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Chapter 380.2
chapter 380 . 2:



“Sorry for the inconvenience master!” Yang Chen this time, carefully took Gao Yue into his own arms again, he put his face on the back of Gao Yue, smelled the aroma of Gao Yue’s hair and apologetically said .


Gao Yue took the opportunity to lean back and completely leaned on Yang Chen’s arms, as if enjoying this intimate hug and whispered after a while: “We don’t need to say this between us!”


Although Yang Chen and Gao Yue had become a master and disciple for only a hundred years, but Gao Yue seemed to have lived with Yang Chen for a lifetime . Not to mention that Yang Chen was desperately trying to save her in the 100,000 mountains . It was only those guys who were arrogant to Gao Yue who were smothered by Yang Chen and this had already made Gao Yue very happy .


Between the two, with the beginning of the cultivation of the High­est Mys­tery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra, the feeling of having the same mind and heart, has allowed them to have unreserved trust between each other . Yang Chen already had love for her in his heart and Gao Yue has already proclaimed herself as a person of Yang Chen’s, nothing else mattered .


In this way, the two people naturally entered the cultivation of High­est Mys­tery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra . This time, perhaps because Yang Chen proposed marriage, the relationship between the two was completely clear and they no longer had the same concerns as before, so the effect of the cultivation was surprisingly effective .


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Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness seemed to be condensed again . At this point, the spiritual awareness with the cultivation base in the middle dacheng stage, if he had the desire to condense it, it was not something that a two-time cultivation could solve .


But for Gao Yue, this time the cultivation was not inconsistent with a change in general . Because of the strength of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, it directly led to the great conciseness of Gao Yue’s spiritual awareness .  


The spiritual awareness that had already entered the early Yuanying stage has actually leaped forward after this double cultivation with Yang Chen, it went straight to the peak Yuanying stage .


The stronger Gao Yue’s spiritual awareness was, the more she could grasp the refining of her own dragon sword . Moreover, the strength of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was so dazzling that even Gao Yue was skeptical, her master Wang Yong’s spiritual awareness at the moment, was not as formidable as Yang Chen’s .


Naturally . Gao Yue would never think that Yang Chen’s words on the spiritual awareness at this moment were far beyond the standards of Wang Yong . Between the middle dacheng stage and the early dacheng stage, it seemed that there was only a small realm difference, but the gap between these two small realms was enough to surpass the early dacheng stage itself . The more you cultivate, the more the gaps at each level would be like reaching for the sky .


Out of the state of practice, Yang Chen gently pulled Gao Yue’s body to face him, looking at the same beautiful mouth, he slowly kissed his lips to the red lips that had already begun to tremble .


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Gao Yue snorted and her eyes were closed, she became lost in the joy of mutual affection . She didn’t want to wake up anymore . It was not until a long time later that Yang Chen gently released her, looking down at the loving master who had a red face .


“You still have not looked for Ling’er, she should be waiting anxiously for you!” Gao Yue couldn’t bear the burning gaze of Yang Chen so she gently kicked his chest, then reached out and pushed herself from Yang Chen out of his arms and she got out of it .


Knowing that his master’s face was tender, Yang Chen would naturally not be too tight . Anyway, his master has agreed to marry him, and in the process of cultivating, there were enough long-term years for the two to slowly taste the sweetness of being a couple .


On the side of his apprentice sister Gongsun Ling, naturally, there was no problem . When she was on the site of the demonic sects, Gongsun Ling had already recognized herself as Yang Chen’s woman . Otherwise, there would be no affection between the two .


Even so, when Gongsun Ling really heard Yang Chen’s proposal and also saw Gao Yue around Yang Chen, confirming that she was not dreaming, she still showed ecstasy . Regardless of Gao Yue, she looked at him with a smile, regardless of anything she dropped into Yang Chen’s arms, she had been waiting for Yang Chen to ask this question for a very long time .


Yang Chen had a hand and it was easy to take Gongsun ling in his arms . He looked down at the smiling and sobbing Gongsun Ling . The corner of his eyes squinted and smiled at Gao Yue . The other hand was empty and suddenly it pulled Gao Yue to his side and he hugged both in his arms .


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Gao Yue was struggling to free herself, but Yang Chen’s arm seemed to have become a steel hoop for a moment, it was extremely strong . Gao Yue knew that she could not afford to break free and she sighed in her heart . She made a slight laughter and called “Sweet­heart!” Then she gave up the struggle and also put her body on Yang Chen’s chest .


Looking from far away, Yang Chen became a huge body after practicing the yellow turban body refining technique, just like a powerful gorilla, he was holding two petite beautiful women in his arms . If the two women struggled a little bit, it would be a real version of beauty and the beast .


Under Yang Chen’s slightly overbearing embrace, Gao Yue and Gongsun ling also glanced at each other and saw the joy in the other’s eyes . They also saw the helplessness in the other’s eyes . It seemed that after confirming their relationship at this moment, Yang Chen was no longer treating them like when they were his master and appreciate sister, but like they were married and he was their husband .


Looking at the two women in his arms, feeling the flexibility of the two women’s petite bodies, Yang Chen’s heart had mixed feelings . In his eyes, he saw his past life again .


Gongsun Ling was dying in the moment of her tribulation and Gao Yue was urging him to run away after he fled, everything seemed to happen . Two talented women have died in this way . In this world, Yang Chen would never let these tragedies repeat again .


Yang Chen wanted to marry his master and apprentice sister, he had to tell the master of the palace that they have already agreed . For the arrival of this day, whether it was the master of the palace or other elders, it seems that as early as expected, everyone gave their blessings with laughter, no one objected .  


As for ancestor Wang Yong, this was what he supported Yang Chen to do, so there was no disagreement .


This was a major event in the Pure Yang Palace . Even if it was not known to the world, at least in the sect it was wide spread . The arrangements of the elders made Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling always embarrassed, but Yang Chen was thick skinned and full of smiles .


“However, how are you going to arrange for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue?” After a busy period, the palace master seemed to think of this, facing Yang Chen he asked this question .


The other elders were also quiet, waiting for Yang Chen’s answer . Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were related to the relationship between the Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . It was not a small matter, it was not known how Yang Chen considered this aspect .


When this problem came out, Yang Chen suddenly became silent . To be honest, he really didn’t think about how to deal with the relationship between the two women .


“I am the master of Yang Chen, I will take responsibility, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, all can marry into the sect . ” Yang Chen has not answered yet and his master Gao Yue over there has replaced Yang Chen and gave the answer .


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