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Chapter 367.1
The seventh metal spirit power dan took all the spiritual powers of Yang Chen to complete . After completion, Yang Chen immediately noticed the difference .

The spiritual power in his body was almost breaking out of his body, it felt like the signs that would happen when he was about to form his Nascent soul in his previous life . But at that time, it would only be felt when he was at the peak Jiedan stage . Now Yang Chen’s most powerful spiritual power was only in the early Jiedan stage and it had reached such a point already .

The seventh metal true essence was now more comfortable to control and the seventh metal true essence that came in from outside the golden bell was not so unacceptable . Even without the filtering of the dome, he could now withstand it .

However, there was too much seventh metal true essence liquid outside, even if Yang Chen kept constantly gathering it into the gourd for a full four months, he could only collect the seventh metal true essence as much as the first wood true essence spiritual solution in the past .

Yang Chen used his spiritual awareness which had just had a breakthrough and quickly explored the margins of this place . This space was a full hundreds of square feet and the depth was also hundreds of feet . Compared to the first wood true essence spiritual solution under the banyan tree, he didn’t know how many times it was bigger by .

After absorbing so much seventh metal true essence liquid, the gourd had formed a small lake of seventh metal true essence liquid . Even if it was added to the mountain river geographical map, it would only be a small part in the space .

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After all, the mountain river geographical map was not a real metal attribute magic weapon . It was only to enhance the power of the mountain river geographical map, it could not truly refine the seventh metal true essence . All in all, Yang Chen was still needed to handle it .

As Yang Chen continued to control the golden bell with the seventh metal spirit power dan, the golden bell seemed to have upgraded a rank . In the heat of the moment, Yang Chen began to use the seventh metal true essence to sacrificially refine the golden bell .

At the time when Yang Chen was in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace . With the vast spirit power of the East China Sea, he was only able to be recognised as the master of the golden bell . It was impossible to talk about him sacrificially refining it there . However, when he was acknowledged as the Lord, Yang Chen used a huge spiritual power to light one of the nine dragons imprints .

It was precisely because of this lit dragon pattern that the golden bell had the power to shake the soul and send a person into shock . When the bell rang, people who did not have a strong enough sea of consciousness would almost faint immediately .

Now there was a much larger seventh metal true essence liquid on hand and Yang Chen’s seventh metal spirit power dan has already been condensed, so it was more controllable for him . He immediately began to sacrificially refine it according to the method recorded by the golden bell at that time .

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The seventh metal true essence liquid outside, suddenly seemed to be swallowed by a whale and it quickly rushed toward the golden bell . That speed was simply not the same as before .

The Dragon clan’s refining method of the golden bell did not disappoint Yang Chen . The horrible speed of absorbing the seventh metal true essence did not cause any problems for the golden bell . Yang Chen felt that when the speed of absorption was accelerated, the Golden Bell seemed to have a feeling of cheering up .

This was by no means a figment of Yang Chen’s imagination . It was true that there was such a feeling . Yang Chen knew that this was not a bad phenomenon . If something could make the magic weapon produce feelings . There was only one reason for it, that was, the existence of a tool spirit .

Right now Yang Chen couldn’t communicate with the tool spirit of the golden bell, he could only vaguely perceive the existence of the tool spirit . But this had already made Yang Chen happy again . Even if it was a rotten magic weapon, as long as it had a tool spirit, it was enough to ascend to a very high level . What’s more, the golden bell was not a tattered thing, but a good thing that was collected by the Dragon King in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace .

The Golden Bell was like a big stomach king who had been hungry for many years . No matter how much seventh metal true essence liquid entered, it seemed that there was no way to fill its appetite .

While sacrificially refining the Golden Bell, Yang Chen did not forget to gather some of the seventh metal true essence into the gourd . The gourd had been opened to the maximum, and the dome had been placed aside, letting Gongsun Ling live inside, but he was only gathering it under the protection of the golden bell . The speed was more than ten times faster than before .

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With the almost inexhaustible seventh metal true essence liquid entering the Golden Bell, the second dragon pattern on the golden bell finally began to change faintly and slowly became clear .

Yang Chen knew that once this second dragon pattern was truly clear, the golden bell would be upgraded to another level and would have another powerful function unlocked .

The nine dragons body protection, which compared to the shield that the golden bell provided now, it was not known how many times stronger it would be . The nine dragons imprint, which was completely composed of seventh metal true essence liquid and condensed into a gemstone, would always linger around Yang Chen . No matter how many spirit power attacks came, as long as they could not break the nine dragons in one attack, these attacks would be absorbed by the spirit dragon and slowly transformed into the power of protection .

Of course, it was only limited to spirit power attacks . Once there was a magic weapon and the like, it would still have to be accepted by the Golden Bell and Yang Chen himself . Although it seemed that the protection was not comprehensive enough, Yang Chen was still ecstatic .

Pure spirit power protection, there was no one in the mortal world that could hurt him with spiritual power . This was true even if several masters of the Dacheng stage joined hands . This was equivalent to giving Yang Chen a life insurance, how could it not make Yang Chen ecstatic .

However, to form the spirit dragon composed of nine gemstones, the amount of seventh metal true essence liquid needed was simply massive . If it weren’t for the seventh metal true essence here that Li Changgeng began to accumulate hundreds of thousands of years ago or even earlier, he could not meet such a need .

If everything was to follow the normal cultivation of Yang Chen, maybe he would at least have to reach the spiritual world or even the Immortal world, before this dragon would appear . Yang Chen was now only in the Jiedan realm and he was able to have the spirit dragon body protection . It was simply a super good luck that could not be possessed easily .

This alone was enough to make Yang Chen have enough surprises for collecting Li Changgeng’s pulse of seventh metal true essence . This was not because of the seventh metal spirit power dan, but he also got a lot of seventh metal true essence liquid, this could only be described as satisfactory .

However, in addition to ecstasy, Yang Chen could not help but feel fortunate . Fortunately, he had to collect so many good things and opportunities before he could collect this seventh metal true essence liquid . If he came when he had just built a foundation or even earlier and hoped to challenge Li Changgeng, this seventh metal true essence maybe would not have left even a piece of him, he would have ended up like the white bone old demon and his companions .

It seemed that when Li Changgeng left this pulse on the Immortals execution stage to him . It was not entirely well intentioned, there may have been plans for revenge involved .

But now, everything seemed to be completely unimportant . What’s important was that Yang Chen didn’t die and he also used the pulse of seventh metal true essence to complete so many good things that Yang Chen himself felt lucky . In any case, Yang Chen would like to thank the old man for this surprise .

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