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Published at 30th of October 2019 11:27:16 PM
Chapter 378.2
chapter 378 . 2:



Among the dozen figures, there were men and women, it looked like a group of rogue cultivators, following an old man who was holding a compass, flying on their respective flying swords .


Among these people, the weakest one had a peak Jiedan stage cultivation base . Seven or eight peak Jiedan stage masters, plus seven or eight Yuanying stage masters, each holding a golden ball in their left hand and in their right hand was a variety of magic weapons .


“He is flying in this direction . When we meet him, use the twisted gold net to trap him and immediately kill him!” The old man in front looked at the compass, and seemed to be estimating their distance with Yang Chen .


“Everyone spread out, this guy’s flying magic weapon is very fast, I am afraid that one or two twisted gold nets can’t trap him . ” The old man paid great attention to this action and kept yelling: “He may have a unique trump card at sea so this time we switched to the ground . Once any of the twisted gold nets work, immediately trap him with the array and kill! Show no mercy!”


The men and women behind him seem to have gotten used to this kind of situation so no one said anything, they only showed their agreement and very tacitly dispersed, basically covering all directions .


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“Come on, hide!” After a while, the old man looked at the compass and suddenly ordered .


The group of men and women flashed with brilliance and then disappeared into the air one by one, as if they had never appeared before . The robes on each of them were specially refined, which could inspire a stealth array and hide the cultivator .


Yang Chen’s shuttle quickly appeared on the horizon, and a thin line with almost no traces was drawn in the air and came to the front . Then, under the guise of a group of people in the dark, they suddenly stopped . As soon as the shuttle slammed into it, Yang Chen’s figure appeared in the air, holding the bloody demon vine flying sword in his hand, looking coldly at the front .


“Begin!” Yang Chen’s way of doing this was obviously what he found . The old man did not go to investigate how he was exposed and decisively ordered the others to begin .


Fluffy, a series of sounds resounded and a golden net bust open from several directions around Yang Chen . With unparalleled speed, the big net wrapped up quickly toward Yang Chen’s body .


Yang Chen just glanced at it . In the face of more than a dozen golden nets, his body did not move at all, letting the dozen or so large nets wrap him from all directions .

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They did not expect such a result . After the male and female cultivators threw out the golden ball of the twisted gold net, they all thought that Yang Chen would dodge and each responded to dodge . However, after the group of people finished, they suddenly found out that Yang Chen did not move at all, which seemed to be very funny and ridiculous .


But in any case, the people who were there were still happy in their hearts . No one knew better than them the power of these twisted gold nets . As long as they were entangled in the twisted gold net, even if they were flying a sword at high speed, if the sword didn’t have the sharpness of a divine sword, it was impossible to get rid of it . It would become tighter, eventually they would lose the ability to act .


If it was only one or two, they might also be concerned about some divine weapons, but if more than a dozen of them were entangled, even if they faced a master of the dacheng stage, they would be shackled . The twisted gold net was not just a solid big net, but it contained poison which was enough to send a master of the dacheng stage to the netherworld .


With one hit, everyone was happy in their heart . Although they didn’t know why Yang Chen would suddenly come out of the shuttle at this time, they just needed to kill Yang Chen with this opportunity .


Even if more than a dozen twisted gold nets were enough to kill Yang Chen by itself, none of these people hesitated, all the magic weapons in their hands flew out, they went for Yang Chen’s head . As long as the person died, everything else would be worth it!


However, as everyone was prepared to strike with their respective magic weapons, they suddenly heard the voice of Yang Chen .

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“I am very upset now, but I still thank you for coming for me to vent my anger!” Yang Chen’s voice was full of killing intent, followed by another sentence “There’s some­one re­spon­si­ble for every griev­ance, For every debt there is a debtor!”


In the latter words, Yang Chen has not finished it completely and a series of magic weapons have already collapsed on the net, on Yang Chen’s body surface, a golden light flashed slightly, everyone did not seem to see the difference between this golden light and the golden light of the twisted gold net, but they heard a dull bell sound .


Buzz, the long and low bell sound carried a power that could penetrate the soul and it penetrated into the sea of consciousness of ​​all the people . Everyone seemed to hear the sound of thunder in their ear, and then a few weak guys directly fainted and fell from the air .


Originally, Yang Chen thought that everyone would be stunned by the golden bell, but the old man was miraculously kept awake . But even so, his eyes were shining . Then, it became a kind of sharpness and his whole body turned into a streamer . The tip of the streamer shimmered with a glimmer of silver and flew toward Yang Chen’s heart .


Scoffs, a slight sound like a sharp edge across the tofu was heard, Yang Chen’s arm lifted easily, the net which was wrapped up in Yang Chen’s body and the people thought that it was incomparably tough, under the blade of the blood demon vine flying sword, it was as fragile like a few sheets of paper, it was easily broken .


Yang Chen’s right hand raised the blood demon vine flying sword and rushed to the old man who flew toward him .


Bang, the sound of a metal collision was heard, the streamer first hit the chest of Yang Chen, but only brought such a crisp sound, without any other effect . The flying sword that Yang Chen cut down directly divided the figure of the old man into two pieces . The two pieces of corpse have not yet landed and it has already become dried .


As for the dozen of guys who fainted, Yang Chen took care of it like in the past, he sealed their five senses and threw them into the dome hall . These people were definitely from the outer perimeter of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Through them, Yang Chen could also find more hidden hands of the Greatest Heaven Sect .


After cleaning up these killers, Yang Chen threw the seized things into the mouth of Xiao Tian, letting it clean up the spiritual awareness imprints that might be left behind .


He only killed one person, so Yang Chen could not satisfy his cravings, he knew that he would  use the golden bell to stun them . The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt, he couldn’t help but feel angry that because of the spiritual awareness imprint in his sea of consciousness he was discovered, so he threw it into the blood river again .


Li Liheng, the young sect master who was awake, had just sent away the sect master and several elders . He was taking a break from the servants’ services and was about to get up and do something . Suddenly, the feeling of horror came again . Li Liheng only had time to scream and once again softly squatted on the ground .

… . .

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