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Chapter 364.1
When he heard that Yang Chen finally said that he was seriously injured, Ye Zhenxiong couldn’t support himself anymore . Originally he was pretending that nothing was wrong, using his frying sword to attack would be fruitless, this would actually worsen his wound . After a sudden spurt of blood, he suddenly fainted .

Yang Chen rushed in quickly, he first broke Ye Zhenxiong’s restrictions and then he placed a restriction himself, so as not to be found by the white bone old demon and Madam Fanghua, then he began to explore Ye Zhenxiong’s injury .

This time, the white bone old demon and Shao Fanghua took great pains and planned for a few years before they attempted to trap Ye Zhenxiong . Although Ye Zhenxiong situation was not good, he escaped in time, but he was also seriously injured .

When Yang Chen explored it, he suddenly found out that the injury was worse than he thought, Ye Zhenxiong life could not be guaranteed . Yang Chen hurriedly produced a thousand-year-old ginseng, which he turned into a ginseng fluid in the profound yang furnace . He first poured it into the mouth of Ye Zhenxiong and hanged his life .

Ye Zhenxiong woke up and the slight bitter taste in his mouth made him quickly understand what happened . With Ye Zhenxiong’s knowledge, of course, he knew that the taste in his mouth was the taste of a millennium old ginseng and his attitude toward Yang Chen also changed rapidly .

In the case of him just fainting, if Yang Chen wanted to kill him, it would simply be easy and there was no need to make any intrigues . From this point alone, Ye Zhenxiong could judge that Yang Chen was a friend .

The ginseng just hangs his life, but this was no cure for the injury . Such a serious injury, Ye Zhenxiong himself was also very clear, Yang Chen appeared to save him, certainly there were conditions for it . In the demonic sect, he have never heard of someone who would do something like this for free . Nothing was done for free, this principle ws applicable regardless of whether it is a magic door or a door .

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Since Yang Chen was not showing up for no reason, there must be some requirements . Ye Zhenxiong was also a cultivator so he endured the pain and he asked “What do you want before you heal my injury?”

“Straightforward!” Yang Chen praised him in his mind and he directly said “I will trade it for a favour as well as an apprentice . ”

Letting himself owe a person, this Ye Zhenxiong could understand, but what does it mean to have an apprentice, Ye Zhenxiong never understood it and immediately he asked “You want this Ye as an apprentice?”

“What do I want you as an apprentice to do?” Yang Chen said with a smile “To kill, killing his master is no better than killing the apprentice?” The implication was that Yang Chen could kill Ye Zhenxiong now, why bother to kill him when he was his apprentice .

This made Ye Zhenxiong more puzzled and he could only continue to ask “What does this apprentice mean?”

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“I want to accept one of your sons as an apprentice!” Yang Chen no longer concealed it and said it directly .

“My son?” Ye Zhenxiong couldn’t help but laugh out . This laugh led to the worsening of the injury, causing a cough and spitting out a small half of blood “I Ye am alone, where is my son?”

“Now there is no one, it does not mean that there would be none in the future . ” Yang Chen put on a posture of an expert and very inscrutable said “When one day you have a son, I want you to make him my apprentice . I will personally take him away, and by the way, you have to return the favor too . ”

“Who are you?” Ye Zhenxiong couldn’t help but be curious about Yang Chen’s strange request .

“Predecessor don’t need to care about who I am, anyway, when the time comes you will know . ” Yang Chen did not intend to tell Ye Zhenxiong his true identity at this time . The Dao cultivators and the demonic cultivators don’t see eye to eye . When the time came for Yang Chen to receive a disciple from the demon sect, it was not known what kind of opposition he will face from Ye Zhenxiong .

“Agreed!” Ye Zhenxiong was unusually refreshed, it was beyond his control as his own life is in danger . If someone was giving him medicine to heal his injuries then he must certainly owe the person a favor . As for the son he wanted as an apprentice, would there be two more in the future? Could the person in front of him infer what would happen in the future?

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In the current situation, let alone a son who would not necessarily exist in the future, even if he has a son now, he would agree . What’s more, Yang Chen was not going to kill his son . He would just accept him as an apprentice, how would he still have different opinions .

“You have to make a heart oath!” Yang Chen did not lift his head and he said directly . Dealing with the people in the demonic sect, their credibility was unreliable, only the vows of the heart could make them feel some fear . The demonic cultivators were more afraid of the heart devil than the Dao cultivators .

“When I am to repay the favor, I can’t damage my sect’s interests, and I can’t hurt my family . ” Although Ye Zhenxiong was a bachelor, he couldn’t help but think about it .

“At that time, I just want you to accompany me to a place and make a move once . ” In the face of Ye Zhenxiong’s concerns, Yang Chen immediately gave his specific requirements .

This required Ye Zhenxiong to hardly consider, he was helping to save his life, but he needed him to make a move once, this was absolutely great . He said no more words and he solemnly made the heart oath .

When Ye Zhenxiong just swore this time, Yang Yang threw a jade bottle to him . In the jade bottle, there were two second grade lingzhi mushroom pills, which had excellent healing effect .

Two second grade Lingzhi Mushroom pills, one was enough to make Ye Zhenxiong’s current injury stable and two could make Ye Zhenxiong’s injury recover in the shortest possible time .

However, even so, it would take at least a year or two for him to be cured . After all, Ye Zhenxiong’s injury was too heavy . It took ten years before he could recover from the injury and now it would only take up to two years, It was a great improvement .

Ye Zhenxiong picked up one without hesitation and sent it into his mouth . After swallowing the pill, it turned into a warm current and flowed directly into Ye Zhenxiong’s limbs . It warmed the injured organs and slowly stabilized the injury .

Yang Chen waited until Ye Zhenxiong healed for a few days . After dozens of days, the injury was completely stabilized . Then he asked “Predecessor Ye, this younger generation junior have a question, and i hope that senior will tell the truth . ”

“You can ask . ” Ye Zhenxiong, at this time, how could he refuse Yang Chen, so he let Yang Chen ask the question .

“Predecessor can find these hidden places to heal, so you must be familiar with the surrounding terrain . ” Yang Chen first flattered a sentence, and then began to ask “I don’t know if the predecessor know, is there a place in the mine where the seventh metal qi is extremely strong?”

The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord only said that the seventh metal true essence was in this place, but did not say the specific location, Yang Chen could only look around . The indigenous people of the demonic domain such as Ye Zhenxiong, should naturally be more familiar with the terrain than he was, so he just asked .

“Where is the seventh metal qi extremely strong?” After Ye Zhenxiong closed his eyes and thought for a moment, he said: “That is only in the lowest level of the mine . ”

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