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Chapter 373.1
With Yang Chen’s entire attribute spirit power golden dans completed, he did not immediately withdraw from the seclusion . In fact, when the Greatest Heaven Sect people came to the sect, the head of the palace had already informed Yang Chen . You must know that Yang Chen’s retreat was not the kind of retreat that couldn’t be disturbed at all . Every day, he would chat with his master and apprentice sister and relax .

The Greatest Heaven Sect gave them so much face, the opportunity to come to the sect, how could Yang Chen let go of it, of course, through this opportunity, all the things were arranged and the arrangement was seamless .

Just by the opportunity of seclusion, Yang Chen did some preparatory work in advance, and by the way, he let the guys from the Greatest Heaven Sect taste the anxious wait .

In the Immortal’s cave, Yang Chen began to refine a small object . In this regard, the two women were very interested, but what made the two women surprised was that they couldn’t understand what Yang Chen was doing and the things that Yang Chen refined made people really speechless .

With Gao Yue’s reputation as a grandmaster refiner, the apprentice who she taught was refining a jade card that was simple and unrecognizable . Not only that, but the poor carvings of the jade and the ugly patterns on the top, all show up, this was clearly a shoddy thing .

If such things had to be taken out . As the master of Yang Chen, Gao Yue would definitely be ashamed to go out for at least ten years, It was really too crude .

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However, this kind of bad thing, Yang Chen actually spent almost two months to make, which was very unusual .

Of course, the two women also saw this, although it was ugly and it felt soembarrassing that it made them lose face, but no one doubted it’s quality . Even the two women were very tacit and no one asked Yang Chen what he was going to do with it .

After completing the jade card, Yang Chen pretended to consolidate his cultivation base . Two months later, Yang Chen announced that he had completed his retreat and came to meet the head of the palace and the elders .

The movement of Yang Chen’s condensing dan time has already alarmed the master of the palace . He was the person who controlled the blue vault mountain Immortal’s cave . Whatever changes happened in Immortal’s cave, he could almost immediately detect it . However, it was discovered that the palace master did not say anything about the turmoil caused by Yang Chen . He did not even do anything, but allowed the development of the situation .

“It seems that you have completed a miracle this time . ” When the palace master looked at Yang Chen, he saw that his vigor was completely different . He couldn’t help but sigh again and then he tentatively asked ” have you completed the five elements attribute golden dans?”

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Yang Chen nodded and did not speak . But when they saw Yang Chen’s reply, the head of the palace and the elders all took a breath of cold air . The five elements attribute foundation made people very speechless and now he has already completed their golden dans .

This matter was completely separated from the common sense of cultivation in the minds of the palace master and the elders, they couldn’t imagine how this could happen . For the five elements attribute foundation stage, it could be said that the realm was low and it could be easily accepted, but the golden dan was not so easy . Making a golden dan for a kind of spirit power was difficult, let alone the full attributes of the five elements?

However, there have been an instance of Gao Yue having the double attribute golden dans before . This kind of thing has been accepted by the high-level officials of the Pure Yang Palace . It could only be said that Wang Yong’s apprentice and grand disciple were indeed amazing, a pair of little monsters .

The representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect has waited so long that their eyes started to wear . It must be said that when the Pure Yang Palace promised to cooperate, the people in the Greatest Heaven Sect would have some eagerness to know the news of the secret land . They couldn’t wait to open the secret land and find out what resources was inside . Who would have imagined that Yang Chen’s retreat would last more than six years, they had to wait for six years .

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When they saw Yang Chen, the representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect seemed to have a killing intent inadvertently, but it quickly disappeared without a trace . However, this wisp of killing intent was captured by Yang Chen . In the face of the late dacheng stage spiritual awareness, few people in the mortal world could hide their feelings from Yang Chen .

Yang Chen quietly followed the master of the palace, in the main hall of the sect, accompanied by the master of the palace and several elders, under the watch of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s representative and the gaze of several entourages, he made a heart oath to help the Greatest Heaven Sect to interpret the contents of the secret key and never let it leak .

The grand ceremony completely dispelled the concerns of the Greatest Heaven Sect . In fact, if you do this in the first place, you don’t need to go around so many circles and you don’t have to spend so much time in vain and let the three Yuanying stage masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect wait for six years in the Pure Yang Palace .

Seeing that all this happened in front of them, it was impossible to say that the three Greatest Heaven Sect’s Yuanying stage masters did not complain . For Yang Chen, they knew the attitude of the upper level members of the sect and they would not have any mercy . However, for the upper level members of the Pure Yang Palace, they have been wasting their time for so long because of wrong decisions . They were absolutely hateful .

Such a simple thing, was it necessary to turn so many bends, play tricks and tricks, and finally it was not as good as their upright statement, it was just an exchange to solve all problems .

Next, naturally, Yang Chen and the representatives of the Greatest Heaven Sect entered the quiet room prepared by the Pure Yang Palace to interpret the ancient characters on the secret key .

However, after entering the quiet room, the three Yuanying stage masters invariably checked the static room first, then arranged a series of at least ten restrictions per person and even took out a plate to launch, completely eliminating the possibility of eavesdropping in the Pure Yang Palace .

The plate was refined by a dacheng stage master in the Greatest Heaven Sect . It was specially used to isolate sound and all the snoops . There were dozens of restrictions in the array, plus the three patriarchs outside . The restrictions, even those who were the masters in the Greatest Heaven Sect, may not have the opportunity to eavesdrop, not to mention the little Pure Yang Palace .

After doing all this, one of the Yuanying stage ancestors took out the same kind of metal material from his own Qiankun bag . In Yang Chen’s strange eyes, he broke the piece of metal material and took the key out of it . The secret key that was filled with the ancient inscriptions was handed over to Yang Chen .

Although the things have already been given to Yang Chen, the three people have always been vigilant . Once Yang Chen made any unusual moves, the three would definitely take the keys back first, they had absolute confidence in themselves .

Yang Chen did not intend to make any irrational move here, but picked up the secret key and began to frown after looming it up and down . After a continuous turn over ten times, there was a bitter smile on his face .

“What? You don’t know these inscriptions?” The leading Yuanying stage ancestor was nervous and asked anxiously . If Yang Chen doesn’t know, this would be a big joke .

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