s destination was also included . Yang Chen looked at that direction and couldn’t help but sigh . He didn’t have the mind to fight with these people, however when the people took the initiative to provoke him, there was nothing that he could do about it .

“I don’t know how long you have to go into seclusion, calculate the time and I will come back later . ” Before starting, Yang Chen first lowered his posture and tried to solve it by other methods . He was here to take things, not to kill people .

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Generally speaking, Yang Chen was still a good person . As long as it was not something too much, Yang Chen would not pursue it . Take Guang Ning of the Luminous Moon Hall who wanted to rob Yang Chen’s bright ray sword . Yang Chen did not get angry at first and even promised to give him a better flying sword . If it was not for Guang Ning compelling him step by step, Yang Chen would not have killed him .

For Yang Chen, the path of cultivation was not to kill . If it was to kill, if the immortals that were killed by Yang Chen were to be added up, it would be more than the immortals whom everyone in the world has ever heard off . When a person arrived at the realm of Yang Chen, he couldn’t afford any interest in a group of mortal realm cultivators . If it was changed to a few great principle golden immortals, maybe Yang Chen could be moved .

The more people standing taller, the more humiliating, Yang Chen seemed to be in this state . Naturally, this was also related to the memory of his previous life .

When they heard Yang Chen’s words, the other party apparently did not expect Yang Chen’s answer . Even if it was unreasonable, it seemed that there was no reason to attack when it came to Yang Chen’s coping .

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They said that he was not allowed to go in, well, he would not go in, he would go around . They said that he couldn’t make a detour, he had to pass the original way back, good, but he asked when he could pass . Since it was only a retreat, and it was not for a long-term, there must be a time limit .

“This, the patriarch did not explain, but…” The other party was apparently stunned and immediately replied, answering one sentence, and seemed to feel that he could not give a letter of confession . After hesitating, he said “After a millennium!”

Millennium? Yang Chen directly frowned . With the speed of Yang Chen and the women’s cultivation now, a millennium was enough for them to ascend, what else would be there to take?

“Kids, go away, don’t ask too many questions!” The guy opposite to them obviously couldn’t make the other few satisfied . Next, there was a voice which plugged in: “If you don’t want to go, this old man doesn’t mind leaving you here forever . ”

“It seems that it is not bad to accept a little guy to be my slave . ” Another voice seems even more ferocious: “In addition, this little lady has a good aptitude and would make a good cauldron . I will have a big reward!”

The words suddenly made Yang Chen’s face become cold . Yang Chen doesn’t mind that the others used that attitude on him, but the discourse involving Gongsun Ling, that was another matter .

“What he said is not very clear, please explain it a little . ” Yang Chen’s face became cold and immediately restored to being calm and he asked the person standing in front of him .

The opposite person slammed the last guy who had just said nothing, and was about to say something . The guy had already opened his mouth directly “you don’t understand? The woman behind you, my master wants her, if you hand her over, we can let you be our slave and spare your life!”

Yang Chen sighed and stepped back two steps, turning his head to the side of Gongsun Ling: “Ling’er, they want you, then you can play with them!”

Gongsun Ling nodded silently and took two steps forward, replacing Yang Chen in his position . Yang Chen let Gongsun Ling go out, of course, it was also for her to gain experience, although the path of cultivation was not to kill, but the combat experience was indispensable . The four peak Jiedan stage masters in front of them seemed ok for Gongsun Ling to be able to handle them .

Don’t look at it that Gongsun Ling was just in the early Jiedan stage . When it comes to cultivation aptitude, Gongsun Ling was no worse than Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue . In the past, she did not have the resources owned by the two fairies sects . Secondly, it was also her direction of cultivation which was wrong, but this life could be completely different . With Yang Chen’s strong support and pointers, Gongsun Ling has embarked on a completely different path .

The Fifth Earth True Secret Art, coupled with the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra, these two have already taken Gongsun Ling’s combat power to a position where she could fight with peak Jiedan stage masters .

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