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Chapter 381.1

Yang Chen’s mind was still hesitant . At first, he felt that accepting Gongsun Ling was already unfair to his master . Secondly, Yang Chen has never figured out whether he wanted to accept Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue .  


This was not a wish that came from his heart .


That was to say, while apologizing to his master, the feelings between Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue have not yet reached the point where they could get married together . This was not surprising, they have not been together for a long time . Although they were very happy to meet each other, they have not reached the point where they had to get married .


But now Gao Yue was the master of Yang Chen, as the master she took the responsibility and Yang Chen could not object . Gao Yue’s identity was very special now, not only was she the master of Yang Chen, but also the wife of Yang Chen . Whether it was Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue, if they wanted to enter the Yang family, even if they had a higher cultivation base, they had to bow their heads to Gao Yue as an elder sister .


In the end, Yang Chen still did not object to Gao Yue, he made a long sigh and nodded . Since it was well received, he simply accepted it! Yang Chen also did not want to destroy the cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island .


The issue now was that there were no problems in the Pure Yang Palace, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had no problems, Yang Chen had no problems . He just didn’t know what Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue wanted . Would they be willing to share Yang Chen with Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling .

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In Yang Chen’s opinion, Sun Qingxue may not have too much objection, but Shi Shanshan was hard to comprehend . With the arrogant temperament of Shi Shanshan, maybe it would not be considered at all .


“Good!” The palace master saw that Yang Chen also nodded and suddenly he was happy, the other elders were also happy . This was the ideal situation for everyone and everyone was happy to see it .


“The sect will immediately chose a day to go to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island to discuss the marriage . ” As the head of the palace was happy, he immediately made a decision: “It is rare for the Pure Yang Palace to have such a happy event, the sect must make it a grand occasion!”


The master of the palace has made a decision, and everyone would naturally not object . The palace master wanted to be a grand servant once, but with this as a pretext, the relationship between the Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island would once again be closer by 10%, which was very meaningful .


The next thing, he doesn’t need Yang Chen to intervene again . The master of the palace even decided to personally go to the two major sects to propose marriage . As for the dowry, there was no such thing that the Pure Yang Palace couldn’t provide . The second grade inner sensing pills and the second grade questioning inner heart pills, were definitely big assets that were coveted by other sects .

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Of course, they could prepare a few more of the second grade inner sensing pills, but the second grade questioning inner heart pills could only be two, not more . But even so, it was a rare gift that would definitely make the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island satisfied .


The marriage of Yang Chen was handled by the sect, naturally they took Yang Chen’s birthday with the girls and checked their horoscope for a good day for the marriage . This time would not be very short, taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Chen could just go out for a while .


After they determined their relationship with Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling naturally moved together with Yang Chen . Originally, Gao Yue also wanted to travel with Yang Chen, but she had to temper the dragon horn, so she could not go out for the time being . He could only be accompanied by Gongsun Ling .


This time, Yang Chen was planning to collect the medicine nourishing gourd left by an Immortal on the Immortal Executioner Stage . This gourd has been coveted by Yang Chen for a long time, but he has always felt that his strength was not enough to collect it . Now his full attribute spirit power was condensed and there was a large number of First Wood Spiritual Solution and Seventh Metal Spiritual Solution as the foundation . Yang Chen now had the qualification to collect this medicine gourd .


The medicinal nourishing gourd left by the immortal, originally belonged to a top grade alchemy grandmaster . After careful refining the medicine nourishing gourd, the medicinal pills put into it would be slowly warmed, purified and enhance the medicine’s essence . If the questioning inner heart pill, heaven seizing pill and other heaven defying pills, were placed in the gourd, he would not need to cover it with a talisman, it was definitely a precious thing that alchemy masters dream of .


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Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographic map, the more places that it passed through, the more complete the geography drawn would be, the greater the power of the array . As long as there was an opportunity, Gongsun Ling would go out and now could travel with Yang Chen again, Gongsun Ling naturally wanted it .


The place where the medicine nourishing gourd was located was within the dao sects domain . As long as they were slightly careful, there would not be much of a crisis . However, Yang Chen now had a special status . The Greatest Heaven Sect deliberately wanted Yang Chen’s life . In any case, he had to be careful .


Before going out, Yang Chen went to the thousand autumn pavilion market again . Before the reward of Yang Lan, Yang Chen also had to learn something from Shangguan Feng here .


As Yang Chen expected, with Yang Chen once again increasing the reward of the spiritual stones, Yang Lan, the guy who was in the foundation stage, even in the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was still anxious, for fear that there would be people around him that would assassinate him . He was careful every day, let alone leave the Greatest Heaven Sect, he does not dare to pass the outer sect of the Greatest Heaven Sect easily .


This was exactly the effect that Yang Chen wanted . Although Yang Chen did not have the fear of him like this, he has been escaping for a hundred years in the shadow of being chased . Relatively speaking, Yang Lan’s suffering was only a few days and it was not enough to pay off the interest of Yang Chen’s past life .


“The reward is raised to ten pounds of high grade spirit stones . ” Yang Chen once again raised the reward . For a guy who was in the foundation stage, this was already a sky-high price and even more than enough to deal with a cultivator in the early Jiedan stage . Even if it’s just a little bit of spirit stones and he was willing to change it with the head of another cultivator, there would be many people willing to do it .


Yang Chen was going to raise the rewards from time to time, so that Yang Lan would be living in fear . Yang Lan was no better than Yang Chen . In his previous life, he relied on the big tree of the Greatest Heaven Sect . He relied on the drill camp to make a living, but his achievements were not high . At least Yang Chen had never seen the shadow of this guy in the spiritual world for many years .


He believed that when the reward was high enough, Yang Lan would be betrayed by the people in his sect, holding his head to get the reward from Yang Chen . This was Yang Chen’s planned life track for Yang Lan and there would be no bias .


Even Yang Chen hoped that Yang Lan would be tougher and more slick, and would be able to support himself until the final time . As Yang Chen said, with a questioning inner heart pill, there would definitely be an elder-level figure of the Greatest Heaven Sect, who would personally solve the problem with Yang Lan .


As for finding Shangguan Feng, Yang Chen also had a purpose, to let Shangguan Feng inquire if there was someone who offered a high price reward for himself . According to the norm, the general reward would never provoke the dozen or so killers to go out, the masters of the Yuanying stage, the worst was also at the peak Jiedan stage, how could they attack him for some spiritual stones .


Shangguan Feng was now also cooperating with the wine immortal house and it was naturally easy to find out the news . Shangguan Feng patted his chest to ensure that the next time Yang Chen came, he would definitely give him a satisfactory answer .

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