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Chapter 372.2
At the moment when the yin five elements were formed, the five golden dans began to rotate at a rapid speed and each of them complemented each other and began to balance each other .

The five yang elements golden dans in his chest seemed to be affected by the formation of the Yin five elements golden dans, it synchronised and began to rotate together .

The upper and lower golden dans were moving at the same speed, the same direction, swiftly rotating, as if it converged into one respectively, in the body of Yang Chen, it constructed a three-dimensional Jiedan network .

Boom, Yang Chen’s consciousness, instantly sneaked into his sea of ​​consciousness . This time, the change of the sea of consciousness was absolutely not comparable to any previous one .

The whole sea of ​consciousness seems to have become a balloon that was being blown up, it was expanding wildly . Three hundred acres, three hundred and fifty acres, four hundred acres, four hundred and fifty acres … it was expanded to a radius of six hundred acres, then it completely stopped .

The height has more than doubled again . The whole space was huge and even comparable to the original net bottle medicinal garden first layer . All existences in the sea of consciousness, except for the long river of blood, were all magnified in the same proportion .

This expansion was not just a volume expansion, but it had more solidification . The thick branches of the first wood was more dense and the supporting sky was more stable . The two pieces of land connected by the long ox horns bridge were more and more diverse . The surrounding oceans have almost doubled, and the two rivers distribution over the two lands have become wider, longer and deeper .

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Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness cultivation base has already stayed at the peak of the middle dacheng stage for some time, but at this moment, it finally broke through again,

the crazy promotion took it to the late dacheng stage .

When the promotion of the spiritual awareness finally stopped, Yang Chen was still unable to control the outbreak of the spiritual awareness at that moment . At this point an overwhelming aura was sent from Yang Chen’s body and it instantly filled the entire space of the Jiedan stage portal .

From the moment when Yang Chen began to condense his golden dan, Gao Yue and Gongsun ling did not stop paying attention to Yang Chen . They watched as Yang Chen’s aura become stronger and stronger, and the surrounding spiritual power became more and more dense . When Yang Chen was beaming with joy, suddenly his imposing momentum broke out and the two women almost fainted .

Fortunately, whether it was Gao Yue or Gongsun ling, they firmly believed that Yang Chen would never hurt them, so they could barely control their emotions . But even so, in the face of the pressure of Yang Chen, with the spiritual awareness that have already reached the Yuanying stage, they still couldn’t compete .

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As for the Jiedan stage disciples who were distributed throughout the portal or the monster cultivators who originally lived in the Immortal’s cave, at this moment, almost all of them were shocked by the terrifying pressure of Yang Chen, at least over 90% of the creatures fainted directly and the rest of the creatures shivered heavily .

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness pressure came quickly and left quickly . With just a moment’s effort, Yang Chen has easily controlled his own spiritual awareness and then converged it .

But then, the outbreak of his spirit power also started . The yin and yang five elements golden dans were spinning and they burst out with a circle of spiritual power, so that Yang Chen had an impulse to vent .

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen directly slammed a punch in the direction of no one with his eyes closed . In this space, even if there was something thousands of miles away, it was impossible to stop Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness exploration . Wherever there was someone, Yang Chen does not have to open his eyes, but he would know it clearly .

Boom, the yin and yang five elements spirit power punch bombardment on a hill, there was a huge explosion of sound carrying a huge smoke, all lines of sight were blocked . After a while, the smoke and dust fell and the hill no longer existed . Only a huge pit with a trace of a fist was left in place .

“Master, apprentice sister!” Yang Chen opened his eyes and looked at thrn without looking at the destruction . He directly faced Gao Yue and Gongsun ling and said: ” it seems you were shocked!”

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Gao Yue and Gongsun ling were indeed a little scared, not because Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was too terrifying, but because of the punch just now . After all, the two women and Yang Chen have both had spiritual awareness double cultivation with each other and it was not surprising that Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was strong enough to be temporarily incomprehensible .

But Yang Chen was just a disciple in the early Jiedan stage . Even if he was even more powerful, he was just at the early Jiedan stage . However, the level of that punch was clearly comparable to that of the Yuanying stage . This was simply challenging the common sense of the two women .

“You measure your spiritual power level!” Gao Yue was in so much shock that she brought out the heaven measuring ruler and handed it to Yang Chen, to let him measure his spirit power .

After Wang Yong was promoted to the dacheng stage, he temporarily handed over the heaven measuring ruler to Gao Yue . This was originally Yang Chen’s thing, naturally it was necessary to return it to Yang Chen, Yang Chen was not around so he gave it to Gao Yue, which was very normal . When other elders wanted to check their breakthrough, they could talk to Yang Chen .

Yang Chen hasn’t touched the ruler for a long time and he even almost forgot that he still had this thing . If you inject your spirit power into the ruler, soon the color would shows your spirit power level .

Both women have measured their own standards . Compared with the normal hundred degree celsius standard in the early Jiedan stage, the two women had three hundred degree celsius and two hundred and eighty degree celsius respectively, it could almost be said that they could look down on everyone at their level .

Three thousand one hundred degree celsius, this result made Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling face go blank . The two women were already considered cultivation geniuses . However, when they saw Yang Chen’s 3,100 degree celsius, they couldn’t help but feel that they had cultivated for so many years, but they were still waste woods .

Others couldn’t imagine the feeling of the yin and yang five elements golden dans gathering together . They could only use the simplest figures to understand that Yang Chen’s spiritual power was simply ten times higher than Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling . Gong Sunling still doesn’t know what to think about it, but at least Gao Yue has already felt that she was not a master but an apprentice .

“You don’t have to worry about the measure of spiritual power . What really determines everything, is your state of mind!” Yang Chen knew the feelings of the two women . It was very general to give some hints: “The amount of the ruler is just to let you see your spirit power change, so that you have the confidence to grow every day, nothing more, it simply can not measure combat effectiveness . ”

Having said that, the two women were still somewhat discouraged . Ten times the gap was really a blow to people . Originally, the two women, one master and apprentice sister, all walked in front of Yang Chen, but now Yang Chen has surpassed them by so much .

More than three thousand degrees, if divided according to spirit power, this was already the level of the Yuanying stage . The realm of Yang Chen was still in the early Jiedan stage . It could be said that he was an incomprehensible existence .

If someone told the two women about this kind of thing, the two women would definitely think that the other party was joking . However, Yang Chen was actually standing in front of them, there was no fiction at all .

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