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Chapter 375.2: 375.2
Seeing Shi Shanshan again, Yang Chen’s eyes lit up . The last time, Shi Shanshan was somewhat imparted by the heart devil and her spirit was very weary and the state was also very long . But this time, fairy Shi was more elegant and threatening, as if she was a sword with a scabbard, it was very heroic and also vigilant .

“This is the real fairy Shi!” Yang Chen couldn’t help but sigh and exchanged a little bit of rare charming eyes with Shi Shanshan . Later, Yang Chen was taken to the island master .

Yang Chen helped the Greatest Heaven Sect interpret the secret key, this was no secret and many people knew it .

Especially after interpreting the secret key, the Greatest Heaven Sect also made such a big mistake, the cause and effect were more well known .

Although there seemed to be no direct relationship with Yang Chen, the island master hoped to know the specific situation .

“I know that you have made a heart oath, and you can’t disclose it . ” When the island master talked with Yang Chen, there was no slight change and she was straightforward and straight to the point .

Yang Chen and the island master were already acquaintances . Secondly, as the sect master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, she did not want to play a small means for a later generation junior . With Yang Chen and her own disciple Shi Shanshan relationship, it was not too difficult to ask anything .

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“I just want to know if my Green Jade Immortal Island decides to participate in it, is there a chance for us?” In the words of the island master, there was no need to mention anything inside, but only the result, It was impossible for Yang Chen to leak any news this way .

Moreover, the news has already flown all over and there was no need to ask Yang Chen any details .

The island master only asked this because Yang Chen was the one who had the most direct contact with the secret key at that time . She wanted to hear his judgment and nothing more .

This saved a lot of troubles for Yang Chen, without having to explain any intrigues and tricks, or to win the trust of the island master . He just had to give his own judgment and the rest would be determined by the island master .

“The younger generation can’t say too much . ” Yang Chen first pleaded, this was a courtesy and an attitude of self-discipline . After all, it was a heart oath, although it has no effect on himself, but he cannot let outsiders think that they have no scruples, which would cause a lot of doubts .

“It’s fine!” The island master was also a refreshing person, there was no outsider here except Shi Shanshan and she wanted to come and arrange it early . It seemed that the Green Jade Immortal Island was also very covetous of the secret plane, otherwise there would be no such situation .

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“There is a big danger, there is a big gain . ” Yang Chen opened his mouth and said, which was the fact that everyone actually understands that this was what the predecessors have repeatedly said so it was not surprising .

“Only these?” The island master frowned slightly, this news had no meaning for her . It was all known information already .

“According to the judgment of this younger generation, at least five masters of the dacheng stage are needed . ” Yang Chen finally said his judgment, followed by another sentence: “And not necessarily all will come back . ”

Hearing up to here, the eyes of the island master illuminated like bright lights . Yang Chen said that it was a judgment . However, with the understanding of Yang Chen by the island master, Yang Chen was by no means a person who believed in talking irresponsibly . It must be said that Yang Chen certainly knew the reason .

But she would never ask Yang Chen for his reasons at this time . Yang Chen made a heart oath and he could not reveal any details . This judgment was inferred from the details, not included, but also illustrated a lot of things .

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They needed five masters of the dacheng stage, which meant that they do not have to worry about the Greatest Heaven Sect’s plan to take the advantage, it not necessarily all of them could come back, that was, there may be some dead . It was likely for some of the five dacheng masters to die, so if two masters of the dacheng stage were not able to do it automatically, they may all be killed .

If the Greatest Heaven Sect lost two masters of the dacheng stage, it would be good news for several other sects . If the master of their own sect appeared at the time and opens the secret land, isn’t the resources inside it available for them?

However, some people would not be able to come back, so the sect master was reluctant! The thought of the island master turned fast, she immediately thought of another aspect, there were many masters in the sect, but there were also a few disobedient guys . What was the difference between a disobedient master and there being no master?

As the island master, she was also a decisive figure and there was a final decision formed in her mind . With nothing more to say, she just asked about Yang Chen “What are your plans next?”

“This younger generation junior is going to see Little Xue in the Blue Cloud Sect . ” Yang Chen did not hide his whereabouts and his words also made the island master think more deeply .

What was Yang Chen going to the Blue Cloud Sect for? Obviously, he also had to tell these words to the Blue Cloud Sect . At this point, the island master thought that the Pure Yang Palace does not want to discriminate between their own allies, which was how it should be .

Since even the Pure Yang Palace could be so thoughtful, then the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, an ally, couldn’t fall behind . Since the Blue Cloud Sect was an ally, it was not unreasonable to take this secret plane together . On the other hand, the income of the 100,000 mountains, everyone was happy to cooperate, and it was no problem to cooperate more .

What made the island master more active was that the Blue Cloud Sect seems to have several masters who don’t listen to sect master Lu . There were also five or six on both sides, which was enough to make a difference in the secret plane .

Yang Chen didn’t say which one might not come back and he couldn’t know where he couldn’t come back . So, in this case, it’s better to let these disobedient guys try, no matter which one couldn’t come back, it would not be against themselves, for sect master Lu, it was not a bad thing .

As for the guys who don’t listen to them, but the resources of the secret plane would be tempting, they would be willing to take such a trip . At that time, as long as the appropriate time to arrange a few masters, then most of the resources could still fall into the hands of the two sects .

Such a wonderful opportunity was simply a gift to the two masters . Not only could it weakens the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but it could also clear the hidden dangers in their sects and also harvest resources .

The only thing to worry about was that the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect would also intervene, but in any case, their preparations would not be as comprehensive as the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . Everyone was a competitor and the first step was to take the opportunity to move step by step .

The island master was now satisfied with Yang Chen . Yang Chen two sentences before and after, this was said about the risk of violating the vows of the heart oath . This made the island master more pleased .

“That’s the case, Shanshan and you haven’t seen each other for a long time . Young people have to get along with each other . It’s better for you to go and see her together!” The island master suggested “By the way, I will need your help to convey something to sect master Lu . ”

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