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Chapter 373.2
“That is not it . ” Yang Chen shook his head and said with a smile: “I know the characters . ”

Hussh, even the few Yuanying stage masters did not notice themselves that were holding their breath, so they took a breath . Fortunately, Yang Chen knew these words, Otherwise, their trip would become meaningless .

“I thought it was a key to a secret plane, but it doesn’t look like it . ” Yang Chen followed his words and brought the three into a whirlpool of shock .

“This is not the secret plane’s key?” The Yuanying stage ancestor in the middle was shocked and stood up directly . This was not a secret key, then what have they been bustling about?

“Exactly, this is just a way to guide the opening of the secret plane . ” Yang Chen smiled and replied slowly .

Their heart that hung in their throat, fell back into their chest and then hung to the throat, and fell back to the chest again . Even the three Yuanying stage ancestors would not feel so soul stirring in the most dangerous battles, but they were feeling like this after a few words by Yang Chen over and over again .

The method of opening the secret plane, even if it was not a secret key, it was not much different . The three people finally put their hearts back into their stomachs . The eyes of the three people were very badly staring at Yang Chen’s face and they were almost driven mad by Yang Chen .

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“How do you open the secret plane?” asked the representative of the Yuanying stage ancestors in the middle . If Yang Chen was not required to interpret these words, maybe he couldn’t help but punch a fist on Yang Chen’s head or use a sword cut Yang Chen in half .

“I don’t know!” Yang Chen shook his head directly and replied very succinctly: “The inscription above is not recorded . ”

The three Yuanying stage ancestors were almost driven mad . Having said all that, he didn’t know, and what record was not there? Then where did Yang Chen’s conclusion in the beginning come from?

“Then how do you know that this can guide the way to open the secret plane?” The screams of the ancestors were almost deafening . If they still did not want to get an explanation from Yang Chen, they might have already flew out a sword and took the head of Yang Chen from his body .

“The inscription on the surface records only a guiding array and the real content is still in this . ” Yang Chen raised the secret key in his hand and replied casually: “Just follow these inscriptions . , making a small formation, you can open the content inside . ”

After that, Yang Chen smiled and said something while relaxing “This is also good, at least I don’t have to worry about you running me to reveal secrets and killing me . Anyway, I don’t know, isn’t it?”

Yang Chen’s words made the three Yuanying stage ancestors somewhat speechless . In fact, the swearing of the heart oath was indeed the most solemn test, but it was not the most timely pledge . If Yang Chen revealed the secret, he would face the heart devil while he was crossing his tribulation . Maybe it would not happen for many years .

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What really made people feel at ease was still the dead . The dead couldn’t talk and was the most secretive .

“How is this formation made?” The Yuanying stage ancestor asked Yang Chen . He didn’t want to talk to Yang Chen more than possible

. He just wanted to know all the content, then quickly leave the damn guy and never wanted to see his damned face again .

“Forget it, I will tire myself to help you make it!” Yang Chen sighed, pulled out a jade card from his body and then carved it on the top .

The three Yuanying stage ancestors stared at Yang Chen’s technique without looking away . It seemed that they wanted to see it clearly and remember it . Yang Chen did not evade, just in front of the three of them he made it honestly and even explained along .

No one would have thought that this originally flat jade card was actually a jade card that was used by Yang Chen to make a camouflage . Three Yuanying stage ancestors, who would find this under the intervention of Yang Chen’s powerful late dacheng stage spiritual awareness .

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In fact, before Yang Chen, the three Yuanying stage ancestors emotions suddenly went up and down, completely conscious, in order to cover up Yang Chen’s own actions at this moment . When the three people were filled with anger, it was also the time when their defenses were at the loosest, especially when they fully understand what Yang Chen could do .

In a breeze, in the face of the three Yuanying stage ancestors, Yang Chen completely completed the jade card with a trap that he had already refined, and then handed it to the representative in the middle .

“Just put this jade card on the key and enter a little spiritual power into it, you can release the contents sealed inside . ” When Yang Chen returned the key, he did not forget to tell them how to use it “If you If you don’t feel secure with my jade card, I have explained the production method to you so just make a jade card in the same way . ”

“If you dare to lie to us, I will kill you personally!” The Yuanying stage master in the middle was obviously not so restrained . He took the jade card and the secret key, dropped a sentence and put up the restrictions and the plate turned around and left .

The two companions next to him, without saying a word, also stared at Yang Chen with a disgusting look, then they followed their partner who had already gotten up and left .

Out of the quiet room, the three Yuanying stage ancestors did not hide their serious faces, but only politely confessed to the head of the palace and several elders and then left with their flying swords directly in front of everyone, this time their attitude was very different .

Watching the three people leave, Yang Chen’s face showed an inscrutable smile . When he just made the jade card, he had already printed the little trap on the jade card that had already been completed in an inscription stroke of the secret key . As long as the other party made a guiding method according to the method he said, it would lead to the trap .

It was conceivable that the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect would never believe in the jade card made by Yang Chen and would definitely make one . The arrangement on the secret key, under the influence of Yang Chenqiang’s extreme spiritual awareness, even the most powerful elders of the dacheng stage would not detect anything .

Now Yang Chen has begun to look forward to the situation . Once the Greatest Heaven Sect opens the trap, it would be a situation where people couldn’t wait to know the result .

The head of the palace made a cold face and walked into the quiet room . The attitude of the three guys was very irritating to the head of the palace . Seeing Yang Chen, the face of the head of the palace became a little better .

“How is it?” Asked the head of the palace .

“Let’s wait and see the show!” Yang Chen showed a well-thought-out smile and gave the head of the palace the answer he wanted to hear .

“There would not be any trouble with the heart oath?” The palace master showed a smile, but he was somewhat worried .

“This disciple just promised not to reveal the secret on the secret key . ” Yang Chen replied with a smile “But this disciple can’t guarantee it that i would not reveal the secret plane left by the consciousness clone . ”

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