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Chapter 376.1
Making Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen go together, the decision of the island master seemed to be quite interesting .

If it was said that Yang Chen went to the Blue Cloud Sect and he took Shi Shanshan, it was nothing more than showing others that the relationship between Shi Shanshan and him was closer, slightly showing it to Sun Qingxue . Of course, the roots were still the means of attracting Yang Chen by the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect .

But when Shi Shanshan accompanied Yang Chen this time, it seems that there was some different meaning, especially the last sentence, giving her regards to sect master Lu, it was more mysterious .

Yang Chen could almost conclude that the island master already had some thoughts . It was estimated that this opportunity was used to show her attitude through Shi Shanshan .

After recovering from the heart devil’s, when Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen were alone, they were no longer having expressions of coldness, it was much softer .

In Yang Chen’s shuttle, Shi Shanshan still made the tea . Just like a wife serving her husband, she carefully prepared the tea for Yang Chen .

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“When I was traveling around outside these years, I also collected a few spirit springs and found a few tea trees . You can help me to appraise it . ” When Shi Shanshan said this, she handed the first cup to Yang Chen .

“I remember you like this taste . ”

It was rare that Shi Shanshan would care about what kind of tea Yang Chen liked, this was a big improvement . At least in the memory of Yang Chen’s past life, no lucky guy had been so concerned for by Shi Shanshan . Usually the man who Shi Shanshan paid attention to would become a dead person soon .

Yang Chen enjoyed the service of Shi Shanshan and gave a judgement . Speaking of it, with Yang Chen’s insights and reading of various miscellaneous books, the things that have been said in this respect were still very much inexplicable, pointing to the key points and letting Shi Shanshan listen to it with frequent nods .

No matter how good the taste was, if you only enjoy one kind of thing, you could get bored . Shi Shanshan’s approach was very correct . A variety of tea leaves and spirit springs were collected and with a variety of flavors, each time they could change, it was also the best enjoyment .

Sun Qingxue didn’t like the tea ceremony very much . She took a sip of it, and then she was delighted to see that Yang Chen had just arrived . “I have people who have collected a few special “distillery” in various places . You want to drink . What kind of wine is OK . Every year I will help you to leave a few hundred tea . After a few years, you can enjoy it . ”

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Shi Shanshan had good tea, but under the influence of Yang Chen, Sun Qingxue liked wine . She was from a big family so her alcohol capacity was good and she could accompany Yang Chen to drink . However, Sun Qingxue has always been aware of the amount she could control, the beauty who drunk could increase the taste, but alcoholism could be difficult to read .

In the vagueness, the two women had some tit-for-tat meanings . In the past, whether it was Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen provided tea for them, but this time, both women had their own preparations .

However, this tit-for-tat did not last too long . The news that Yang Chen came to the Blue Cloud Sect had already reached the ears of sect Master Lu . Soon, Elder Hua Wanting personally appeared and brought Yang Chen to face sect Master Lu .

When he faced Sect Master Lu, Yang Chen did not panic . After Elder Hua brought Yang Chen over, it was not known where she went . There were only two people, Yang Chen and Sect Master Lu . Yang Chen clearly found that there were at least a dozen restrictions around them .

“What did you say to the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, you can also tell me again . ” Sect Master Lu seemed to have long heard that the island master and Yang Chen had some exchanges so she was straightforward and said this to Yang Chen .

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In his past life, Yang Chen never expected that one day he would be able to communicate with the Blue Cloud Sect’s sect master or the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, this was only treatment for powerful experts . In this life, there had been several such incidents and Yang Chen was somewhat accustomed to it .

The same short words, the same judgmental tone, once again was told by Yang Chen . Yang Chen did not say a word more, nor did he use any certain affirmative tone .

It could be said that people who could be in high positions often thought the same way and their starting point was the same . Soon Sect Master Lu also realized the opportunity, and also understood the intention of the island master to let Shi Shanshan come to meet and bring her greetings .

The specific arrangement of Yang Chen would definitely not be wasted . Anyway, there was the excuse of the heart oath, many of the reasons that were needed to convince the two major sects would not need to be said, he just needed to say his judgment . This saved Yang Chen from a lot of problems, he had a headache about this, but now it was solved .

His goal was accomplished, so Yang Chen relaxed with Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue as they had a tasteful taste of tea drinking, it was a pleasant situation . Recently, the Blue Cloud Sect seemed to have an auction, Yang Chen also intended to stay and participate .

Although the secret message left on the key of the Greatest Heaven Sect was very attractive, it was obvious that this time was not the best time for Yang Chen to take action . There must be a lot of people staring at his whereabouts, expecting him to go out and find a legendary treasure, and then fight him for it .

Although Yang Chen had already made a heart oath, there were definitely people who didn’t believe it . This was human nature and the heart oath would only appear when he was facing tribulation . Many people had not even thought that they would face tribulation one day, so even if they made a heart oath, some people didn’t care about it too much .

Perhaps they thought that Yang Chen and their thoughts were the same, so after Yang Chen left the Green Jade Immortal Island, many people followed him . Yang Chen’s shuttle did not fly, at least dozens of people were careful to follow behind, they wanted to catch a bargain .

If they didn’t look at Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan, the cold plum fairy maiden being together, maybe someone would do it . Since Yang Chen was familiar with ancient scripts and has read a lot of books, it was said that he also found several secrets in the records, so there may be similar places . As long as they could catch Yang Chen, they could get this news from his mouth .

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s goal was the Blue Cloud Sect and no one dared to do it . In the Blue Cloud Sect, Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan started, it was not a treasure hunt, but directly called the two major sects .

Yang Chen discovered this early, so he carefully planned for it . This wind tide was actually very easy to stop . As long as the secret plane of the Greatest Heaven Sect was opened, there would naturally be many people who would no longer be concerned about Yang Chen .

However, if he really wanted everyone to go, then he needed another means . Everyone knew that Yang Chen was not a soft persimmon, nor was he a good one . If they wanted to move Yang Chen, they must consider whether they could afford the price .

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